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Blue Moon, who used to post here, has placed his book at POM in easier to scrape/index html format.

If you think really died that day, then you need to read the book or read the posts as he installs them.

If you believe that the media was used to portray the assassination of the world’s most followed human being in broad daylight, then everything, including 9/11, is, and will be forever, possible.

This is the first installment of my book, JFKTV, to be posted at POM. I’ll break the whole thing up into hopefully easily digestible portions, perhaps 10-ish segments over the next few weeks so as not to hog the road.  Big ups to Mark for transferring the original PDF to this format for posting purposes.

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Blue Moon
Blue Moon
5 years ago

Ab- Been awhile but thanks for the link- Mark has given me a stage at POM to bloviate at will and with all 7 days of the week booked, its hard to get even that much out-
BTW, the Negontropic Chronicles are back with three new episodes- archive.org/details/Negentropi….