Paula Gloria Talks No Planes On 9/11 And Questions The Holocaust On The Howard Stern Show

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Howard and Co. makes mince meat out of Paula – Paula doesn’t help the truther cause. She’s so loopy it’s hard to tell if she’s controlled opposition by design.

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7 thoughts on “Paula Gloria Talks No Planes On 9/11 And Questions The Holocaust On The Howard Stern Show

  1. xileffilex

    A few randon connections relating to Paula Gloria.
    Shortly after the “mauling” by Howard Stern, a comment on her upload on the wrap-up of the above interview…
    John Gulino 8 years ago
    lol! Paula this is something you will have to deal with. Not me. I know planes were used on 9/11 w/real people in them w/ real homes & lives & children & families.

    I wont go to my grave with the thought that there were cartoons seen on 911. I saw flight 11 with my own eyes & will die with a prayer on my lips for the hijacked victims. This is my belief. I do not believe in no-planes. I cant. Im sorry. I hope we can be friends despite this. Life would be boring if we agreed on everything. Peace?

    Next thing, Gulino is on with Gloria – Gulino worked at Manhattan Neighborhood Networks [MNN] public TV station as a playback operator on 9/11 when it was shut down with the biggest ever story on its doorstep….…

    In Gulino’s own upload, @7:44 he writes that a former MNN employee died in the twin towers on 9/11….who’s that then? Celeste Torres Victoria, an easily recycled Puerto Rican single parent…

    “We didn’t know she couldn’t pay the rent and couldn’t take care of her daughter the way she wanted to.”……

    “She was a ray of sunshine,” says Yanick Rice-Lamb, a former NYABJ president now teaching journalism at Howard University.

    Celeste found she loved this new business she had entered. She wondered how TV and news shows were made and found her way to the Manhattan Neighborhood Network. Within a couple of years, she was writing, producing and reporting. Dawn Torres-Brown remembers how her sister glowed in front of that camera.
    “Celeste loved the spotlight,” she says. “She could walk in a room and literally light up the place.”
    On Sept. 11, 2001, Celeste was organizing a breakfast meeting for Risk Waters Group, where she worked in marketing, at the Windows of the World, the once famed restaurant at the top of Tower One of the World Trade Center. She was among those who died.
    “Not a day goes by that we don’t talk about her or think about her,” Torres-Brown said.
    The family held a memorial service for Celeste on Nov. 4, 2001. Her remains were discovered months later and Celeste was buried on Feb. 21, which would have been her 42nd birthday.

    who amazingly got a job at the fishest of fishy 9/11 complicit operators, Risk Waters shortly before 9/11….one of the 16 Risk Waters “dead” at Windows on the World, and one of the minority who were not British.

    The Risk Waters legacy page, with biographies of the “sixteen” seems to have disappeared.…
    It’s as if Risk Waters feels it has done its bit and now wants to forget the scam.
    Even the biographes available in 2016 Fall have been removed from the web, as documented here….…

    Some wonderful fuzzy imagery at FindaGrave for Celeste,….

  2. tokarski

    If by this and the piece on Alex Jones above you are not able to spot controlled oppositon, then you need a remedial course in basic propaganda. Only controlled opposition ever gets the kind of publicity these people get. Real, thoughtful and studied people are never given a forum.

    I’ll give another example: there is good solid and credible work going on in health care, and has been for decades. The US health care system is a disaster, good only for trauma but otherwise dangerous to our very lives. Vaccinations are a large scam, but lucrative, even mandatory now in some school districts. Who becomes the spokesperson for anti-vaxing? Jennifer McCarthy, instantly discredited for posing nude half her adult life. She then gets promoted to The View and is highly visible on TV otherwise. It is no accident, and no accident that Paula Gloria makes it to Stern. It only works that way. Real people need not apply, only soulless actors.

    1. Justsayin Dude

      Well now, looky here, another lesson on agent identification.

      But wait a second, who is it from? Oh yes, Mark I’vecalledAbanagentmultipletimesbutI-reallydon’twantanyonetonoticethatsowhensomeonesayshangonasecondmatedidn’tyoujustcallAbanagentIwilldeflectdeflectdeflectandnotanswerthequestion Tokarski.

      So Mark, must be 8 or 9 times now you have evaded, avoided, deflected from answering this question like a professional politician, let’s see if you are still afraid to acknowledge your own logic.

      You have stated ANYONE having anything to do with promoting Flat Earth (and specifically Crrow777) IS an agent.

      Ab has a Flat Earth blog and reposts Crrow777 links here.

      Those are both facts.

      Do you think Ab is an agent according to your own, specific, and oft restated logic? Logically it seems to follow. Yet so far you have been as straight as an eel and as slippery as one when it comes to answering that question. Which I have posed to you multiple times, so it’s not like lack of opportunity is the problem.

      It’s a binary choice Mark. There’s only two types of people in this world, those who get binary, and those who don’t.

      Yes or no?

      Come on, you can do it.

      Yeeeesssss orrrrrrr nnnnoooooooooooo?

  3. xileffilex

    Any idea of the date of that clip, Ab?
    I see he drops the Jay R Magazine “friendship” at the end.
    See this CF page….

    What became of Susan Magazine, wife of the above “catering sales manager of Windows on the World”?

    New York, New York – ?Director of Development, New York Region at Anti-Defamation League –
    Nov 2016 to date

    We can’t write Jay off as a non-person. But where he is, who knows. I guess there may have been a “catering sales manager” at WOTW, since the restaurant did exist.…

    Susan Magazine in 2012 at the New Yorkers for Children ball… her previous job there as Executive Director…

    and 2013 with Mayor Bloomberg……
    Susan L.Magazine, Executive Director NYFC
    Prior to 2003, she served as Assistant Commissioner for Family Assistance for the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), where she developed and coordinated services for FDNY families who experienced loss in the line of duty on 9/11.

    On the left here is Melissa, Susan’s daughter in 2007 at yet another NYFC gala night, with Susan [center]…


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