FAK160-Jon Humanity

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When? Sunday, March 18, 2017 1900h EDT

Who? Jon Humanity, Transvestigator Extraordinaire

Where? fakeologist.com/radio2

[7:24:06 PM] Jonathan: The Male Jaw is different from the female jaw in a couple extremely apparent ways. The male jaw is far larger than the female jaw manifesting in the extreme width from the front. From the side, the male jaw is completely square, the bone going straight back from the chin to the back of the mandible where an almost 90 degree angle forms. In a true female jaw, the bone typically slopes from the chin to the back of the mandible creating a soft round profile and finally rounding up at the back of the mandible. Something to note is that in exogenous testosterone will square out a female jaw in transgendered males or men who were once women.

The differences in the shoulders of the sexes can seem subtle because our eyes are not used to really looking for them, but once you start to examine, it will jump at you. Men have broad, square shoulders that, after a full male puberty, typically fit 3 widths of the head from end to end. Women typically have sloping, slanted shoulders that can fit 2 – 2.5 widths of the head from end to end. The shape is the key because these Elite transgenders have not gone through the full male puberty.

Brow bossing, or the thickening of the brow ridge above the eye, is predominantly a male trait. It is usually quite noticeable on a post pubescent male, but the Elite transgenders usually only get a slight version of this and many choose to have a surgery that actually removes this from their faces. It is probably the most dramatic facial feminization surgery that one can have.

A sloping back forehead is another predominantly male trait that can be seen in prepubescence, but is personified in a fully post pubescent male. The male forehead typically slopes back from right above the brow ridge while the female forehead is typically straight up from the nose bridge and starts gradually rounding out in the middle of the forehead. In the Elite transgenders, we see the typical male facial structure where the nose bridge dips in and then creates a slight bump at the brow ridge and recedes backwards starting at the brow ridge.

The Male neck is also one of the easiest to see signs of a transgendered Elite. Women tend to have necks that concave in the middle and get wider at the bottom while men have large tree-trunk, straight necks. This is a trait where pictures speak a 1000 words.

Female Hips are one of the most recognizable, and beautiful, aspects of a natural woman. Women have wider tips for carrying children where the naval tends to actually sit below the hip indentation on the torso. Men typically have quite narrow hips with a straight up and down body contour and a naval that sits above the waist indentation. In real females, the shoulders tend to fall in line with the hips.

johnsmithrgb: JH interview from 3/9/17 www.renegadebroadcasting.com/w…


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9 thoughts on “FAK160-Jon Humanity

  1. John le Bon

    Some highlights from the show:

    1:23:47 “I think that you have to really consider that, um, we’ve only been on earth, or whatever this place is that we are, for such a short period of time. We’re tiny compared to what was alive before, I mean, the things that were alive before us were so absolutely ginormous, gigantic, bigger than we can even imagine, and that’s just proven by, I mean that’s been proven by DNA and just, um, CAT scan analysis, over and over, that we have been bigger, humans were bigger, structures were bigger. The thing about ourselves that I think is so fascinating is that society, civilisation itself is something that is seeded here, we are allowed to play with it for a bit and then there is cataclysm… and it just repeats itself over and over and over.”

    1:25:18 “These floods that happened, there are floods that happened, but the flood with Noah, I guess the one from the Bible itself, that happened, that thing definitely happened, that happened because there were beings that survived that flood and they told us all about that flood happening and how they survived it. There’s also a flood that happened in the 18th century that 100% its been proven by hundreds of lay people, people who are not even like, they’re all like just lay people like myself, conspiracy theorists who are looking at the evidence and the worldwide, um, archaeological sites and stuff, the things that happened in the past that we’re just not being told about.”

    1:25:58 “These giant beings, these were the dominant race, even in the 14th century, they dominated Russia, Russia had tens of thousands of suits of armor made for seven-to-twelve-foot giant people, they were all there, its all there in history, that we as a civilisation, we as this tiny version of humanity are very new… we don’t even have technology really, in my opinion, we have nothing, really nothing at all, because all of the technology we have is being basically given back to us by the elite who really have the real technology… they could kill us all in one moment if they wanted to…

    And then finally this crescendo reached its inevitable climax:

    1:30:02 “…The world was once controlled by these wonderful, beautiful, tall, white, blonde hair, blue eyed, tan-skin giants, and those giants were fighting a parasitic entity, that essentially took over Western Europe, and the reason why they took over Western Europe was because the people of Western Europe were sold out by Jewish people, and those Jewish people, the Jesuits, infiltrated into every organisation, specifically the Catholic Church first, which then infiltrated everywhere else, and that’s how it happened… and then there was a giant war between Great Tartaria, the Inca, everywhere where there were these great white people, these giant white people, they were exterminated by these parasites, and those parasites, they got into human society by the Jews. The Jews sold us out, that’s what really happened, so… There’s too much evidence for me personally… the evidence is clearly there once you get down to it.”

    Great work, Ab. Steering your loyal listeners away from the ‘la la land’ of race realism and the JQ, and into the arms of intellectual heavyweights like ‘Jon Humanity’ who, in just four months, has acquired over 2,000 subscribers by peddling embarrassing nonsense like the above.

    I look forward to next week’s episode about crop circles and, if we are lucky, maybe some ancient aliens to boot. Perhaps you can get Mr Humanity back for a return show – these sound like topics right up his alley.

    1. ab Post author

      More proof I don’t pre-screen or pre-record/edit the show. I can hardly control what guests think. If my “loyal listeners” don’t get who I am or how I interview by now, then they can’t be that loyal. Many researchers are off in la-la land, I try and harvest what I am interested in. Do you think I could find a Larry Lunchbucket who JUST researched such an off-the-wall subject as EGI? We can see most are either religious or very open minded conspiracy people, so there’s no doubt there will be much content that I don’t agree with.

      Thanks for listening to my free podcast JLB!

      1. Vespadouglas

        You’re going to have to balance this off with an interview with a real fakery heavyweight ab. Someone of the calibre of matrix decode or Tim osman perhaps.

        1. John le Bon

          @Vespa: That comment is pretty funny. Good work.

          While you are here, are you going to comment on the giant humans Mr Humanity is now promoting on this site? Back in 2015 I spoke to a lot of whacky Flat Earthers (several of whom have since proven themselves to be either charlatans or simply retarded) and yet none of them, from what I can recall, ever proposed ’12-ft humans from Tartaria’.

          What are your thoughts on the latest direction Ab has taken with this site? Do you have any opinions of your own? Cheers.

          1. ab Post author

            John what’s your take on the real highlights of the last show (not the LA LA land stuff you focused on)?

            1. ab Post author

              Some feedback from Maria:

              Really enjoyed the podcast with Jon Humanity- Great job!! Your show and audio chats are my favorite podcasts to listen to, especially while I’m working (painting), and I think the EGI is very interesting as well. Keep up the great work!

      2. John le Bon

        @Ab: Thanks for the podcast. Opened my eyes to what the ‘nutwork’ (as you call them) might have in store for us in 2017. As you said, ‘this is a hot topic and its only going to get hotter’. You were there right at the start of Flat Earth, so maybe with your assistance Mr Humanity will be ‘transvestigations’ answer to Mark Sargent.

        For those of us into topics like 12-ft humans from Tartaria, we can only hope.

        1. Terran Downvale

          I cringed hard when he went into the “giant humans” thing, too. I do think there is something to EGI, but as I’ve expressed on the forum, I also believe there’s lots of misdirection and trolling going on by the media and celebs themselves in addition to the off-putting presentation styles of the YT “transvestigators” that really has me concerned this could be the thing that ends up getting truth talk labeled as hate speech. There is a way to talk about this stuff without creating paranoiacs who will look at any female with a square jaw or male with wide hips as a potential… TRANNY!

          Early on when I first started posting on this topic, I thought Jon might be hinting at some interesting ideas about the nature of our reality, but then I saw him do a video on “giant trees” and now he’s talking about “giant humans” in a way that is certainly less than convincing. So now I’m even more concerned about this forthcoming documentary and his co-opting of UNreal’s term “Elite Gender Inversion.”

          It’s funny because just yesterday after listening to the interview, I saw this headline on the Yahoo homepage:


          Perhaps I just had transvestigation on the brain, but my unconscious mind did a double take at the words “Trump-Russia Investigation.”

          And then below that we have the word “drag.” There’s also an interestingly worded passage in the linked article with the headline It’s Easy to See Where the [T-R-Investigation] Is Headed:


          Republican lawmakers, like South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy, pressed Rogers on the question of who would have the authority to “unmask” the identity of a US person caught up incidentally in the surveillance of a foreign agent.

          Maybe I’m just paranoid but could there be a little game-play here? I know it’s a stretch but the “It’s Easy” part in the headline reminded me of something I saw in the “7 Earth-like Planets” video JLB reviewed:


          Can you “easily see” the TRAPP? I dunno, even if this is nothing, I’ve definitely seen some more obvious “tranny trolling” going on in the media’s presentation of celebs. I’ll be adding some more posts about it on the EGI forum thread.


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