FAK161a-Fakeologist meets Humble and Fred Radio

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I will be appearing tomorrow around 7am EDT on Sirius Simulated Satellite Radio live. This will be my first foray onto semi-fakeologist ground. Wish me luck.

Feel free to call in at 1-855-662-4743.

An absolutely hilarious daily podcast from Toronto’s popular morning team Humble and Fred.

Source: Humble and Fred Radio Podcasts | Funny Daily Podcasts From Toronto’s Favourite Radio Duo

Here it is… I tried. I will try again soon.

Thanks for calling in Uninstall Media!

Fakeologist.com explains elite gender inversion / Patrick Adair explains pre-arranged funerals / Is Wayne Gretzky a woman / A peformance by Kate Kurdyak of the Katherines.

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13 thoughts on “FAK161a-Fakeologist meets Humble and Fred Radio

  1. maria

    Had I been in your shoes, I would have been frustrated at the very small amount of time they let you actually speak uninterrupted. You did a great job however, and I think you got out enough information for listeners to be potentially intrigued. A big positive was how often they mentioned “fakeologist”, “Fakeology” and “@iamafakeologist” – so if people are curious I think it will be easy for them to look your site up and read more!

    Its also difficult to talk about EGI with someone who has not been introduced to the idea and does not have photo evidence (at least in the beginning).

    1. ab Post author

      Thanks. One has to remember that they run a variety show – not a fakeologist show. They have to change subjects quickly, otherwise people will tune out. The fact that I was there for 3 segments (52 minutes) is outstanding. Howard was generous psychic driving fakeologist. I really think Howard wants to learn, but he has his core audience that he has to keep.

      1. Justsayin Dude

        Hey Ab, just wanted to chime in and say I thought you did an amazing job. You are so unflappable, I could not maintain my cool that well. Awesome. I concur with a lot of the other statements made (positive, that is). The fact is that whatever you did not manage to get across, it was great exposure for anyone out there with an enquiring mind, and that will lead them in the right direction.

        EGI, very difficult product to sell to the uninitiated. It’s not like selling ice to Eskimos, more like napalm to firemen. Don’t rate your chances, but sure respect your efforts.

        It’s amazing, and scary, to feel the finger on the pulse of society in the kick back comments show, and to realise (without surprise) that the sentiment would be “why should I care if these people are trannies?” RIchard Bennedict is on the money, it is all about defilement, twisting natural reality, destroying decency.

        The agenda is real. Obvious. Yes, much of the “research” is flawed, or ridiculous, but none of that alters what is afoot in society, what is being done to the minds of our children.

        Beauty and the Beast is in the theatres right now, with Disney’s first ever gay scene. Maybe I made that up, fake news?? We are not far away from Disney’s first ever trans scene are we? Or beastiality scene, or pedo scene. It’s all the same.

        You know, people like JLB and Mark Tokarski have put a lot of time and effort into telling you exactly what you ought to think, what you ought to talk about, and what you ought to allow to be mentioned on YOUR OWN site. If you would only obey their clear commands, it would go much easier for you.

        I for one sure am glad you don’t listen to them.

        Well done.

        1. ab Post author

          Thank so much for the heartfelt comment. I enjoyed myself and hope I give others courage to try the same. We live in a new media world where we’re all on the same level for now. Use it before you lose it.

    2. richard benedict

      @Maria, I agree. Given the circumstances, I thought Ab did an excellent job. @Fred and Humble, re: the why of EGI, in keeping with the spirit of concision, the short answer is because it is Evil. Evil here defined as “Profound immorality and wickedness, especially when regarded as a supernatural force.” (Oxford English Dictionary).

      Yes, you read that right: a supernatural force. Fred and Humble, we must remember the old saw, “It does not matter whether or not you are interested in politics. Politics is interested in you.”

      Of course, here I would substitute the word ” the Devil” for “politics”. : )

      SMJ was right. We underestimate the depth of the hustle.

      “People who want a sane, static, measurable world take the first aspect of an event or person and stick to it, with an almost self-protective obstinacy, or by a natural limit to their imaginations. They do not indulge in either deepening or magnifying.”

      D.H. Lawrence: A Unprofessional Study
      h/t Wilson Bryan Key


  2. UNreal

    For information, Ab (& Uninstall Media as a caller-inner) was on the show from h:mm 0:14 – 1:06

    Conspiracy is a hard sell, especially when the different subjects pile up. A good point was made about the time we all have spent to get where we are – it’s difficult to convey meaningful explanations without more time.

    1. ab Post author

      Thanks for uninstall calling and others listening. This show proves that when you don’t control the show, it’s harder to control the message. Both guys are great though so I will try again.

  3. rickpotvin

    That was well done, Ab. Good work! It was interesting to observe you throw monkey wrenches into their lines of thinking on everything, stunning them. I like how you injected quick short sub-comments– as they tried to get off the ground with another round. The coup de grace came near the end when you asked “do you care you’re being decieved?”.


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