322 Skull And Bones London Hoax

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Cluesforum thread

All the usual youtubers have analysis on the London 322 #HRDPAR.

Do you think the masses, who are the targets of these hoax stories, are even paying attention?

Wed Mar 22, 11:18:05am
xilefflex: Oh dear oh dear. another Melbourne car drill without the donuts I wondered why the bagpiper was in a different place yesterday

Time for masonic open-air theatre.
Wed Mar 22, 2:42:55pm
xilefflex: @abirato I can chat in a few weeks @rgos I was at that spot at the same time yesterday lol!
Wed Mar 22, 2:43:36pm
rgos: You’re a lucky guy.
Wed Mar 22, 2:45:00pm
xilefflex: @EvilEdna: The Sun has predictably dredged up the Bali hoax @rgos no, I was on the wrong side to have been mown down by the Nice/Paris/Melbourne effect rogue auto
Wed Mar 22, 2:46:18pm
xilefflex: @abirato it made the Toronto Sun www.torontosun.com/2017/03/22/…
Wed Mar 22, 2:47:25pm
xilefflex: an inane terror drill
Wed Mar 22, 2:47:57pm
rgos: BBC1: Witness: I heard bang, bang!
Wed Mar 22, 2:52:29pm
rgos: @xilefflex: shows how long these events are in the gestation Drilling for the drill.
Wed Mar 22, 2:53:00pm
Justsayindude: I swear all these vehicle attacks are advanced advertising for self drive vehicles legislation. Humans can’t be trusted behind the wheel
Wed Mar 22, 3:09:45pm
TomD27: Did anyone mention the back and foreshadowing of this Jackie Chan film from last year. The film ad. this time read, ‘Dirty Lies’. www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2016/…
Wed Mar 22, 3:10:24pm
TomD27: Right at the ‘Eye’ of the Golden Triangle.
Wed Mar 22, 3:11:13pm
TomD27: with this one. Where’s Terran?
Wed Mar 22, 3:21:16pm
abirato: @xilefflex wow it made the Toronto sun. Is that an achievement?
Wed Mar 22, 3:21:37pm
abirato: The sun is on news life support
Wed Mar 22, 3:32:14pm
EvilEdna: The Facebook memes are launched..
Wed Mar 22, 3:35:13pm
rgos: Meantime: At the time of his death, Forbes estimated Rockefeller’s net worth was $3.3 billion. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Ro…
Wed Mar 22, 3:35:51pm
rgos: Obit anus, abit onus.
Wed Mar 22, 3:40:35pm
xilefflex: @EvilEdna just been deactivated at DIF. No surprise there.
Wed Mar 22, 3:46:45pm
EvilEdna: @xilefflex oh dear. Your thinking a bit too clear over the “London Lockdown”?
Wed Mar 22, 4:13:09pm
xilefflex: @EvilEdnaI must have jumped the “gun” @abirato The Toronto Sun nicely shows the officially sanctioned photo release. Crisis actors everywhere
Wed Mar 22, 4:17:14pm
xilefflex: @EvilEdna meanwhile, over at LRF… tantrum time letsrollforums.com//showpost.p…
Wed Mar 22, 4:25:28pm
EvilEdna: @xilefflex haha! become incredulous and indignant. sidetrack critics with name-calling and ridicule.. hmm.. textbook stuff.
Wed Mar 22, 4:33:18pm
xilefflex: The crisis actors, sorry injured, are now apparent – Edge Hill students eager to pay off their loans, Romanians… www.theguardian.com/politics/b…
Wed Mar 22, 4:34:48pm
xilefflex: @EvilEdna “Privileged member” Loop…
Wed Mar 22, 4:35:14pm
Zal1an: i like how the norwegian papers go out of theire way to explain that the london EYE was shut down
Wed Mar 22, 4:35:25pm
Zal1an: because of the unsafe terror and yadda yadda
Wed Mar 22, 4:36:26pm
xilefflex: @Zal1an I bet all the pods, if indeed they were full, had been booked up in advance by MI5 officers on an afternoon outing
Wed Mar 22, 4:37:16pm
Zal1an: good vantage point to control an operation and spot non crisis actors entering the area to be dealt with
Wed Mar 22, 5:11:06pm
Zal1an: www.dagbladet.no/nyheter/norsk…
Wed Mar 22, 5:11:39pm
Zal1an: lol getting so transparant (norwegian guy films the crap from the london EYE)
Wed Mar 22, 5:14:02pm
Zal1an: interesting that he describes it as “ficition and reality merging”
Wed Mar 22, 5:14:04pm
xilefflex: Here’s one of the duping crisis actors www.facebook.com/professor.lam… Owen Lambert
Wed Mar 22, 5:14:38pm
Zal1an: and ofcourse he is a politician, ofcourse he is
Wed Mar 22, 5:15:41pm
Zal1an: hes also 55
Wed Mar 22, 5:16:19pm
Zal1an: probably not important, but noting it anyway
Wed Mar 22, 5:22:26pm
xilefflex: www.facebook.com/travisdylan.f… can’t spot this “injured” guy in the photos He ought to stand out a mile. Note the 53 bus parked up, same service used in the Woolwich beheading hoax www.dagbladet.no/nyheter/norsk… It really is one of the silliest drills, but hats off to the controllers for carrying it out in a busy location.
Wed Mar 22, 5:24:46pm
xilefflex: Oh, look where Dylan was on Bataclan day, 2015 www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbi… Must have been a rehearsal day
Wed Mar 22, 5:32:04pm
xilefflex: Run run run. Bang bang bang.

From the controlled Guardian
Wed Mar 22, 6:57:56pm
rgos: @xilefflex: Here’s one of the duping crisis actors We don’t need no stinking’ badges!
Wed Mar 22, 9:44:10pm
Justsayindude: Declared a “terrorist” event at 3.32 pm. Surprise surprise
Wed Mar 22, 9:45:46pm
Justsayindude: Theresa may bundled up 3.33 pm. Witching hour
Thu Mar 23, 12:15:00am
Justsayindude: news.sky.com/story/westminster…
Thu Mar 23, 3:19:44am
EvilEdna: Topless model Katy Price blows westminster hoax open..
Thu Mar 23, 4:18:39am
xilefflex: @EvilEdna @Justsayindude it’s so insane… “40 injured” and all one could see immediately afterwards was a handful of crisis actors smiling away I’m sick of it all
Thu Mar 23, 4:21:32am
xilefflex: @EvilEdna and now for something completely different ..

note Dr K trying to suppress a little smile at 3.03
Thu Mar 23, 2:37:07pm
xilefflex: Ah, here”s our red headed actor, with raspberry ripple effect moulage
Thu Mar 23, 3:19:01pm
TomD27: Shout out for James Cleverly’s bottom lip and a nod to Mayor Kahn mispronouncing the name Cochran (i think) to help lay the Kurt Cobain subliminal that catches the third eye of the hoi polloi
Thu Mar 23, 3:27:41pm
TomD27: On Monday my daughter learnt a new word at school. ‘Radicalisation’. They had a day of learning about that sort of thing. By Wednesday ? Well who woulda thunk it? It’s like when they had that special French class the week of Hebdo. We see a pattern here.
Thu Mar 23, 3:28:46pm
TomD27: Educational stuff.
Thu Mar 23, 3:29:22pm
Justsayindude: Well well, didn’t see that one
Thu Mar 23, 3:29:46pm
Justsayindude: news.sky.com/story/westminster…
Thu Mar 23, 4:04:33pm
TomD27: 25th wedding anniversary on the Cobain reference – check
Thu Mar 23, 4:05:04pm
TomD27: sorry, probably old news
Thu Mar 23, 4:06:41pm
TomD27: nice spread of victims @Justsayindude
an obvious mechanism when you know, but an effective ‘global’ device.
Thu Mar 23, 4:33:24pm
abirato: @xilefflex out your links in the thread/post they’re lost here
Thu Mar 23, 4:33:30pm
abirato: Put
Thu Mar 23, 4:35:15pm
abirato: @xilefflex you’ll always have a place here
Thu Mar 23, 4:35:27pm
xilefflex: @Justsayindude ha ha they don’t even need to be in London! Great for spreading the fear around the globe earth though.
Thu Mar 23, 4:36:00pm
abirato: @TomD27 yes the school stuff is just awful.
Thu Mar 23, 4:37:20pm
xilefflex: Students are always good crisis acting fodder, always in debt, always looking for ways to make money
Thu Mar 23, 4:57:06pm
xilefflex: sure he went over the bonnet. he’d do anything for money our lying red headed stranger
Thu Mar 23, 5:22:01pm
TomD27: Command Centre ?

Thu Mar 23, 5:22:59pm
Justsayindude: @xilefflex it’s the 11 secret spices that make for a finger licking psyop
Thu Mar 23, 5:25:21pm
xilefflex: Look at these clowns donating www.justgiving.com/crowdfundin… 307,000 GBP Nice retirement lump sum
Thu Mar 23, 5:27:03pm
Justsayindude: Goes a long way to on a beach in Guatemala
Thu Mar 23, 5:49:21pm
xilefflex: Their “real events” look just like the drills which were advertised as drills. www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/… The only difference I note is that the crisis actors aren”t duping in the real drills! i2.mirror.co.uk/incoming/artic…
Thu Mar 23, 6:47:26pm
EvilEdna: @xilefflex: Tory MP for Braintree, James Cleverly provides back-story for “stabbed cop”. Claiming to have known him for 25 years since army days. Hmm.. www.thesun.co.uk/news/3160020/…
Thu Mar 23, 7:13:08pm
xilefflex: @EvilEdna sick making. The upper video here is amusing, first 12 seconds I don’t know the source. Certain drill antics www.elconfidencial.com/mundo/2… Is that “Boris” bike and rider part of the script though?
Thu Mar 23, 7:13:54pm
xilefflex: If so, a nice tough from the controllers
Thu Mar 23, 7:14:02pm
xilefflex: touch
Thu Mar 23, 7:16:15pm
EvilEdna: @xilefflex hmm.. some sort of bicycle-mounted psyop coordinator?!
Thu Mar 23, 7:46:48pm
xilefflex: @EvilEdna great for zipping around a sealed off road network. I think you’re right. He’s not phoning his wife to tell her he’s trapped in traffic I’m sure…
Thu Mar 23, 7:49:20pm
EvilEdna: @xilefflex an altogether pathetic hoax. and not a whisper of doubt among the parliamentarians. quite evident who handles that shower.
Thu Mar 23, 8:08:52pm
xilefflex: @EvilEdna … but once again a successful hoax for the controllers There’s no hope. I’m enjoying Mr Jo Cox’s tweets twitter.com/MrBrendanCox?
Thu Mar 23, 8:18:34pm
xilefflex: @EvilEdna note the Boxing connection www.dailymail.co.uk/news/artic… [hero, naturally] and the MPs connected to this strand twitter.com/CLeslieMP and twitter.com/tracey_crouch/stat… Thank you??
Thu Mar 23, 8:22:56pm
xilefflex: How football binds us all together in grief @EvilEdna More handlers….
Thu Mar 23, 8:25:23pm
EvilEdna: @xilefflex something odd happened on TV catchup over this hoax. Channel 4 News was blocked from catchup. It has supposedly named the wrong assailant. All part of the script?
Thu Mar 23, 8:26:40pm
EvilEdna: @xilefflex “Brendan Cox is just amazing” www.elleuk.com/life-and-cultur…
Thu Mar 23, 8:28:27pm
xilefflex: @EvilEdna who’s looking after the kids?
Thu Mar 23, 8:42:16pm
xilefflex: another cheating, lying public trained doctor www.thesun.co.uk/news/3159368/…
Thu Mar 23, 8:45:10pm
xilefflex: some good video analysis of the duping liars here, including the above doctor www.youtube.com/channel/UChq_e…
Thu Mar 23, 9:01:01pm
xilefflex: The Lee Rigby style self-inflicted car wreck

what a steaming joke.
Thu Mar 23, 9:08:24pm
xilefflex: @EvilEdna more good stuff on 1980s style “terror”

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10 thoughts on “322 Skull And Bones London Hoax

  1. xileffilex

    The hoax still has life in it yet – PC Keith Palmer posthumously given a bravery award [for being “stabbed to death”]

    Here’s a supposed colleague reading a prepared script to the BBC
    “I miss him a lot” [that is if he’s not connected on a private facebook account]

    For some reason, perhaps relating to the pre-inquest hearing, [although surely enough information was available when the inquest opened on MArch 29 2017], the administration of Keith’s estate took 10 months, granted January 22 2018.

    Mrs Palmer was still angry a few days before the grant [allegedly]
    Michelle Palmer, whose husband Keith was one of four killed by Khalid Masood in March, has yet to see a report into his body armour 10 months on from his death. [according to her highly paid barrister]

    Since there appears not to be such a report, how can she see it?
    The inquest starts on September 10 2018, when the official absurd script will have been ironed out.

    March 22 for the hoax calendar, not long to the first anniversary.
    Mrs Michelle Palmer has been staying invisible, having benefitted to the tune of ££736,328 which was raised in 6 days, and the fund was closed for reasons which seem to be because it was too successful….
    The Metropolitan Police Federation, which set up the official JustGiving site, said it felt a “suitable amount” had been collected in memory of their colleague.”By law, it’s [the Fund] in his name and every penny goes to him – exactly as it should.

  2. xileffilex



    NYPD at the funeral of PC Keith Palmer, following the London “terror attack” on Parliament.

    Brotherhood NYC? @bftfnyc
    #NYPD stands w/ our colleagues @metpoliceuk today in London, for the funeral of a hero, #PCKeithPalmerRIP. We will never forget.
    11:46 AM – 10 Apr 2017
    NYPD 23rd Precinct, NYPD 34th Precinct, Commissioner O’Neill and 5 others

    Brotherhood NYC? @bftfnyc Apr 10
    Replying to @bftfnyc @metpoliceuk and 8 others

    SJP? @scotty_totz Apr 11
    Replying to @bftfnyc @NYPD23Pct and 8 others
    Was a great pleasure meeting these guys who stayed in Leatherhead whilst over here, amazing bunch of people ??

    For reference –
    “fallen officers” from 9/11 “attack”

  3. xileffilex

    I love to see lying paramedics and doctors.
    Some of them are nicely listed at the Guardian
    Junior doctor Colleen Anderson, 25, was among staff from St Thomas’ hospital who treated injured victims in the immediate aftermath of the attack.
    She said she saw victims strewn across the bridge. “There were some with minor injuries, some catastrophic. Some had injuries they could walk away from, others had life-changing injuries. I was there doing anything that I could, just like everyone else,” she said.

    Anderson wrote in a Facebook post 24 hours after the attack>
    Straight onto facebook.. describing the crisis actors..
    Dr Emer Sutherland started receiving text messages from relatives and friends.
    They were the first indication of the scale of the horror unfolding just two miles down the road in Westminster. Within minutes, she and her colleagues were on major alert and preparing to receive the first of many critically injured casualties.
    “We are a major trauma centre so we are used to dealing every day with majorly injured patients, such as people who have been hit by a car or stabbed,” said Sutherland, who is the consultant clinical lead for the hospital’s A&E department.
    But even for her, a highly experienced A&E doctor, it had an impact. “It’s always emotional when you are working on a day like that. Trauma cases are always emotional because you have to quickly treat someone who’s critically injured and who might die.”
    Just after 3pm, King’s received the first of eight casualties from the attack, two of whom were critically ill.
    “At one point we were treating six of the eight casualties in the emergency department at the same time,” Sutherland said.
    “It was very busy, but doctors and nurses were focuswed and calm

    The Orlando Pulse night club spiel. Pure deception, pure script. They can’t have come in amulances because they all remained parked up for the drill.

    Dr Fenella Wrigley, the medical director of the London ambulance service
    “I’m immensely proud of my colleagues and all the emergency services. But it was also a very sad day because people lost their lives and a member of the emergency services lost their lives.

    Can you believe her?
    “I was one of those who attended on 7/7. I was working at the time as a doctor with London’s air ambulance service.

    “I’m now in a command position. But on Wednesday I could relate to what the paramedics, frontline crews and police officers were witnessing, having done that myself on 7/7.”

    Absolutely not.

    Here she is in video reciting her script

    Other doctors
    Dr Jeeves Wijesuriya, chair of the junior doctors’ committee at the British Medical Association, had been giving an interview to the BBC when the attack began. He was among those who ran to help the stabbed police officer Keith Palmer and the attacker.
    “I saw the screaming and ran to help,” he told the BBC. “The police got me in to help at the scene. We gave the officer cardiac massage and spent 52 minutes trying to resuscitate the other man.
    “We did everything we could, in terms of basic life support and starting to triage injured people at the scene.”
    Dr Tony Joy was onboard London’s air ambulance, which landed in Parliament Square within six minutes of being alerted to the attack. The team treated 10 people injured on Westminster Bridge.
    “We were immediately on scene and started to asses the casualties, and looked for information about how many other patients there might be,” he told the BBC./em>

    No sign of any Ambulance doctors doing anything in imagery.
    And here’s paramedic manager of the London Ambulance Service,Jon Goldie which tweeted the drill throughout, speaking to the press about the drill

    “So, very busy, it was still developing when I got there , erm some emergency services on the scene when I got there , a lot of members of the public and people from nearby premises had come out to help and they were assisting some of the minor injured patients to leave the scene

    “very busy in the first moments…we needed toquickly establish where our actual scene was so that we could er er make sure we had quite a controlled area but the police put cordons in very quickly and managed to make sure that only those that should be inside the cordon were there which made a massive help
    perhaps only crisis actors with identifying lanyards. I guess you don’t want any uninvited pedestrians or drivers to witness nothing going on but a drill.
    what is he waffling about?
    Here it comes…. [note all the empty ambulances lined up at 1.11 in the video
    “We train so well for it, we work alongside the police and fire brigade in scenarios..” [of which this was one such acted scenario]
    “It felt very much like a scenario when we were [unclear] which means you can just get on with the job and deal with it. It’s surreal but we’re all proud of the actions that my colleagues took and the emergency services took at the scene yesterday…..today [the day after] …you can get back to helping patients and doing what you joined the job for in the first place “

    i.e. not doing drills with crisis actors. What a give-away!

  4. xileffilex

    As GoFundMe approaches £666K for the “shot policeman” [currently 665,420 at this minute, photos start emerging…
    as if you remember a policeman from months ago

    And straight on to Facebook with it
    image –
    Andrew Thorogood
    Yesterday near London ·

    We were in London last October and visited the Houses of Parliament. An officer by the name of Keith Palmer was happy to pose with us for a photo once he learned that we had travelled all the way from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, Australia.
    It sent a shiver down my spine when I realised Keith was the officer who was killed in the London terror attack which took place last night.
    I spoke with Keith for quite a while and found him to be a genuinely nice bloke. He said he would love to visit Australia with his family one day. The girls suggested if he did make it to Australia, he should visit Alice Springs and we would show him how special a place it is.
    That will never happen now, all because he was doing his job and trying to keep people safe in the face of yet another crazy terror attack. Our thoughts are with his wife and family.
    With everyone so suspicious of everyone else these days, he was happy to chat and smile for a photo with a bunch of Territorians on holiday whilst still remaining vigilant and carrying out his duties as a police officer.

    And a “last photo” emerges


    Staci Martin recognised PC Palmer from the photo released after it was confirmed he had been killed in the attack. [a US visitor]

    [just to place the policeman in the area of the parliament]

    GoFundMe now £666,347

  5. xileffilex

    Lost wifie under bus? Get onto facebook quick

    on the other hand, sister Sylvia Maria Ahmet age 48 and now styled Sylvia Ahmet Caldelas, says nothing

    Another sister Michele Ahmet, now styled Michele Ahmet Caldelas born 1970
    and probably two brothers


    Her family is well known in Betanzos, where older sisters Silvia and Michelle run the Notting Hill English language academy.
    source – www.dailymail.co.uk/news/artic…

    Friend of Silvia, Franziska Ahmet aka Franziska Guenther, updates her fb page with an aerial photo of the drill on Westminster Bridge

  6. xileffilex

    Go fund a hoax swiftly moving towards half a million pounds.
    From the Mail link above – note the parallel with the recent Melbourne warm-up hoax

    A heroic Team GB boxing coach jumped over a fence before fighting in vain to save a police officer killed in the London terror attack, it was revealed today.
    Tony Davis, who was visiting the Houses of Parliament for a press conference, put PC Keith Palmer in the recovery position and tried to resuscitate him…..he put his raincoat underneath the officer to try to stem the blood as much as he could

    [of which there is none to see]

    and now a visual trope perhaps related to the Pulse nightclub hoax
    Appearing on the [morning TV] show without shoes on because they are still being cleaned, Mr Davis told how he rushed in to give the office CPR.

    image of shoeless hero on TV…

    Colleen Anderson, a junior doctor, said: ‘I was on the ward and we all just went out and helped and got blankets. We are trained for these events.
    ‘I walked past about nine injuries, some weren’t so significant. Some were unconscious, some regained consciousness.’

    How the read headed stranger doing?

    Travis Frain, 19, a politics student at Edge Hill University, was one of those injured on the bridge, his family confirmed.
    Mr Frain’s mother, Angela, told the Guardian that he was in ‘good spirits’ in hospital. He reportedly suffered a cracked rib and minor injuries to his hand and arm.

    There’s no adjective to describe the depthy of the inanity of this London drill.

    Watch around 1.00 here, the interview with Rick Longley [“witness”] who has to conceal a laugh and has to stop describing the “killing” of a policeman by covering his mouth up and turning away from the camera. Why no “take two” Rick?

    The original video is on this Telegraph page
    where we read the line from their leading hoax reporter, Robert Mendick [sic]
    crashed into the iron railings

    Let’s have a look at the crash scene Mendick describes… from about 0.48 her
    No crash into anything.
    100pc fake.


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