FAK161c-Fakeologist Blowback Clipshow

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I clipped yesterday’s H&F Show and place it here for your amusement.

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5 thoughts on “FAK161c-Fakeologist Blowback Clipshow

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  2. Jack33

    It goes to show you how thoroughly duped the masses are. Gullible to a fault. I was once one of them.
    Accepting that nearly every life changing event in history has been a lie is a heavy thing to digest. I remember it scaring the crap out of me. There was a time at the very beginning of my awakening where I could have easily made the decision to reject it all and go runing back to where I felt most comfortable, where everything made sense. For some reason I didn’t, and I am so thankful today.

    As you well know, some will get it but the vast majority wont.

  3. prescient

    Its too much for people to process. I couldn’t process it all at first so had to tackle my area first (911)
    I would of been tempted to keep it to one or two PSYOPS if possible.
    Anyhow I think you did a great job fighting (y)our corner! Well done.


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