FAK162-Reviewing Fakeologist

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I take your calls at skype:fakeologist and review the past week’s events.

When? Sunday, March 26, 2017 7pm EDT

Who? Ohalahan, Videre

Where? fakeologist.com/radio2

Radio 1 is shut down to see if anyone notices. So far, no-one notices.

Try Discord – ditch Teamspeak and Skype

My ID=8884 – connection

Information gap – YT

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7 thoughts on “FAK162-Reviewing Fakeologist

  1. haley

    Coming out of Lurkdom to say I really appreciate Fakeologist. I also enjoy the other commenters here and wish I knew some people like this in my real life. It sure can get lonely sometimes when everyone just thinks you’re nuts.

  2. davieb

    what happened to aaron dover?
    no video’s for a month now
    really like that guys stuff
    anyone know what happened?

    1. marin2


      Rumors will have it, that he hoaxed his own death.
      See comment section on his last videoclip

  3. UNreal

    Ab – Great to hear you will be more often on air !

    Enjoyed the show despite being an EGI spokesperson as well as convinced that the round spinning earth is as much a PsyOp as any other model of earth presented. The earth we subjectively experience on a daily basis is flat and doesn’t spin, so to accept any other model* would require us to disregard our own observation and experience and to put our trust into other peoples hands. Belief in science for the round model… or belief in CF for no theory at all.

    The DBA* theory seems undying despite its inability to provide any answer to anything. If we relate the DBA theory to sports, it would mean that we should never accept to play when there is another opposing team on pitch. That is just not how sports, nor conspiracies plays out – whenever there is a conspiracy, there are lots of “opponents”, gatekeepers and agents. Deductive logic will qualify such presence as a tall tale sign there is indeed a conspiracy – and that the DBA theory is an appeal to authority (and ridicule) fallacy that make further investigation “unworthy” of respect from the Cluesforum community. As far as i know, we still have no explanation from CF on all the problems with the spinning globe model. This of course makes the DBA argument even more fallacious – a definite gate that keep researchers from researching.

    *An anagram for DBA is BAD,,, and the CF flat earth debunk theory is indeed BAD
    *the best way to protect a fact can often be to argue its opposite (inversion) – If we invert something flat, we end up with curves…

    1. richard benedict

      @UNreal, I agree with your point and I wish I had said it as well as you have.
      The mere fact that there suddenly appears a plethora of EGI videos, led by some dubious folk is enough proof that there is a fire amidst the smoke.

  4. uninstall_media

    Sounds like Dan Ohalahan may have a shifty e-mail “friend” telling him that he saw a lizard man at Bohemian Grove…? Care to elaborate on that Dan? Is this someone you know in person?
    I’d genuinely like to know.
    When it comes to black goo, I’d like to see some primary sources for this information that does not include some guy giving a presentation at a paid conference.

  5. uninstall_media

    I wanted to mention Norm Macdonald because he is one of my favorite comedians and happens to be Canadian, but also because he is perhaps most famous for his time on Saturday Night Live as the anchor for the “Weekend Update” headline parody segment of the show, which Norm frequently refers to as the “fake news”.

    SNL is also notorious for making men dress up as women. Almost every male that has been on that show has done skits in drag, including the celebrity guest hosts.


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