FAK163-Rebooting Christianity 

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When? Sunday, Apr 2, 2017 1911EDT

Where? Fakeologist.com/radio2

Who? Rebooting Christianity (Youtube channel)

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FakeologistToday at 7:27 PM

The Battle of Leyte Gulf is generally considered to be the largest naval battle of World War II and, by some criteria, possibly the largest naval battle in history. It was fought in waters near the Philippine islands of Leyte, Samar and Luzon, from 23–26 October 1944, between combined American and Australian forces and the Imperial Japanese Navy. On 20 October, United States troops invaded the island of Leyte as part of a strategy aimed at isolating from the countries it had occupied in Southeast Asia…

typoerrorToday at 8:19 PM

Hi Both. Would the guest care to read a ertainent paragraph or two
From his book.
I notice that a chapter is available for free, a taster as it were.



FakeologistToday at 8:24 PM

The Boveri–Sutton chromosome theory (also known as the chromosome theory of inheritance or the Sutton–Boveri theory) is a fundamental unifying theory of genetics which identifies chromosomes as the carriers of genetic material. It correctly explains the mechanism underlying the laws of Mendelian inheritance by identifying chromosomes with the paired factors (particles) required by Mendel’s laws. It also states that chromosomes are linear structures with genes located at specific sites called loci along them…

FakeologistToday at 9:00 PM

Rebooting ChristianityToday at 9:02 PM

typoerrorToday at 9:20 PM

Cheers chaps.
keep us a breast.

FakeologistToday at 9:24 PM

Thanks @Rebooting Christianity
Great talk!
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