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FAK161g-Tiger reference

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Not too interesting, this post is just a placeholder to document how the EGI seed has been sewn – once planted it can only grow as evidenced on the H&F show.

You can’t unsee EGI once your brain is exposed.


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Dis-arming pilot story

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This likely fake story comes with a photo with a very strange arm and arm placement. Photoslop? Everyone now, please strike this pose and tell me if it’s natural.

Gronych, a Slovakian national who was in Canada on a work visa, will also have to pay a $100 victim fine surcharge.“He has abstained since his offence and, now realizing the devastation caused by his addiction, has committed to abstain for life,” said Brown.

Source: Drunk Sunwing pilot, who appeared to pass out in cockpit, sentenced to 8 months | Toronto Star

Is this the point of the story?

Foreign pilots working in Canada are not being vetted

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