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The “Firsthand Eyewitnesses”  To The “Planes” That Hit The Twin Towers On 9/11

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Is Robin finally coming around to Septemberclues.info? It’s not an “inside job”. It’s an inside simulation. 

Let’s see if he covers the vicsims. 

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Good new blog. 

Divide et impera. Divide and rule. It is a strategy of control that stretches back as far as recorded history. We can see it pretty much everywhere we look: separate people into social groups, then set them against each other. My argument here is that we live in an era of divide-and-conquer on steroids. We are not simply divided. We are shattered. And much of it has been by our own choice. Or choices. Let me explain.

Shattered by Choice cuttingthroughthefog.com/2017/…

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