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    1. Justsayin Dude

      Thanks Terran really enjoyed the research you did. Blew me away when I heard Tom talking about it, good catch guys. Nothing more satisfying than opening up old wounds psychologically and chucking a bit of salt in. I bet it made Kurt (and Kurt) smile

      1. Terran Downvale

        Glad you liked the post. I just found some more connections. Let me know if you think this one holds up. I found another photo of Courtney Love that even more closely resembles the iconic image of Melissa Cochran lying injured on the sidewalk, “bloody mouth” included. It was posted by Courtney herself on Facebook just 20 days before the Westminster attack!

        Here’s a link to my post about it: plus.google.com/11241348958230…

        1. Tom Dalpra

          Wow, that Facebook post by Courtney just 20 days before the ‘attack’ is a good find.

          Perhaps it’s worth adding this, very ‘measured’ ( as you said, Terran ) speech by Mayor Sidique Kahn at the Trafalgar Square vigil.

          (What better place, by the way, for some grand scale sleight of hidden hand ?
          www.walklondon.com/london-walk… )

          How difficult is it to mispronounce the name Cochran ? Of course, we know he’s been told to say it like that. Kurt Cobain subliminally alluded-to again for the ears of the masses.
          It makes sense in terms of Psychological Operations – it gives us something to relate to.
          Hey, hark at us ? ”Look it’s Kurt and Courtney!! ”
          Makes it interesting and draws us in ! 🙂

          From 5.00mins. for Kahn’s audio subliminal.


          1. Terran Downvale

            Aha, the hidden hand. That reminds me of something I came across in my research into the “pancake terror theme” that appears to connect the Westminster attack to 9/11 and now the latest truck attack in Stockholm.

            Tom, if you’re up for a longish and somewhat complicated read, I urge you to check out my posts on the “pancake theme” and give me your thoughts on it. Particularly the stuff at the end of Part 2 about Parliament’s annual “Pancake Race” outside the Palace of Westminster. This took place on February 28, 22 days before the attack. If you want to skip my posts, you can just watch this video on the event. Listen closely to what is being pushed about the media and government “working together.” In my post, I also point out what I believe to be some very skillfully placed numbers amid the festivities:


            Here’s my two-part introduction to the pancake theme:



            And here’s where I show the connection to the recent Stockholm attack:


            There are a couple more posts in this collection which is where I will be adding any future “pancake theme” posts:


            But back to the “hidden hand.” A figure who popped up in my investigation is British hotshot bridge-building engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel who is memorialized by a stained-glass window in Westminster Abbey and a bronze statue on the Victoria Embankment. We see some “slight of hand” from that fellow as well

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