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Nothing sells like controversy. My interest in media started long before the revelation. While commercials are mini fabricated movies/videos, they are some of the most influential media we consume. Other than the assumed , I occasionally post what appears to be non-fakeologist items here.

However, is the controversy manufactured? What we are told it is offensive but it hardly seems to be so in today’s main stream obscenity marketing. This is clearly part of a 0;not for you” marketing effort. Will it work? It got me watching, and Pepsi to the top of mind conversation. 

Pepsi has married these generic concepts with a new advertisement featuring Kendall Jenner and Skip Marley’s Lions. The ad contains images of protesters. People standing up for things. What are those things? Is Kendall proclaiming #BlackLivesMatter? Is this the Resistance? Unclear! But drink Pepsi!

Lots of occult symbolism taken for  granted by today’s youth. Do they even know how they offend Christians?

Pepsi hasn’t had so much publicity in a long time. It’s so hard to break through the matrix of noise, a media bomb is required.

My view is soda is poison to the body, and won’t go near it. That’s besides the point as usual – the whole commercial misdirects from the actual syrup you pour into your system.

Kendall is cute…which makes me wonder what I’m looking at. I still think all the Kardashians are engineered humans, most likely from the same zygote or at least the same egg/sperm donor. 

Transvestigation at 11

Humble weighs in at 22:00

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