Did Trump mix up script date? 

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Shades of the pre-mentioned WTC building 7 announcement. 

Simon says, 

0;CLAIRVOYANT TRUMP” :rolleyes: 

Some of you may remember that back in February 19 this year, commander-in-chief Donald Duck Trump expressed his (*cough*) concern and outrage over a purported “terror attack in Sweden”. At the time, of course, nothing had happened in Sweden – and people were wondering what the heck he was talking about.


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2 thoughts on “Did Trump mix up script date? 

  1. Terran Downvale

    This isn’t the first time Trump has displayed his amazing oracular abilities. In a speech on November 6, two days before the election, Trump warned about a potential disaster regarding Somali immigrants:


    “Here in Minnesota, you’ve seen first-hand the problems caused with faulty refugee vetting, with very large numbers of Somali refugees coming into your state without your knowledge, without your support or approval,” the Republican nominee told a rally in the solidly Democratic state, two days before the presidential election.

    He then claimed: “Some of them [are] joining Isis and spreading their extremist views all over our country and all over the world.”

    “Everybody’s reading about the disaster taking place in Minnesota,” he added, before claiming, falsely: “You don’t even have the right to talk about it.”

    And sure enough, 22 (a clairvoyant Westminster ref?) days later, there was this attack at Ohio State University with a “radicalized” Somali immigrant plowing his car into pedestrians and attacking them with a butcher knife (Sound familiar? Westminster):


    That event was involved with a very complicated crossover of programming themes that I did my best to explain in this G+ post:


    1. Terran Downvale

      If you can manage to read my G+ post at the bottom of the comment above, you’ll see that the level of psychological manipulation involved in these events likely goes far beyond what we’ve been allowed to know about things like “subliminal influence” and “neuro-linguistic programming.” The programmers have surely perfected this “secret science” that quite possibly involves aspects of human consciousness of which the true nature has also been intentionally and strategically kept from us. I really think this is one of their big “Trump cards,” so to speak. Can we ever fully understand it? Probably not. But we can a least be aware that there is likely more at play here than we can readily figure out using “logic” alone, and that it goes to the very core of the true nature of our human experience.

      I see discussion occasionally at Fakeologist and Cluesforum where it’s suggested that “The Elite” may not really know much of anything about how the world and our reality really work. On that, I could not disagree more. I’m quite certain that at some level, “they” know very well how this reality works and it involves things they will NEVER share with us, or else destroy their advantage. And until people start to think about all of this “fakery” on that level, we will keep going around in circles forever making only the most minute appearance of progress, which is exactly what “they” want. Anyway, just wanted to add that!

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