Montana mason investigation 

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Interesting post on the hidden in plain site owners of the USA. 

It’s amazing how few of us know or are taught the real power structure of our world. I know I wasn’t. 

This post falls under the heading “clearing the platter,” something that has been sitting on my credenza behind me for weeks and weeks. It is of interest, perhaps, to citizens of Montana. It has to do with the most powerful man in that state, one whom most Montanans do not know. His name is Dennis Washington.

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3 thoughts on “Montana mason investigation 

      1. tokarski

        Interesting – I was going to link to the Dennis Washington post, as I ran across another Washington, Lewis, George’s great- grandnephew, who was supposedly taken hostage after the John Brown raid on Harpers Ferry in 1959. However, the Dennis Washington piece was gone, had been removed surreptitiously. This has never happened before. It must have hit its mark!

        I am going to rewrite it this week, hopefully do a better job, and this time keep a copy offline.

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