RR30-Hoi, John Lebon, Ab

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Rollo’s back!

What? Where’s Rollo been, , , we pay some clips, we reconnect. Rollo promises to let us know when he leaves for an extended period of time next time.

When? Thursday, April 13, 2017

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11 thoughts on “RR30-Hoi, John Lebon, Ab

  1. Typoerror

    Ro11os return?

    So, there has to be a joke about boomerangs in there somewhere?
    Very nice to have you back.
    PS. I would have liked to have given this show two thumbs up but I was only half listening.

    Radio Ro11o Still Rockz.

  2. Vespadouglas

    Nice to hear you on the air again rollo.

    However does anyone else here believe that this impromptu /random chat with Mr Bon is the first time that they have spoken together in the last four months?
    as for the Promotion of Patrix and narrator….. Rollo where’s your head At?

      1. Justsayin Dude

        LESTA NEDIAM the ELITES ADMAN has MENTAL IDEAS, mixes MEAT AND LIES for you to chew on.

        I notice he likes the phrase “lie system” and uses retard/s a lot.


        Ahh well, aside from all that garbage, good to see you back Rollo!

          1. Terran Downvale

            So what exactly is your problem with me? That I’ve used the term “lie system?” Seems like a good enough description of what we are being subjected to. When everything that comes from the media is intentionally presented in a form that is doubtable and seems like it could be a lie (even when it isn’t) then the audience is powerless to determine what is real and what is not real. They are then forced to form their beliefs based on their trust or distrust in the source presenting the story. This then divides people into two manageable groups, “event realists” who trust the source and “event skeptics” who don’t.

            I’ve personally completely lost trust in the media, so I’m more inclined to believe most stories are lies. Although in most cases, this is never something I can actually “prove.” In the case of the Central Park explosion, however, I think the impossible collection of coincidences I exposed is about as close as you can get to “proving” the story was fabricated without an outright admission from the creators. Pointing out apparent “mistakes” and “anomalies” in the media’s presentation of events, on the other hand, is never “proof” and I believe they are most likely intentionally inserted into the presentations for a couple reasons.

            One is to test the media-trusting audience’s level of trust in the source by challenging their perceptions and discernment with elements that should raise suspicion in the veracity of the story. When the media-trusting person invents a “plausible explanation” for the anomaly (which every intentionally inserted anomaly potentially has), their trust in the media is further strengthened. The other reason is to provide “bait” for event skeptics to make claims that these anomalies are “proof” of a fabricated story that can then be “debunked” by event realists by way of plausible explanations, thereby making “truthers” look like delusional retards. I believe there are “truther shills” on YouTube who intentionally present weak arguments that are then “debunked” on schedule by shills on the other side of the intentionally-created and managed event-skeptic/event-realist dichotomy. This is all a way of keeping both sides separate and fighting with each other with little or no progress ever being made.

            So you were saying?

          2. Terran Downvale

            And what exactly are your problems with Lesta, nationalparksign and the concept of the “lie system?”

            Was Lesta mentioned in this podcast? Can you point me to where that was in the show?

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