FAK165-Mr. E

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Who? Mr. E (3000)
When? Sunday, April 16, 2017 @ 1911h EDT (click here for your time zone start)

Where? fakeologist.com/radio2

To ask a question, join us on the fakeologist discord server.

napoleon wilsonToday at 8:30 PM

spot on
skin stretching from the mvie brazil
candle inthe wind

FakeologistToday at 8:48 PM

anyone who has a question please go to the queue4main_livestream channel and wait
@napoleon wilson you have a question?

napoleon wilsonToday at 8:53 PM

surgeries , hormones when can we see change ,sorry
are there any signs of change

napoleon wilsonToday at 8:54 PM

different roles for trannys and inverts
scam , ha ab , definitly a diversion ,just new uniforms for the actors

FakeologistToday at 9:11 PM

Margaret Joan Trudeau (née Sinclair; born September 10, 1948), is a Canadian author, actress, photographer, former television talk show hostess, and social advocate for people with bipolar disorder. She is the former wife of Pierre Trudeau, 15th Prime Minister of Canada; and is the mother of Justin Trudeau, 23rd Prime Minister of Canada, and his brothers Alexandre and Michel. In 2013, Trudeau was awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from the University of Western Ontario in recognition of her work t…

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau (French pronunciation: ?[s?fi g?egwa?]; born April 24, 1975), also known as Sophie Grégoire, is the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. She is a former television host and is involved in charity work and public speaking, focusing mainly on women’s issues.
Michel Charles-Émile Trudeau (October 2, 1975 – November 13, 1998) was the youngest son of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Trudeau and the younger brother of current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He died in an avalanche on November 13, 1998, while skiing in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park.

napoleon wilsonToday at 9:19 PM

richard doner directed 911
watch superman

MrEToday at 9:31 PM

Joshua is the younger brother of Jared Kushner, husband of Ivanka Trump

napoleon wilsonToday at 9:34 PM


napoleon wilsonToday at 9:55 PM

never give advice
short joke

napoleon wilsonToday at 9:58 PM

12 x42 im subd to you on you tube
that trans vid with billie is twisted

FakeologistToday at 9:59 PM

which one? link?


napoleon wilsonToday at 10:05 PM

sorrry nik
306 for me cheers mr e nikon , ab

12×42Today at 10:07 PM

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10 thoughts on “FAK165-Mr. E

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  3. dirtybenny

    This was perhaps one of the best and most comprehensive discussions of EGI. Kudos to Ab and Mr. E for this discussion. The most important questions were asked. Who are they or more accurately what are they? Why are they doing this? Where does the deception stop….or does it? Just because these known deceivers present a “human body” to us….why do we believe that they are the same as a true human. This is a critical topic and Ab’s courage to pursue this is appreciated.

  4. Typoerror

    As always, the listen live option is appreciated.
    I consider myself lucky in the sense that most of the objects of this particular fascination, unlike the Sun, Moon and earth, will remain, unless I follow the links, unseen and unknown to me.
    Enjoyed the show nevertheless.

    1. ab Post author

      Thanks. Even if we are 100% wrong why be afraid to speculate and speak what we see? Do our eyes lie to us or do they?

      1. Vespadouglas

        Sorry ab. At around two hours thirteen the conversation started to get most interesting when Mre started off down the nine eleven path, only to be speedily brought back onto topic via the Britney nonsense.


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