6 thoughts on “The Falklands War Hoax 

    1. ab Post author

      All I am saying is the video footage we are seeing is probably fabricated. Many die in war scenarios, mostly accidents, friendly fire and plain ol’ murder.

      1. steve

        Well we can’t control what tv companies do with footage in regards editing etc to make it look more sensational or what the journalists say but let me assure you the war was real. My brother was in 3 para and was killed in the Falklands, so I know personally it happened. I have met and spoken to dozens of injured and scarred servicemen, some with severe burns and some with limbs missing, I have met and spoken with dozens of grieving parents, widows and children, brothers and sisters who lost loved ones in that war. I was also in the military then and served with guys that fought down there. Journalists lie, deceive, sensationalise etc we all know that but that doesn’t mean that some of these things aren’t real events. I have been researching into things myself for many years now so I know where you are all coming from but just be careful please as there are families that do have to mourn and grieve their loss, these events also often tear families apart, wreck lives and cause a lot of grief to small children growing up not knowing their father etc – believe me I know. I’ve always questioned the reasons given for that war but I know with absolute certainty it was real – sometimes people that believe everything is fake or a hoax lack compassion and respect, sometimes you all need to sit back a bit and just consider that there may actually be real living people who went through grief etc.

        1. xileffilex

          I dunno about editing, Steve, Did you watch that particular clip? It looked like crisis acting to me.
          Out of interest, what was the official cause of death of your brother? Did you see the body?
          Is he on this list?
          Which things [hoaxes and fake events, I assume] have you been researching into for many years? Anyway, welcome, Steve. Looking forward to your research contributions.

        2. ab Post author

          You know personally what happened? Please don’t spam this blog with your Wall of Tears commentary. If people really died then we all need to know the truth and the circumstances around it. If there really are families that care then surely they’d be interested in the truth, right Steve? Media fakery applies to war more than anything, since that’s where it all really started.

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