The “Anti-Semitism” Psyop

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It’s important for the nutwork to keep the group they put at the top – the 0;Joos” – in a state of fear and always defensive. This untouchable “superclass” that’s protected by anti-criticism (hate) speech is kept on edge and in line by phony stories of being attacked, usually by graffiti of neo- skinheads.

It’s the same for the much larger group (and growing) group that’s currently at the bottom – the “Mooslims” – keeping them the enemy and demonising everything about them.

The middle – usually white Christians – are sandwiched in the middle. They’re trained to fear the Mooslims that are attacking from below and loathe the Joos that are “ the show” from above.

This creates a perfect storm for the puppet masters. A stratified divide and conquer.

This is how the royalty/aristocracy/crony billionaire class stays in control.

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