CC19: Disruption is good – satellite hoax, part 3 

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Hoi and Head floss (his father!) talk about the great , and all the goes with disrupting one’s ingrained beliefs.


Source: Issue 19: Satellite Musings, Part 3 – The Clues Chronicle

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5 thoughts on “CC19: Disruption is good – satellite hoax, part 3 

  1. Hoi Polloi

    Skype Call Recorder automatically splits the channels between host and everyone else in the call. So instead of panning slightly left or right or flattening it out to stereo from mono, as I have in the past, I just split the stereo into left and right channels to see if it felt good to listen to it that way. I thought the effect would be like being in the room. I didn’t think very hard about how having only one channel would cause funny problems.
    Sorry about that Tom (and to anyone else it annoyed)! Let me re-edit it and upload the new version soon. I will just over-write the old file. There may be some file size differences so will have to update the XML.

    Thanks for listening nonetheless!

  2. Tom Dalpra

    The only voice audible is Hoi’s.
    Did whoever give it the thumbs-up think perhaps it was Hoi ponderously talking to himself ?


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