FAK166-Meet Conkers

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We talk , EGI, Crane Hoax

From Conkers:

Haha well third times a charm I suppose! I was saying that it is rare to find a site where you can browse content without having to wade through the site creators opinions/motives, and fakeologist.com is definitely my go-to site for all things to do with ! I’m also comfortable recommending the site to people not in-the-know so to speak as I think it’s about the most accessible out there (As opposed to the usual ‘conspiracy’ sites that tend to put people off before they even begin with their in your face tabloid-esque formats) I can’t actually remember what I wrote in the rest of the message but I’ll add that I enjoy your own perspective on fakery very much, I am a regular listener to your audio and think you’re a great host, the recent interview with MrE was fantastic by the way. Even with the mainstream ‘fake news’ meme (check out the new Wiki-tribune – the CIAs attempt to bring honest, trustworthy news to the public!) I think your site will continue to grow in popularity. I can appreciate that it must take a lot of effort to keep the site updated and continually put out audio so I intend to make regular donations to do my small bit in helping you keep up the good work!


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3 thoughts on “FAK166-Meet Conkers

  1. Justsayin Dude

    To Conker I just wanted to say just finished listening to your audio with Ab full marks guys enjoyed the conversation thought it was really good and look forward to hearing from you more.

    Just on the subject of satellites as an ex satellite technician I can say that in New Zealand the dishes point up on a roughly 45 degree angle and on the West Coast of New Zealand they all point out to sea. Now I personally do not believe in Satellites or satellite technology at all but that does not mean that all satellite dishes point at Towers.There is definitely a sky based microwave system that has a highly localised point from which it comes. My personal belief is that it is either ground-based bouncing off the ionosphere or geostationary balloon based which is actually old and highly developed technology.

    The ionospheric explanation becomes much more difficult to sustain when you consider the tightness of the beam and the broadness that it can be accessed from on the ground.

    I think there is probably a combination of technologies employed, but be wary of telling people all satellite dishes receive signals from the ground. They do not.

  2. UNreal

    On the subject of power plants, there is no way the Elite would make their technical equipment as small as a 20×20 feet cube.

    By making the atomic power stations really big and complicated, it helps to sell the illusion. In my opinion the smallest footprint for a nuclear station core would be a black cube at least 33×33 feet. Maybe they could manage to build a cold fusion particle hyper chamber slightly smaller.

    1. Justsayin Dude

      I have built a couple of cold fusion particle hyper Chambers and having done that and run the numbers I am confident that the smallest it can go is 11 by 11

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