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Who? Ab, Typo, Justsayindude, Tom Dalpra, Ohalahan, Armchairquarterback, Uninstallmedia

Great to get a new voice, Armchairquarterback, from Germany, USA.

Remember to join in to the discord audiochat by clicking here. No software necessary (although it can help) to start talking.


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Institut Le Rosey-where dynastic families go

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This is not your average little red school house. (Rosacrucian?) 

Institut Le Rosey, with over 5,000 former students, has one of the most prestigious alumni registries in the world. Le Rosey has educated generations of dynastic families, including HohenzollernsRothschildsMetternichsBorghesesHohenlohes, and Radziwi??s. The school has also famously educated royalty from around the world, particularly the deposed royal family members of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty of Egypt


Only 133,000usd per year. 

H/t Abhey 

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More I listen

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Another kind listener writes, 

you asked for listener feedback.

Since you introduced me to Fakeology last year I have listened to pretty much all of your podcasts and literally thousands of other Fakeology related podcasts, and frequently visit your websites. You come across very likeable, there will come a time when you and the subject of Fakeology will be appreciated by a wider audience.

Julian (from Germany) 

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Snow is black

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My egi blog may sound, on the surface, silly, but it’s deadly serious business that is causing real havoc with the natural order.

Chris looks into it with some real-life clinics.

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AC-Introducing Abyz

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Another great discord session, with new member/donor Abyz joining in to the ever-growing Audiochat.

Featuring Tom D, Typo, Ab, Justsayindude, the AC bot and Abyz

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