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Who? Ab, Typo, Justsayindude, Tom Dalpra, Ohalahan, Armchairquarterback, Uninstallmedia

Great to get a new voice, Armchairquarterback, from Germany, USA.

Remember to join in to the discord audiochat by clicking here. No software necessary (although it can help) to start talking.


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2 thoughts on “AC-Armchairquarterback

  1. Justsayin Dude

    Just finished the audio, really enjoyed it. Armchair Quarterback, brilliant. Intelligent, great speaker, thoroughly enjoyable, would love to hear more from him any time.

    Great to hear from Uninstall again, always a great speaker, very insightful always, great stuff.

    The main thing that prompted my comment was that I spotted one obvious piece of misinfo – Typoerror shy?

    Not buying it. Need empirical evidence to the contrary. Always the life of the party…

    Great audios coming out lately, looking forward to more.

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