FAK167-David Crowe

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When? Sunday, April 30, 2017 at 1911h EDT

Who? David Crowe of The Infectious Myth and How Positive Are You? and davidcrowe.ca

The Infectious Myth
On “The Infectious Myth” host David Crowe will examine the questionable or outright false paradigms that infect our society

Where? Fakeologist.com/radio2 LIVE

We will talk about his podcast and views.

[easyazon_link identifier=1;0316134767″ locale=”US” tag=”fakeologist-20″]Science Fictions: A Scientific Mystery, a Massive Cover-Up, and the Dark Legacy of Robert Gallo[/easyazon_link]

Fakeologist – Today at 6:26 PM
show starting at 1911 @David Crowe
napoleon wilson – Today at 7:06 PM
rollo x
hello David Crowe
David Crowe – Today at 7:23 PM
hi napoleon
napoleon wilson – Today at 7:23 PM
Fakeologist – Today at 7:38 PM
napoleon wilson – Today at 7:38 PM

Watch Atoms of Gold on FeO Move Under an Electron Microscope

Fakeologist – Today at 7:43 PM
Electron microscope
An electron microscope is a microscope that uses a beam of accelerated electrons as a source of illumination. As the wavelength of an electron can be up to 100,000 times shorter than that of visible light photons, electron microscopes have a highe…

napoleon wilson – Today at 7:45 PM
interpretation of evidence for
The Shoe Is The Sign – The Beginning


John le Bon
JLB Will Ask the Dino Experts Your Questions

hollywoo goes to them
Fakeologist – Today at 7:59 PM

-Free World
Stephen Lewis: Week in Review 144 — At a loss for words

napoleon wilson – Today at 8:13 PM
www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBd5W9… WAR WAR STUPID AND PEOPLE ARE STUPID .
conkers – Today at 8:20 PM
I was with you til truth lol
I came in a bit late so you may have covered it but has David talked about the aids test? How is it allegedly determined somebody actually has aids..
napoleon wilson – Today at 8:25 PM
You learn something new every day. AIDS has never killed anyone …
www.ign.com › Boards › Community Central › The Vestibule
18 Sep 2012 – 33 posts – ?28 authors
Anyway she showed us this fact in one of her books that said AIDS virus alone has never killed
Fakeologist – Today at 8:26 PM
Pasteur had the gold. He forced other competing theories to his germ theory to be ignored. I do believe that his biographer was correct when he reported that Pasteur said: “Bernard is correct. The bacteria are nothing. The soil is everything.” Pasteur was revealing to the world that his germ theory of disease was concocted and false. Sad, isn’t it, that modern docs still believe his lie.
napoleon wilson – Today at 8:26 PM
surprisingly this was top for search
mystical and alchemecal
Fakeologist – Today at 8:30 PM

Question Everything
House of

napoleon wilson – Today at 8:34 PM
ooh long will do
conkers – Today at 8:37 PM
For all his flaws Liam Scheff put out some good research on the hiv hoax

Vinny Eastwood
1 August 2012, AIDS and HIV is a Fraud, Liam Scheff

Fakeologist – Today at 8:38 PM

Episode 16: Tommy Morrison

Program Index

napoleon wilson – Today at 8:41 PM
smoking makes your body fight the poison in tobacco which raises defence , ie dr s dont want smokers for tests. no evidence eitherway
smoking is not that bad :vulcan:
Fakeologist – Today at 8:44 PM
The Perth Group
The Perth Group is a group of HIV/AIDS denialists based in Perth, Western Australia who claim, in opposition to the scientific consensus, that the existence of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is not proven, and that AIDS and all the “HIV” pheno…
napoleon wilson – Today at 8:48 PM
ive used that for years
Rollo – Today at 8:48 PM
Nice Segway Ab…..Vaccines is a Great Subject
napoleon wilson – Today at 8:49 PM
since 5
Fakeologist – Today at 8:51 PM
Flaccid paralysis
Flaccid paralysis is an illness characterized by weakness or paralysis and reduced muscle tone without other obvious cause (e.g., trauma). This abnormal condition may be caused by disease or by trauma affecting the nerves associated with the invol…
Rollo – Today at 8:56 PM
No Nukes
napoleon wilson – Today at 8:56 PM
definitly not
Fakeologist – Today at 8:58 PM
Google Books
Paralysed with Fear

Rollo – Today at 9:01 PM
Reboot Ab :smiley:
conkers – Today at 9:02 PM
Has David encountered many positives along the way? What is his outlook for the future of medicine?
Rollo – Today at 9:03 PM
I can’t see any positives in the Alopathic System…
Fakeologist – Today at 9:04 PM
Koch’s postulates
Koch’s postulates (/?k??x/) are four criteria designed to establish a causative relationship between a microbe and a disease. The postulates were formulated by Robert Koch and Friedrich Loeffler in 1884, based on earlier concepts described by J…

Rollo – Today at 9:04 PM
Cut, Burn and Poison
conkers – Today at 9:05 PM
No me neither, although the thing is some of them do work, to suppress symptoms, it’s getting to the point where we need to work towards fixing whatever it is causing the symptoms
Rollo – Today at 9:06 PM
Yup Hope Ab asks your question when he gets the chance
Fakeologist – Today at 9:06 PM
conkers come to the queue and ask
conkers – Today at 9:08 PM
Getting late here Ab so not sure if I can muster the energy, I’ll stay in the chat for tonight I think
Fakeologist – Today at 9:08 PM
napoleon wilson – Today at 9:10 PM
neat on their back
gents thankyou 20 past2 in uk goodnight
goodnight x
David Crowe – Today at 9:22 PM
conkers – Today at 9:23 PM
Take it easy napoleon
Fakeologist – Today at 9:30 PM


Progressive Radio Network
Michel Wilbrink
Home – Progressive Radio Network

conkers – Today at 9:36 PM
Great show guys
Fakeologist – Today at 9:38 PM
Thanks @David Crowe and all that listened

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4 thoughts on “FAK167-David Crowe

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  2. ab Post author

    From Eric:

    David walked right into that one, didn’t he? I’m referring to his Greek ship-over-the-horizon analogy. Poor on his part. Okay, so the guy didn’t take an hour to find out who you are. This dude is close, but because of this audio, I realized you are much like me. You aren’t talking to him because you are naive, you want to steer him in to the truth on some issues. You know he is influential to whatever degree and want to help him. I so appreciate that about you. I’m the same way. I have this guy I’m steering in the right direction who does a half-hour show every week on mainstream radio (WBEN 930 AM Saturday 5:30-6am). He said this week that even though they were telling us 30 years ago that a nuclear war would destroy the world, the planet was still spinning. After he said it, he paused for a good 3 seconds and I knew he paused because of me. He fucked up and he knew it. I sent him a Lol and he Lol-ed me back, but he knows. Same with your guest David. He will know soon because of your “interview”. He’s no dummy, he just hasn’t talked to you until now. You are an awesome man. I should pray for you more than I do. Thanks for the content Ab. I’d jump on your discord podcast, but last time I had trouble getting in because I’m new at that kind of stuff. – Eric from Buffalo.

  3. marin2

    According to Stefan Lanka “viruses” don’t exist. Pic’s they show you are “composites”
    Bloch’s postulate is 100% BS as he cheated the whole bloody lot, with knowledge from “above” I don”t and won’t go in and what he did to those animals for getting some results. What he did to those animals is beyond unbelieveble, same as degenerate L. Pasteur.

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