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AC-El Sushi meets a transgender

like this

Who? El Sushi, Rollo, Typo, Abo

Good to hear from our old friend again. Sushi’s audio wasn’t the greatest so I won’t promote this interview to a “show” status.

El Sushi wrote me this note later, and gave me permission to add a few photos.

Hello Ab
Thanks again for having on your audio chat yesterday, always a pleasure and naturally looking forward to the next one !
As promised here are a few pics of ” L ” , a transgender postop who turned into female mode by the age of 16.
She’s probably around 29 by now.
All I can say about that experience is that they look and behave more feminine than the vast majority of real women around.
Which is also why so many men (looks like the number is immensely growing) fall for them.
I see my own little “experience” as a sociological study. Won’t probably try again, that being said.
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