Hb505-Chris drifts towards EGI

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8 thoughts on “Hb505-Chris drifts towards EGI

          1. Tom Dalpra

            Sorry, Tim. You know what I think about ‘EGI’.
            I was trying to make my point with a bit of humour.
            I’ll try and restrain myself.

              1. Tom Dalpra

                I’ve listened to some of his investigation, and appreciated hearing it. For me, he doesn’t seem to be ‘drifting to EGI ‘ which is good as that would seem to ridicule serious discussion before it starts.

                I certainly share concerns about some of the madness that appears to be happening with sex-changing in children particularly.

                I dunno. I really don’t. So many things to process only so much time.
                I did hear one quote the other day that caught my ear from a guy saying that ”all of the occult, and religions in general, aim for androgyny. Not physical but spiritual ” .

                This is more to my thinking. I think the whole agenda seeks to transform people’s minds on a broad scale, rather than their bodies.
                I think for those – relatively few, hopefully – people caught in the fad – at the physical cutting edge of the ‘hype’ , it’s madness ( like i think much cosmetic surgery is).
                But, I think, the broad play as ever, is with our minds.

                1. ab Post author

                  Yes, with our minds. I think real hormones are being injected and real surgeries are happening to real people. That is the real tragedy that is beginning to unfold. Perception, as usual, is everything.

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