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  1. Justsayin Dude

    Nice to hear from you Antipodean I’ve spotted some of your comments overtime at clues and it’s great to see you popping up at fakeologist. Hope we hear more from you soon. Looking forward to the day the Clues folks learn to pronounce Antipodean:)
    I can’t believe that Ab posted this piece of audio after we had so many issues.
    That said, in relation to your comment Rollo has always been very gracious and has made numerous nice comments about Kiwis in the past so good on him and Rollo I’m looking forward to having a chat some day soon without the issues.

  2. antipodean

    Not often I click onto something and listen to an Aussie paying tributes to recently deceased Kiwi icons.

    Below is a clip from one of my favorite NZ musos who’s also recently left us. ( @ 2 min. mark for the song)
    Of interest to fakeologists, when touring the States with his band in the 70s he was approached by the remaining Doors, to be their front man for a few gigs, but declined because of commitments to his band.

    [youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=flJHsa…

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