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  1. xileffilex

    Where did that go?
    I can’t find any reference to the Chicxulub crater in John le Bon’s musings, a postulated [1980] event to cause the sudden “extinction of dinosaurs”, followed 11 years later by the discovery of the prime candidate for a “massive impact”. Then in 2013, a psyientific drilling expedition was sent out to the waters off the Yucatan peniinsula of Mexico. 2016 – success! Phew! We can press on with our obsession with dinos.
    There’s very little interest in this alleged impact in the alternative media.
    Only this post at Cluesforum in 2013, April 12 by guivre

    shortly after the BBC announcement that drilling would commence
    as recommended by a panel of “experts” in 2010.

    Success was declared in May 2016 by the US-UK team as they analysed the cores from the 66 million year old [KT boundary] event [alleged] where it was reported that the rock samples [cores]

    will go to Bremen, Germany, where the 33 individuals on the science team will gather to subject the rocks to a battery of tests.


    The project was organised through the European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD) and the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP).

    The pictures on this page were taken by Max Alexander, who visited the Myrtle drill boat at the beginning of May.

    Max works a lot with the UK Space Agency (UKSA) and arranged for British astronaut Tim Peake, currently on the International Space Station, to take the spectacular photograph of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula at the very bottom of the page.

    uh oh!

    Leading to ….. Day the Dinosaurs Died – Nova

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