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John le BonYesterday at 6:19 PM

Hello friends. I see Fakeologist has come alive again. It seemed dead to the world not long ago. All hail ‘discord’, the most obvious data-mining operation since some kid supposedly invented facebook in his Harvard dorm.

AbyzYesterday at 6:20 PM

Heck ya! Hail JLB

TomD27Yesterday at 6:20 PM

all given to us with ‘Discord’ as the name. pah

John le BonYesterday at 6:21 PM

Lots of new voices recently. Last night I listened to the one with the American guy in Germany. He sounded intelligent.

More_Questions_Than_AnswersYesterday at 6:21 PM

The internet is the most obvious data mining operation I would say. Everything recorded and filtered.
I guess we are helping them with sub-filters

TomD27Yesterday at 6: PM

The Internet – The Digital Panopticon
i said that

John le BonYesterday at 6:22 PM

@More_Questions_Than_Answers Well said. I recently discovered that Apple and Intel were both funded by ‘Venrock’, which is simply ‘venture rockefeller’. No jokes.

TomD27Yesterday at 6:22 PM

abc john boy you know it
as easy as

More_Questions_Than_AnswersYesterday at 6:23 PM

no surprise there John

John le BonYesterday at 6:23 PM

Intel and AMD make all the chips. Both started by people from Fairchild Semiconductor.
They openly colluded back in the 1980s, it was public knowledge.

AbyzYesterday at 6:24 PM

How many companies run it all? 4-5?

John le BonYesterday at 6:24 PM

So basically all of our tech was funded by the same people, and the different companies are all different lines from the same company (as it were)

TomD27Yesterday at 6:24 PM

this fits with my world view

More_Questions_Than_AnswersYesterday at 6:25 PM

And then we have DAARPA for the internet unless old Rockerfailure was responsible for that research beforehand
that’s a great find John

TomD27Yesterday at 6:26 PM

yeh, tidy

John le BonYesterday at 6:26 PM

How long until this guy sells out to Microsoft/Apple?

More_Questions_Than_AnswersYesterday at 6:27 PM

It’s funny because whatever subject we choose to do research on, 9/10 times, we come up with something related to the controllers.

John le BonYesterday at 6:27 PM

Here is one for you all: Bill Gates mum was on the same board for a charity as the head of IBM.

More_Questions_Than_AnswersYesterday at 6:28 PM

I found out today that Bill Gates has bought into a company that will be selling artifical meat made from animal cells

TomD27Yesterday at 6:28 PM

sounds orrible
excuse me

John le BonYesterday at 6:29 PM

It gets even better. Intel and AMD both stem from ‘Fairchild Semiconductor’ Where does the ‘fairchild’ come from? Sherman Fairchild – once the largest owner of IBM stock
But let’s spend our time talking about how this male celebrity is really a female (we have photo evidence!!!!) and how this female celbrity is a MAAAANNNN (look at their neck!!!1!!)

More_Questions_Than_AnswersYesterday at 6:30 PM

This information would mean jack squat to the average person, but we all see the significance immediately.
I couldnt agree with you more John

TomD27Yesterday at 6:30 PM

The thing is bonkers. Looks like

More_Questions_Than_AnswersYesterday at 6:31 PM

It’s eclipsing real research

TomD27Yesterday at 6:31 PM

if we talk about these things in the alternative, they then seep into the mainstream

John le BonYesterday at 6:32 PM

@More_Questions_Than_Answers There is almost ZERO ‘real research’ being done by anybody. Most conspiratards consider watching YouTube videos to be ‘research’. We are basically surrounded by zombies, bro.

ZalYesterday at 6:32 PM

if you look closer into bill gates you will find he bsically got picked up by IBM as a poster boy
and pretty unlimited funding

John le BonYesterday at 6:32 PM

@Zal That is what my research suggests.

ZalYesterday at 6:33 PM

its widely known his coding was purely ripping off others and branding it with a logo
and ofcourse the squeeze that came from IBM money soon saw him only guy left standing

John le BonYesterday at 6:34 PM

IBM were having anti-trust issues. They want to launch and promote a basic, almost-generic computer to take over the market. They bundle it with their own OS, it looks bad. Bundle it with your choice of MS-DOS or one or two other more expensive options, and voila! Problem solved. Hello ‘PC’.

TomD27Yesterday at 6:34 PM

don’t tell me bill gates was a set-up as well…. snigger(edited)

ZalYesterday at 6:34 PM

also apple had some patents on what we call OS’s at that time i belive
cant remember fully, looked into this in high school lol

TomD27Yesterday at 6:35 PM

the facts speak loudly
they’re there for people to see
but they don’t see it which is really John ‘s surrounded by retards point.

ZalYesterday at 6:37 PM

that being said though

John le BonYesterday at 6:37 PM

@TomD27 Not only was Bill Gates a poster boy (as Zal puts it) but the guy he put out of business ‘committed suicide’ in a bar after writing a tell-all memoirs about his dealings with Gates.…
Gary Arlen Kildall (May 19, 1942 – July 11, 1994) was an American computer scientist and microcomputer entrepreneur who created the CP/M operating system and founded Digital Research, Inc. (DRI). Kildall was one of the first people to see microp…

ZalYesterday at 6:37 PM

i still belive it got away from “them”
since the newer windows versions is obvious attemtpts at reigning controll back

TomD27Yesterday at 6:38 PM


John le BonYesterday at 6:38 PM

@Zal I also want to believe that the internet ‘got away from them’. Sadly the more I research this stuff, the more obvious it is to me. The game is over. We are the remnants. That is why this tech is made available to us. We are speaking to retards with it. We are no threat to anybody.

TomD27Yesterday at 6:39 PM

i know you’re right, cus I’m a retard

ZalYesterday at 6:39 PM

Its hard to say, but im not that bleak in the outlook
the cutting edge of computers is always “ours”

More_Questions_Than_AnswersYesterday at 6:40 PM

The internet did not get away from anyone! That would suggest that DAARPA created it with good intention as the silly story goes of trying to extend a network.

John le BonYesterday at 6:40 PM

‘ours’? Who do you think is developing this stuff?
It is not individual science nerds fresh out of university

TomD27Yesterday at 6:40 PM

The Digital Panopticon.

ZalYesterday at 6:40 PM

the hardware and infrastructure them

John le BonYesterday at 6:40 PM

unless you believe the Zuckerberg story

ZalYesterday at 6:40 PM

the software to a degree us
not zuckerberg no

TomD27Yesterday at 6:40 PM

Zal is young and principled

ZalYesterday at 6:41 PM

its something i wanna call the pirate rule
the very highest level is always some basement dweller
its very obvious if you look into the pirate scene
there is always a workaround for everything
time passes and the guys get bought up by “anti-virus companies” (to make viruses) and similar
but when they do there is another basement dweller cracking theire stuff

John le BonYesterday at 6:42 PM

Oh yes, the ‘pirates’. You know in Australia the government recently instituted overt internet censorship. Their stated reason? To ‘crackdown on piracy’.

ZalYesterday at 6:42 PM

and so on

John le BonYesterday at 6:42 PM

Problem -> Reaction – Solution

ZalYesterday at 6:42 PM

ye england aswell
has abit of a rampant firewall(edited)

TomD27Yesterday at 6:43 PM

Live chat is available here easily done for however long you want just click on live stream JLB
Anytime,. Sure Ab would like it

John le BonYesterday at 6:43 PM

@TomD27 Do we need to be authenticated by Ab first?

ZalYesterday at 6:44 PM

my point was the very finest is always organic, untill they get bought
and on and on it goes

TomD27Yesterday at 6:44 PM

not sure on that one. i think i can. excuse me interrupting you and Zal. Just saying it’s there.

John le BonYesterday at 6:44 PM

@Zal If they offered me one million dollars to flip on and say they are real, I would happily take the money. They are not going to offer me the money, because ‘they’ don’t exist.
@TomD27 If I could chat right now I would definitely be up for it. Audio is waaaaay better than typing.

ZalYesterday at 6:45 PM

in computers there is a very real them
ibm as you mentioned and the inteligence organizations

More_Questions_Than_AnswersYesterday at 6:45 PM

These people can be groomed from birth Zal…they come from ‘elite’ family ties after all. It’s not a coincidence that Gates’ parents were involved in Planned Parenthood and IBM as John said.

ZalYesterday at 6:45 PM

still the technology bill gates reappropriated
wasnt his

TomD27Yesterday at 6:46 PM

Hey Zal, dear boy, would you possibly share your expertise with Jlb in the live stream for five mins?

ZalYesterday at 6:46 PM

ms dos is basically like 5 diffrent similar programs ripped off and smashed togheter
maybe tomorrow if you start earlyier
ive always considered it very simple, “they” are not creative
but they are good at buying up stuff
that is how “they” think
when you own it all
you really dont need to be the guy inventing new stuff, since you own the pipeline
that is the degree i belive it got away

More_Questions_Than_AnswersYesterday at 6:49 PM

Ok I can get with that. Gates was always going to do something but it happened that he was best suited for computers due to a skill with mathematics or related and they made it possible for him to buy all competitors with family money and so on

ZalYesterday at 6:49 PM

when i looked into this in high school ages ago

More_Questions_Than_AnswersYesterday at 6:49 PM

In that case it may be true

ZalYesterday at 6:49 PM

it was fairly obvious bill gates got railroaded into his position

More_Questions_Than_AnswersYesterday at 6:49 PM

Zal did you read Tmos message above?

ZalYesterday at 6:50 PM

the audio chat request?

More_Questions_Than_AnswersYesterday at 6:50 PM

Just in case you missed it

ZalYesterday at 6:50 PM

i was actually asleep xD just woke up now and gonna go get myself something to eat and go back to sleep
so another time

More_Questions_Than_AnswersYesterday at 6:51 PM

I’m going to sleep too. Goodnight everyone

ZalYesterday at 6:52 PM

good night man

More_Questions_Than_AnswersYesterday at 6:52 PM

See you Zal

ZalYesterday at 6:52 PM

ill be here defending hope and justice while i wait for my food to cook
stuff really isnt as dark as it seems in computers
MS-DOS (/??m?s?d?s/ EM-es-DOSS; acronym for Microsoft Disk Operating System) is a discontinued operating system for x86-based personal computers mostly developed by Microsoft. Collectively, MS-DOS, its rebranding as IBM PC DOS, and some opera…

its not hidden information
that dear ol bill had very little actual coding to do with msdos later windows the origins of ibm is much more interesting
International Business Machines (IBM) er en amerikansk teknologibedrift med hovedkontor i Armonk i New York, og med virksomhet i over 170 land. Selskapet ble grunnlagt i 1911 som Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) og ble omdøpt til “Int…

ehm, use the english wiki, that one was norwegian
but look the year founded
i also seem to recall a conspiracy about Intel back in the day
cant really recall it

ZalYesterday at 7:02 PM

with intel it looks to me like the mainstream version of the history might be a cover
this is interesting
if anything “they” are trying real hard to put brakes on
it kinda shows lately with i7-3(4-5 years old) and i7-7 (the newest) not really being all that diffrent
nvm seems that was a april fools joke
lol ill spend more time with this xD
still though my point stands, these last 4-5 years have been incredibly slow in the cpu front
guess ill go back to sleep, ill look harder into it tomorrow, not half assing it ^^

John le BonYesterday at 7:22 PM

I’ll be in the lobby for an hour or two if anybody wants to chat.
I’m in a chatting mood.
Keen to test out the latest data-mining experience for myself.
Hello ‘discordians’ as it were.

ZalYesterday at 7:31 PM

you are on the internet, everything is a datamining operations
skype is owned by microsoft though, discord isnt (at least not in any official way i can find)
anyhow back and forth, my rice is cooking xD
there is alot of misnomers aswell as conspiracies when it comes to tech
hope someone objective (jlb you objective?) would make a masterfile on it
personally i recognize it as rigged from the beginning, but i dont preach doom
its open enough at the moment
anyone can create the next “thing”
and i doubt the control is as tight as the doomsayers would say
if you were to create the next thing though, you would probably (but not necesarily) get the infamous knock on the door
like twitch the streaming service
was entirely organic untill it got bought by amazon
anyhow now my dinner is ready, gonna watch a series or something while eating, then bed, gniite all

FakeologistYesterday at 9:44 PM

In-Q-Tel (IQT), formerly Peleus and known as In-Q-It, is an American not-for-profit venture capital firm based in Arlington, Virginia. It invests in high-tech companies for the sole purpose of keeping the Central Intelligence Agency, and other int…


Many companies listed on In-Q-Tel’s investment website page[12] are secret. In-Q-Tel functions partially in public; however, what products it has and how they are used is strictly secret.[11] According to the Washington Post, “virtually any U.S. entrepreneur, inventor or research scientist working on ways to analyze data has probably received a phone call from In-Q-Tel or at least been Googled by its staff of technology-watchers.”[11]

FakeologistYesterday at 10:28 PM

@John le Bon good sign off! Sorry I forgot about bringing up #egi with you…(edited)


John le BonYesterday at 10:33 PM

It was good to chat. I am concerned that this ‘discord’ platform is too easy to use, might become addictive…
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