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  1. dirtybenny

    Bo Peep continues to mine interesting territory. As someone who has studied and practiced hypnosis, she is right on target concerning its power. We are largely unaware of how pervasive it is in our environment. As Bo Peep described, the colors, shapes, symbols, words, etc are all carefully crafted. Is it by chance that the background of all newscasts is the same color? Methinks not. ALL media…movies, TV, internet, books, pop music, magazines, sports is weaponized against us. Ever watch someone buried in their phone and then suddenly looks up…they have come out of a hypnotic trance. We all go into various depths of trance everyday, multiple times a day. As Bo Peep said, they are using a language that we do not understand. My interest is in the nature of who “they” really are and who “we” really are, and what is the purpose of this existence. We know that nearly everything that we have been “taught” about our nature and the nature of this place has been a lie.

    1. ab Post author

      Scott Adams says Donald Trump is a master persuader, and Scott says he himself is a trained hypnotist. Maybe he will speak to me on this.

      1. dirtybenny

        Anyone could be a hypnotist if your subject is suggestible. The danger of the colors, symbols, and sounds is that we do not realize that we are being put into a suggestible state. We think we are just listening to a song, watching a movie, reading a magazine, watching a ball game, while your subconscious is being lambasted with programming. In my personal life, I have found those who do not watch TV to be most open to pursuing truth.

  2. tokarski

    Enough of it … transgender transgender transgender … I was making breakfast and heard maybe 18 minutes. I am not about to subject myself to 80 minutes of this nonsense in order to say that I gave it a fair chance. Flat earthers do that too, part of the script I suppose, to divert our attention from worthy pursuits and waste our valuable time doing their thing. I have no time for transgender and know when it is being pushed at so many websites at once that it is SIA* – spooks in action.

    *My cousin, who was CIA, said the letters stand for “Clowns in Action.”

  3. tokarski

    Good lord, when spooks are doing a psyop, they sell it and sell it hard. They are actors, immersed in a role. Transgender, like flat earth, needs to be studiously ignored, and the people who promote these gigs exposed for what they are … either spooks or fools.

      1. Justsayin Dude

        Tokarski calls Ab a spook yet again.
        Tokarski avoids the question yet again.
        Tokarski tells people what they are allowed to think about yet again
        Yada Yada. Boring.
        At least there’s no DBA in Tokarski land. Go NASA boy, go.

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