Can Jeran flatten Chris? 

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Chris Kendall(myself )did a Skype call with Jeran (jeranism) and we spoke a bit about theory. As far as I’m concerned, the reality of air travel and the time that it takes to get between two points confirms that the earth is a globe.I have since checked out what Jeran said was what the diameter of the earth would need be if it were indeed flat. From what I gather and I suggest people check it against whatever source they deem reliable, that the diameter would need to be at least ,00

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13 thoughts on “Can Jeran flatten Chris? 

  1. xileffilex

    Weisbecker has been making some Elon Musk SpaceX video, but tucked among them is this little gem
    ‘Jeranism’ is another limited hangout – disinfo agent

  2. Tom Dalpra

    Interesting stuff. My first reaction was surprise that those two got together on audio in the first place.
    ‘What made that happen ?’ I wondered.

    I’ve listened to Chris from before I’d ever heard of Jeran-ism. I still listen to Chris. I don’t listen to Jeran-ism .

    Jeran speaks wonderfully and he’s always been likeable to me, BUT I turned-off from Globebusters a long time ago. What was he saying here ? Something about he ‘thinks’ he doesn’t ‘know why’ but, MH370 ‘got lost’ in … ( in the flat abyss or something, I suppose. ) Gawd ‘elp us. Some of us around here knew MH370 was a running psyOpera from the moment it happened. We can just add that from Jeran as yet another tin-pot theory attached to that one. Schoolboy stuff, yeh ?
    Almost as schoolboy as posting Aussie clown youtoob obfuscator Jungle Surfer, as if he’s an authority on anything.

    Anyway. Jeran’s changed his tune, hasn’t he ? ‘Ball Earth Skeptic’ now, as you say Tim. I’d have to listen back, but I’m sure he used to call himself a ‘Flat Earther’. Important shift in position, really. The one from Believer to Agnostic.

    On beliefs, it’s interesting to me that Chris says – I hope I’m not misquoting him – that he believes in a Creator.
    This is an interesting position for me, as I find myself ‘naturally’ agnostic on that one as I am on the exact nature of the Earth and all cosmology. Of course I think mine is the intelligent view. ”How can he so sure about that one ? ” I wonder.

    I don’t agree with everything Chris says but I hear him speaking from the heart.
    I shall continue to listen to him. Though it was nice to hear Jeranism’s dulcet tones telling me all the things I already knew were dodgy about NASA , I shall not be making pains to take-in any of his stuff.

    Now, where the fuck is that curvature ?

  3. willard

    Jeran 1
    Chris Kendal 0

    Jeran is making the affirmative claim that the earth is not guilty of being a 1,000 mph rotating sphere. Chris said we are not going to discuss whether it rotates (?!!) @48 min mark. The curvature of the earth as viewed over water vis a vis concealing objects was imho successfully brought into question (i.e. reasonable doubt created) by Jeran’s discussion of lensing, etc. (@58 min approx).

    Chris says he does not want to get into speculative math regarding earth’s curvative; yet, he does get into speculative math about how far Sydney is from Santiago on AE map. If you listen carefully to the exchange Chris is highballing the estimate to favor his argument when the numbers being estmated would fall under a margin of error that could support Jeran’s argument.

    I must return a verdict of not guilty as Jeran successfully created reasonable doubt.

    Although I too like Chris, I believe he might be guilty of hubris.

  4. ab Post author

    I like Jeran, I like Chris.

    Chris was a little argumentative and stand offish, but Jeran kept calm and eventually Chris softened. Jeran is more of a ball earth skeptic than flat earther, and I enjoy his demeanor.

    Chris is quite passionate about the globe, which puzzles me. Jeran is less passionate about the flat earth, and comes across as honest in his research.

  5. UNreal

    Good effort by Jeran staying calm while Chris did his best to frame him in a deceptive way.

    Very fallacious cherry-picked argumentation from Chris Kendall – disappointing. Good luck to Chris and others for trusting Max Igan to be legit and a valid reference point.

    1. UNreal

      GIGO – Garbage In Gospel Out

      Basing an elaborate discussion on the Flat Earth on material from a known fraud such as Max Igan is in itself bad logic – if not right out deceptive. It kind of proves by it’s own ridicule how easily the magicians can show us the wrong hand and have us debate garbage until the sun goes down. On quick investigation there are many videos that completely trashes Max Igan’s “proof” but Junglesurfer’s breakdown is a good start as he at least make us laugh at how bad the Max Igan (Max Gain) ‘evidence’ really is – and how sad it is to see Chris Kendall fall down on the wrong side of reason and objectivity.

      Junglesurfertv – 10:14 mm:ss
      MAX IGAN SHILL Flat Earth Fake Flights Claim 100% Debunked HOAX

      1. marin2

        Chris gave me the impression: I will make very nice mince-meat from Jeran. When he came to the conclusion that it did not work out that well. he got complete lost in his own ramblings.

        1. UNreal

          Sadly, i got the impression that both Jeran and Chris were dishonest by discussing bad evidence coming from a known disinformation source. I’m of course not surprised that Jeran and Globebusters accept Max Igans claims – they have since long shown poor judgement on a number of issues, most notably Judy Wood/911/child molestation. The unfortunate part is that Chris was so happy to disregard the nature of the proof Max Igan provide from the QF27 (double Zayin) flight as well as Jeran/Globebusters contrived nature. It seemed like a staged ‘fight’ that indirectly benefits both Jeran and Chris and thus indirectly validates the flight routes which might be the real objective of the convenient ‘debate’.

          What we are left with unfortunately, is two intelligent people who now both look bad as they engage in a phony discussion to no meaningful end other than to have us spin and get all emotional (at least Chris seemed quite stirred up in the few minutes he debunked our skepticism on his latest call just out).

          I’m of the opinion that Max Igan is a paid intelligence asset/agent and that his flight-video is a hoax. I’d say that in itself pretty much point out there is indeed a flight-route problem. And if the Nutwork had us see planes on 911, they can make any flight route plausible if they see it fit. For now they seem to have used some low hanging fruit like Max Igan, but they can surely make much more convincing material if and when they choose to. The debate on Flat Earth is of course nowhere near where this discussion is taking us – it is on the ground where no reasonable explanation can be found to why lakes are flat and cities seen from impossible distances over water. So in their separate ways, both Jeran and Chris are misleading the debate on Flat/Round spinning Earth to areas of unknowingness. And we all know who masters space and atomic theory.

          jeranism – 5:52:48 h:mm:ss
          LIVE Flight Tracking MAX IGAN Qantas Sydney to Santiago

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