1 thought on “AC-John le Bon, Typo

  1. Tom Dalpra

    Oh bless you Typo, shaking and breathless with excitement whilst chatting with John. I have to say you’re not always the easiest of listens and here with the excitement of it all you pretty much turned it into a one-man-Typo-show from the moment your mate knocked on the door and you lost your key ! Haha. At least you talked-at John for a while. Classic Chris.
    By the time your other mate came round and started swearing at you I’d drifted off and was having a dream where I’d woken up drunk by a park bench in Wolverhampton. Poor John. You’d donated to his cause, he had to take it, to an extent.
    These audios are the kind of thing I listen to, you know ? Highly sophisticated stuff.

    Still, some amusing moments there – The Steere/Sargent ‘transgress-tigation’ video haha!!

    Whatever you think of John, he remains totally approachable. He’s willing to ‘get in the ring’, with anyone, with the premise of having an intelligent conversation. At his worst I wouldn’t call him abrasive, rather that he can come across as supercilious and sanctimonious.

    I don’t completely agree with him at all on some things and have come to mildly suspect just about everyone of being an agent (in this mental World haha! ) but, in wide-eyed-innocence, can only applaud the notion of having intelligent discussions around here and having spoken with him in the ‘ lobby’ the other day I look forward to perhaps chatting with him on audio, at some point.

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