HB509:Chris says flat earth is a psyop

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Chris is convinced is a , and gets passionate about it. Brian Stavely appears for a brief bad audio moment, fresh out of jail (acorroding to his skype).   Chris then ends the call depressed and defeated.  Hopefully he will return recharged. 

Frank (come to discord Frank), for all his hubris, brings up a rock solid point that you cannot prove a theory; you can only disprove one. My P900 disproves curve to me. I also don’t see a sphere when I point it at the moon. I see a 2d surface with amazing artifacts. 

I think my video disproves the geometric curve of 8inches/mile squared.  Where’s the other Toronto video that disproves there’s no flat? 

I plan on getting right on the beach soon to take another soon. 

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Update: this new link has an extra hour or so. In it, Chris questions my intentions and role in this psyop. Hopefully Chris will realise I am not part of any psyop to deceive him or other 0;ballers”. 

* Show Notes: recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-903…

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14 thoughts on “HB509:Chris says flat earth is a psyop

  1. Vespadouglas

    nobody really ever mentions the anti fe psyop that is being pushed by the likes of alex jones , tim osman ,kendall , gempanda etc…….people who , each to various degrees , push the party line on subjects like 9/11 victims , space travel , evolution etc………the earth is not what we are told…….this is simple for anyone to prove to themself…..as ab has done……….the anti fe psyop is as transparent as the obvious fe psyop……..”they” want to control the discussion and lead it towards a simple helio/geo arguement whilst completely ignoring the fact that what “they”tell us we live on, cannot possibly be

    1. due2romney

      Never the less Vesperdouglas without 9/11 and space travel being exposed as the sham it is millions of people would be still be sound asleep and busting the Evolution THEORY shines a light on their manipulation of the alleged herd as for the flat erff psyOp that seems to have ensnared the weak minded who only have one fact..we see no curvature therefore the earth is flat lols…me thinks if you could climb a mountain and see curvature you would get more than a little Vertigo…as for me i examined their extravagant claims and found them to be False would mention just two facts The sun rises in the East and sets in the west..Time Distance and speed in any aircraft proves a sphere and there never will be a flat earth model to refute that fact no matter how outrageous their wild speculations become everything from azimuthal to alien domes lights in the sky and ice walls LMFAO…but that is what the whole idea of the flat earth psyOp was to have intelligent people arguing with alleged idiots(well paid idiots) and it worked for a while but even now some of the flat earthers that I know elsewhere are just exposing the hoaxes and the hoaxers the NWO or One World Government that controls the whole planet…you have a good day…

  2. due2romney

    Watermanchris quite simply your logical fallacy is this if i go and find the Meteorite it is there(possibly) if i do not it missed the earth…there is no other logical conclusion that can be drawn and that makes you part of the flat erf psyOp with your lights in the sky and I don’t knows…

  3. willard

    “The definition of the alternatives is the supreme instrument of power.”


    Chris digs the hole deeper.

    Either the earth is a spinning ball as we are told or it is a flat “pizza”.

    The alternatives are defined for us.

    Chris asked Frank what in his daily life can he see that shows the earth is a curve/ flat. To me the question is “What can I see in my daily life that proves the is spinning at the rate we are told?” This can be answered through direct observation.

    Ask military and commercial pilots if they have to account for the rotation of the earth when navigating or landing planes. If they do not, why not?

    I asked both military and commecial.

    I was told no. You do not account for the rotation of the earth. No explanation provided.

    All Chris has to do is call a pilot school or aeronautics professor and ask. Simple.

    This is the Achilles heel in the whole subject. Is the earth rotating as we are told or not?
    And if it is not rotating?

    “We know accuratley only when we know little, with knowledge doubt increases.”

    Wolfgang Goethe


    I do not think Chris is being sincere regarding his regret at people thinking he is a flat earther.


    1. Justsayin Dude

      So I’ve just finished chewing through the audios, including this and the follow ups.

      For me, over all, really sad. A sad day for argumentation. I love Chris, love the way he thinks, and he is very skillful at dismantling unsound argumentation. If he wanted to dismantle his own arguments, he would have plenty to go on.

      At 4h19m Chris saying he is increasingly suspicious Ab is an agent. Well, like I said, sad for me. The laugh fest afterwards. Not fun. I could see some of Chris’s points, but over all, disappointing.

      I don’t buy the spinning ball model, in fact I consider it to be easily, and extensively falsified. But I also don’t buy the pizza dish/ice wall model. I am familiar with the research that Lyn sited, and agree that they have made some excellent points, and destroyed the pizza dish/AE/Gleesons forgery model Equatorial sundials alone disprove the pizza dish.

      So saddest of all was hearing Chris yet again, tear to shreds a straw man model. The pizza dish is there to be ridiculed and disproven. The straw man is built to be burnt to the ground. The “southern flights don’t exist” was always there to make FE look tinfoil hat.

      The “FE movement” is a psyop. It’s supposed to be. That does not mean the earth is a spinning ball. It does not mean the earth is not flat. Nor does it mean it is.

      On the other hand, if we can’t find the correct amount of curve, the standard model is wrong. If the earth is not spinning, the standard model is utterly falsified.

      I took these pics 27th April, 80X zoom. It is the Santiago Sydney flight. I have seen it go over my head hundreds of times in my life. The whole argument between Jeran and Chris was a red herring, that came out of a psyop. Jeran has had all this pointed out to him numerous times.

      I still appreciate Chris, he’s a great guy. I am sad he has shut down his thinking in this area. I know my opinion won’t matter to him, that’s cool.

      I’ve seen these flights heaps of times. Never made me think we lived on a ball though.

  4. UNreal

    Chris apparently has lost his motivation – that is understandable. The sad thing is that he brought it onto himself. Frank and Lynn make sense – just like Chris used to.

    Somehow it all feels like a set up where Chris Kendall already has his exit from the alternative scene worked out by bringing back the Flat Earth question (where he went from being skeptic himself to fighting the skeptics), probably somewhat similar to the Marcus Allen and John Adams wind-down. A preplanned exit through a prerecorded call and its predictable drama.

    Never thought i wouldn’t care if Chris continued his broadcast or not – now tuning out from Hoax Buster and I strangely don’t care.

  5. smj

    chris doesn’t have to buy a telescope to find the curve. alfred russell wallace found the curve on the old bedford river; he put those silly flat-earthers in check. they should’ve known better than to mess with the co-founder of evolution by natural selection…


    …i can’t see the curve; but then again i’m no psientist. i can’t see einsteins’s famous curvature either by the way.

    the great alchemist, newton, proved we’re standing on an oblate spheroid with his gravity and some spin…

    “In 1687 Isaac Newton published the Principia in which he included a proof that a rotating self-gravitating fluid body in equilibrium takes the form of an oblate ellipsoid of revolution (a spheroid). The amount of flattening depends on the densityand the balance of gravitational force and centrifugal force.”

      1. smj

        “Charles Lyell and Joseph Dalton Hooker arranged for both Darwin’s and Wallace’s theories to be presented to a meeting of the Linnaean Society in 1858. Darwin had been working on a major book on evolution and used that to develop On the Origins of Species, which was published in 1859. Wallace, on the other hand, continued his travels and focused his study on the importance of biogeography.
        The book was not only a best seller but also one of the most influential scientific books of all time. Yet it took time for its full argument to take hold. Within a few decades, most scientists accepted that evolution and the descent of species from common ancestors were real. But natural selection had a harder time finding acceptance. In the late 1800s many scientists who called themselves Darwinists actually preferred a Lamarckian explanation for the way life changed over time. It would take the discovery of genes and mutations in the twentieth century to make natural selection not just attractive as an explanation, but unavoidable.”


        …mutations were proved by a narrative device named hermann muller…

        “In 1914, Julian Huxley offered Muller a position at the recently founded William Marsh Rice Institute, now Rice University; he hurried to complete his Ph.D. degree and moved to Houston for the beginning of the 1915-1916 academic year (his degree was issued in 1916). At Rice, Muller taught biology and continued Drosophila lab work. In 1918, he proposed an explanation for the dramatic discontinuous alterations in Oenothera larmarckiana that were the basis of Hugo de Vries’s theory of mutationism: “balanced lethals” allowed the accumulation of recessive mutations, and rare crossing over events resulted in the sudden expression of these hidden traits. In other words, de Vries’s experiments were explainable by the Mendelian-chromosome theory. Muller’s work was increasingly focused on mutation rate and lethal mutations. In 1918, Morgan—short-handed because many of his students and assistants were drafted for the U.S. entry into World War I—convinced Muller to return to Columbia to teach and to expand his experimental program.”

        …he did so in an alchemical screed called ‘the artificial transmutation of the gene’.


        …the hustle’s so fuckin’ deep…

        “The Nobel Prize, in the wake of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, focused public attention on a subject Muller had been publicizing for two decades: the dangers of radiation. In 1952, nuclear fallout became a public issue; since Operation Crossroads, more and more evidence had been leaking out about radiation sickness and death caused by nuclear testing, and Muller was one of the foremost experts. Muller—and many other scientists—pursued an array of political activities to defuse the threat of nuclear war. With the Castle Bravo fallout controversy in 1954, the issue became even more urgent. In 1955 Muller was one of eleven prominent intellectuals to sign the Russell-Einstein Manifesto, the upshot of which was the first Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs in 1957, which addressed the control of nuclear weapons. He was a signatory (with many other scientists) of the 1958 petition to the United Nations, calling for an end to nuclear weapons testing, which was initiated by the Nobel Prize-winning chemist Linus Pauling.
        He was awarded the Linnean Society of London’s prestigious Darwin-Wallace Medal in 1958 and the Kimber Genetics Award of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences in 1955. He served as president of the American Humanist Association from 1956 to 1958. The American Mathematical Society selected him as its Gibbs Lecturer for 1958.”

          1. smj

            and gregor(y) bateson’s old man, william bateson, taught all you gullible apes out there to say ‘genetics’…


            …billy bateson would get caught up in a false dialectic with darwin just as old alfred russell wallace had done. somebody’s gotta drive the silly fucking narrative…

            “These and other early discoveries of genetics are often framed relative to a controversy between, on the one hand, early geneticists— the “Mendelians”— including William Bateson, Wilhelm Johannsen, Hugo de Vries, Thomas Hunt Morgan, and Reginald Punnett, who advocated Mendelism and mutation, and were understood as opponents of Darwin’s original view, and the biometricians and their allies, who opposed Mendelism and were more faithful to Darwin’s original vision.[15] The dispute was resolved, and the eclipse of Darwinism ended, with the rise of the “Modern Synthesis” or modern neo-Darwinism from 1930 to 1950.”

            here’s alfred freely posing in a masonic manner…


            …the biometricians were started by charles darwins’s cousin francis galton, he taught the gullible apes to say ‘eugenics’…


            …francis would win a darwin-wallace medal of course.

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