AC-Aussie Aurathon

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What happens when two Aussies get in a room with a verbose Canuck? Endless hours of talk.

Who? John Le Bon and Frank / Anounceofsalt

Great hangs mates!

FakeologistToday at 4:46 AM

salty support from Russian cosmoNOTS…
New scientific findings contradict conventional wisdom about how the body handles salt.


anounceofsaltperdayToday at 4:49 AM

my son sent that article to me
i enjoyed the conclusion… we gave the right advice for the wrong reasons

John le BonToday at 5:24 AM

anybody home?

FakeologistToday at 5:35 AM


Today at 5:43 AM

CF – Conspiracy Fatigue – To stop any inquiry because of the presence of disinformation is a logical fallacy the Elite incites us to make and that they have planned for us specifically. DBA (discredit by association) is an example of a fallacy that build on Conspiracy Fatigue (CF) and act to end even the most resilient researchers quest: CF is a graveyard of independent thought. And we might all have smelt the seducing perfume of resting within our own conspiracy comfort zones – only we forget this is not how we got to where we are in the first place. –…

ZalToday at 5:44 AM

fair point, probably a real thing
but it should also not be confused with bat shit crazy
when a things is just that

UNrealToday at 5:48 AM

There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact. – Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)

ZalToday at 5:52 AM

lets take an example in then, the idea of it is sound in my head, but when people reject the entire idea its CF

UNrealToday at 5:52 AM

False premise fallacy : A known agent being the base of the artificial argument : Max Gain’s (Igan) ridiciculous Q27 flight ‘documentary’(edited)

ZalToday at 5:52 AM

bat shit crazy on the other hand is the extents its taken
like bill hicks being a transgender women that is also alex jones

UNrealToday at 5:56 AM

What you describe sound like 0;tranny fatigue” – and it is very efficient. It also work on me – however, when you look at obvious cases like Brooke Shields or Anjelica Huston it soon become clear there is a ‘there there’ as Zayin Crowley fan Crrow777 say

ZalToday at 5:58 AM

the only obvious case to me is the tennis sisters
but if you can provide non ambigious evidence ill look ofcourse

UNrealToday at 5:59 AM

False premise fallacy : A false premise is an incorrect proposition that forms the basis of an argument or syllogism. Since the premise (proposition, or assumption) is not correct, the conclusion drawn may be in error. – >on the topic of Jeran & Chris who evidently agreed on basing their argument on a false premise provided by Max Igan –…(edited)

ZalToday at 6:00 AM

just remember by the hand test
im myself a tranny
(which im not, the test is obviously BS)
though maybe you should build a library or something of us normal fakologists
on the EGI forums
see how many fit or doesnt fit “theire” gender
and refine the tranny algorithm as it were

UNrealToday at 6:05 AM

There are a number of quite striking cases – but it is individual as to which person absolutely nail it. In my case it was Melania Trump but you seem to still await the case that convince you personally. Fair thing.(edited)

ZalToday at 6:06 AM

ye guess im on the fence till i get the smoking gun
always interesting to debate what is evidedence though
not only in egi, but in most conspiracies, what consitutes evidence is very individual

UNrealToday at 6:09 AM

The sad fact is that what we need as proof (DNA, Scientific papers) is also a matter of debate. No evidence will be convincing to someone really skeptic or with a confirmation bias.

ZalToday at 6:09 AM

yep, what is undeniable evidence these days?
i guess you must actually catch them in the act
in EGI’s case, if you could show me melanias penis, that would go a long way

UNrealToday at 6:11 AM

unfortunately – there is none in my opinion. A one finger print is as reliable as digit ratio’s. And as you point out, digit ratios are accurate in 90% (+) but not 100% – your digit rate well emphasize this situation

ZalToday at 6:12 AM

in fake space case, catching failing, havnt done it though
maybe its also race related unreal
is the digit thing more unaqurate in scandinavia or am i just wierd?

UNrealToday at 6:14 AM

Terry Richardson use quite realistic prosthetics that can fool even the most skeptical mind – sorry for the graphic image – imo this is fake genitalia (as they admit to using in some or many adult movies)

ZalToday at 6:14 AM

fair point , maybe they can even obfuscate that to not be evidence

UNrealToday at 6:15 AM

Here is Terry’s wife when pregnant – more prosthetics

ZalToday at 6:17 AM

i like how they dont half ass it
like they dont fake a small penis
or small tummy¨
though im not sold on the tummy it stands to reason the rest of her should look fatter

UNrealToday at 6:18 AM

@John le Bon i’m not able to join live audio right now – i’m unfortunately of the view both Jeran and Chris made a fallacious debate based on a false premise fallacy – Jeran didn’t win, but Chris lost. At least he lost my faith in him as an honest, logical researcher when avoiding to examine the evidence that was the base for the discussion. Max Igan has been debunked long time ago, and the only question is why did they pay him to do that video – if you can spend the time. I don’t think it’s worth it as Frank well pointed out.(edited)

ZalToday at 6:18 AM

im not an expert so i shall refrain from saying more
the penis does look fake though
pretty pointy

John le BonToday at 6:19 AM

that penis looks fake to me
but what would i know?
i claim to be a male so i must be a female, right?

ZalToday at 6:21 AM

ill go listen to that jeran chris thing people talk about, sounds like a good listen

UNrealToday at 6:25 AM

Yes – i think Terry Richardson is a master deceiver and that he make proficient use of prosthetics. Past partners include many adult movie stars like Vanessa Del Rio –…
Then: Hailing from Harlem, del Rio quit her job as a computer programmer in 1974 to do porn because “they were paying $150 a day, exactly half my rent,” she once told “Vibe.” She initially left the industry in 1986 at the height of the crisis. Now: Del Rio came out of retirement in the late 1980s. She has since made cameos on “NYPD Blue” and the video for the Junior M.A.F.I.A. “Get Money.”

— What is food isn’t all it’s made out to be ? It might be more important NOT to eat, than eating. When we look at long life spans there is no satisfactory answer as to what regimen made them healthy. It seems all type of food can make you enjoy life for a long time – even smoking and drinking to the sun sets. – many ‘healthy’ vegans and other ‘diet-stars’ are really suspect of being EGI and thus secretly on hormones,,,…(edited)

ZalToday at 6:46 AM

breatharian life for me then

UNrealToday at 6:47 AM

lol – i guess fasting regularly might be more to the point – only air and sunlight might be a little harsh

ZalToday at 6:48 AM

that is actually theire view though
that food is an addiction
like meth
and we are all junkies
and starvation isnt what kills you, its withdrawals

UNrealToday at 6:48 AM

well – when you switch off gluten or cheese – that seems very real,,,

ZalToday at 6:49 AM

ye i cant make up my mind i belive them or not
certainly a interesting idea

anounceofsaltperdayToday at 6:49 AM

ZalToday at 6:50 AM

maybe we need a food skeptic room

UNrealToday at 6:50 AM

at least doctors warn against drinking too much water,,, thirst is an inate sense where the body know best – not the bottled water company
and @anounceofsaltperday wouldn’t too much water make digestion worse (acid-wise) ?(edited)

anounceofsaltperdayToday at 6:54 AM

water without salt is toxic

ZalToday at 6:54 AM

is this why jones is pushing distilling?

anounceofsaltperdayToday at 6:57 AM

i will be back

anounceofsaltperdayToday at 7:02 AM

i am back

UNrealToday at 7:07 AM

@John le Bon “It’s Not What You Say, It’s What People Hear”
@anounceofsaltperday : you do censor yourself somewhat insomuch as you intentionally emphasize conviction in areas of unknowingness and opinion such as “doubles” – socially we all try to back down when our argument is counterproductive – it is logic. Your insistance on DG is excentric and illogical – Apart from the DG automutilation you endulge in, you are one heck of a Fakeologist and the opposite of love is ignorance, not hate (/as Ab so well put it). And the Fakeologist community do no ignore you, quite the contrary,,,(edited)

anounceofsaltperdayToday at 7:25 AM

whaaaaat!!!!!! moi?

UNrealToday at 7:26 AM

toi !(edited)

typoerrorToday at 8:01 AM

vote vote for frank t e salt

UNrealToday at 8:02 AM

Frank might be stopped by lack of a body double ?

typoerrorToday at 8:03 AM

Fran is Mel gibson?
link JLB
to video
sorry frank
tina turner?
wear a beard
a close shave

UNrealToday at 8:28 AM

It is troublesome that ‘transkeptics’ never seem to pay attention to what is theorized in the EGI thread on – Elite Gender Inversion as a term was coined in order to better analyze and understand the transgender charecteristics we now can identify in society and escape obvious contrivances and derogatory language of ‘trannyhunting’ that many YouTuber’s seem to engage in. – There is definate confirmation bias in the exemples used against the presence of secretely transgendered celebrities – Fakeologist EGI Forum Thread (11 pages and some 200+ posts)…(edited)

FakeologistToday at 9:12 AM

Thanks for the chat @John le Bon and @anounceofsaltperday great hangs


John le BonToday at 9:30 AM

AbyzToday at 10:14 AM

Where do I listen to these livestream audios @Fakeologist ?
Nm I got it

UNrealToday at 10:25 AM

livestream audio play on what Ab label “Radio 3” – it is a web flash audioplayer (work in the browser) – Link for Radio 3 webpage (player require flash to work)…(edited)

AbyzToday at 11:09 AM

Got it! Thnx @UNreal
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