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HBC514-9/11 and Flat earth 

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Lynn makes some good points regarding 9/11 starting around 45:00.

Our acceleration in adaptability to change makes the new and unexpected quickly appear familiar and habitual. So we soon forget the past- an ominous fact at this time, when a thousand crazy novelties press for adoption and the steadying tradition of the past restrains nobody. – William Roscoe Thayer , Historian-1921, Mystic Chords of Memory book by Michael Kammen, Henry Ford, History is Bunk, Science and Progress, Fat Earth Theory, 9/11, No Planes Theory, Sputnik, Cosmonauts, NASA, The Cold War,

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Ariana Grande Manchester 5/22 bomb hoax

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The usual sleuths have their reports in before dawn here in North America. Good work men!

5/30:Edit:fix date thanks JLB 

Cluesforum thread


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