Ariana Grande Manchester 5/22 bomb hoax

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The usual sleuths have their reports in before dawn here in North America. Good work men!

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48 thoughts on “Ariana Grande Manchester 5/22 bomb hoax

  1. xileffilex

    I’ve always had some reservations about Richard D Hall- anyway, here’s his recent lecture on the Manchester Aria Grande hoax bombing based on the meticulous research of UK Critical Thinker [Youtube and 153news] Towards the end there are some realistic suggestions about selection of vicsims although he muddies the water by suggesting that a few might have been bumped off [suuuuure]
    Well worth a watch, a rare analysis of a staged HRDPAR when NDNGH, a video which could be made for any staged event if someone spared the time and effort as UKCT has for his own personal, local, obsession.…

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Yes, Richard D Hall has to be seen as a spook front for the UK, surely ? I was certainly interested 2006 -2010/11ish. visiting and soaking up my Nick Kollerstrom(sp?) and Andrew johnson a lot, but, yes kids, this is spook T.V, whatever else you want to take from it. I even had Rich Hall on a Sky Television Channel back in the later noughties.

      Richplanet always did seem a bit too coincidentally, another ‘planet’ after Alex Jones” planet. A questionable transatlantic duality with these higher profile, niche ‘access TV’ alternatives.
      I like a bit of Richard D Hall, though, I grew up ‘ in my studies’ watching
      that stuff. Found my way to Sept Clues and Clues forum, from that show… It’ll be interesting to look at that again Felix and thanks for the link back to the thread. There was never a dedicated forum thread ; glad to remember this at least this provides a record of a quite significant English Operation.

  2. xileffilex

    Further hoax management 2019 following the ‘death’ of Martyn Hett
    ‘Martyn’s Law’ – championed by his mother Figen Murray ** – would see increased and mandatory security measures at all large public venues, including obligatory metal detectors and bag searches….
    the campaign was backed by mayor Andy Burnham, who called on the government to convene a ‘national review’ of security at all major sporting and entertainment event venues.

    source, Manchester Evening News April 18 2019

    Job creation for the security industry [cf airports]
    ** The mum-of-five, who has toured schools and colleges talking to youngsters about the power of peace after the atrocity, will start the year-long postgraduate course in counter-terro
    Source, Manchester Evening News, March 28 2019
    As noted elsewhere, Dan Hett, brother, is a key activist in the intel-controlled “Survivors against Terror” hoax management movement.

    Martyn’s boyfriend was also busy keeping the story alive in the MSM in December 2018……

    Shamless, and obvious telegraphing on behalf of Martyn –……
    tweet timed 9.37 pm 3/22 from Manchester.
    Script perfect #NDNGH

    4.32 pm 3/22…

    Off to America 3/19 Yes, indeed. So obvious to us here.…

    A lifetime job now…

      1. xileffilex

        Indeed. In the words of Dan “Survivors or Terror” Hett **, describing Martyn at the time…
        Dan Hett @danhett
        he would, I think it’s safe to say, be fucking loving this.

        12:57 pm – 24 May 2017 -[BST]

        ** who has now just joined the Green PArty!

  3. xileffilex

    September 26 2018 – Hoax management…

    Clara Malagon had been on duty on the night of the 2017 terror attack which claimed 22 lives and witnessed first-hand horrific injuries sustained by the young victims.

    Operative words – newly qualified.
    History of mental health problems [alleged]
    She was a keen rower and enjoyed cycling running and walking and also played the viola and took up ballet and flamenco dancing.
    Wow, wonder woman.
    The 22-year-old successfully underwent counselling and had a detailed debrief about the bombing with senior doctors.
    [or senior MI5 officers, more likely]

    But in July last year, Miss Malagon was found hanged on the balcony of her first-floor apartment in Manchester city centre. It is not known why she killed herself.
    Her Spanish father Dr Ignacio Malagon wept as he told the hearing how his daughter had seen the young victims with devastating injuries.

    suuuuure she had
    Miss Malagon’s flatmate Grace Callaghan told the inquest how she found her friend on her return home from work… Recording a conclusion of suicide, Coroner Andrew Bridgman said: ‘She was on medication for around six to seven months, to which she came off it and appeared to be fine.
    ‘However this resurfaces towards mid June 2017 – three to four weeks following the Manchester Arena tragedy when she was on duty.

    We’ll never know , another black box ringfenced by safe pairs of hands.
    JustGiving? Check…
    Obituary in the Guardian> Really? Yes!…
    Clara Malagon Gonzalez
    Clara was born in Twickenham, south-west London, to Spanish parents, Maria Gonzalez, a maths teacher, and Ignacio Malagon ***, a consultant anaesthetist. However, with the exception of a happy year in Vancouver and some time in the Netherlands, she spent most of her childhood in Madrid, where, after her parents split up when she was four, she lived with her mother and her younger brother, Elias.

    She attended the British Council school in Madrid, and as a child had a full life: as well as being a keen scout, she played the viola, took up ballet and flamenco dancing, and practised karate and rowing.
    In 2013 she moved back to the UK to begin a degree in nursing at the University of Manchester

    Another anywhere person, citizen of the globe.
    Birth registiered as Clara Robin Malagon…

    Date of recorded death July 31 2017
    Date of probate [administration] October 12 2017.
    Very rapid.
    If she committed suicide, as decided at the Inqust, that’s sad, but we can’t confirm it.. But that anyone died or was injured in the Manchester Arena is a a total fiction. #NDNGH

    *** at the Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester which was complicit in this #HRDPAR
    e.g. Lorraine Hulme, a ward sister at Wythenshawe Hospital who was on duty on the night of the tragedy, said: “I feel extremely proud to be part of such an outstanding team and I know the same can be said for all hospitals and their staff involved across the region.”

    A man has reportedly discharged himself from hospital to help ensure there are enough beds for the victims of the Manchester terror attack.

    David Priestman, 35, was in Wythenshawe Hospital with kidney problems when he heard the news of the attack.

    Immediately, taking to Facebook he said he would “give my bed at Wythenshawe Hopsital to somebody if it’s needed” adding that he was not important but the injured and wounded were.


    And the familiar scripted “narrative” facebook post which type frequently accompanies a hoax for the MSM to pick up, posted the next day, May 23 2017…
    As usual, the facebook page is converted [by whom?] to “remembering. Clara….]

    1. xileffilex

      The facebook narrative…It shouldn’t take a horrific incident like this to make us realise how much our NHS is worth, and I would have never expected for my 5th night shift in a row to be anything like it was. Cheers and thank you to all the A&E staff, special mention to the best flatmate, nurse and friend i could ask for Grace O’Callaghan, ** Critical Care, medical, nursing, security and all other staff involved in this tragic event. I really hope this clears any doubts of who to vote for in the upcoming election to save our NHS. ** Our hearts are with all of those innocent lives lost, injured and their loved ones. We love you and your people Manchester
      ** a theme which also emerged at the 3/22 Westminster Bridge hoax, q.v.
      ** who neatly popped into the inquest to say she had found the body, allegedly.
      But on the Left here…

  4. xileffilex

    Further hoax management
    A digtal archive of all the junk dumped at the site of this #HRDPAR has been created…
    The archive will document 10,000 objects – including soft toys, lanterns and a guitar – held at Manchester Art Gallery which were left across the city after bomb attack on 22 May 2017.
    The online collection is funded by a National Lottery grant of £99,700.

    [Council leader Sir Richard Leese] said those “expressions of solidarity” are “now part of Manchester’s rich ** history” and he was glad they will be preserved.
    All the 10,000 objects will also be kept by the city council “indefinitely”, it said.

    ** i.e. fake history

  5. xileffilex

    March 27 2018 – the Report into the hoax is published, 226 pp of hoax management bs e.g. it was fortuitous that while the fire brigade was kept away for two hours, the message to stay back didn’t percolate through to the ambulance service, i.e keep it compartmentalised, don’t have unnecessary people involved.
    Operation “Plato” ** was declared – I ask you! What a drill!
    ** a pre-arranged plan in the face of a suspected marauding armed terrorist,…

    Lord Kerslake said there had been “hundreds and thousands of acts of individual bravery” on the night


  6. xileffilex

    Update on the Roussos family…. wife and mother of Saffie is out of her “induced coma” [your hoax guaranteed] allegedly in Salford Royal Hospital…
    and they didn’t need to break the news that “Saffie’s gone” – she already guessed it.

    added that his family does “a little bit of laughing”, “a little bit of joking” and “a little bit of crying and cuddling”, which is how they “get through the day”.
    Lisa has undergone several operations in hospital after sustaining severe injuries in the explosion, which was carried out by 22-year-old terrorist Salman Abedi.
    Fortunately, she is quickly improving.

    I wonder what the balance of joking to crying is.

    Last month, close family friend Mike Swanny revealed that the mum had been taken off her life support machine and was conscious.
    The 38-year-old, who was then asked to be the family’s spokesman, also explained that Lisa was aware of her daughter Saffie’s death.
    He said at the time: “The news about Lisa being out of danger is the biggest in this since the start.
    “She was in a critical condition at first, but she came off life support on Saturday and was up and talking on Sunday.
    “She’s aware of the situation with Saffie.

    “She’s still in hospital, but she’s moving her legs, which is fantastic. Lisa’s pulling through and it’s really important people know that.

    “Ashlee is remarkably well. She went to a different hospital to her mum with wounds, but it looks like she might be out as early as Wednesday.”

    The Roussoses, who originate from Limassol in Cyprus, first lived in Southport, with their children Saffie and Zander, 10, attending Tarleton Primary School.
    When they moved later to Leyland, the children remained at the school. Headteacher Chris Upton described Saffie as “a beautiful little girl in every aspect of the word”.

    That’s a bad journey for an 8 year old. Tarleton is not even near Southport, where there ought to be schools..…

    Lancashire accented Mr Rousses is taken over the jumps by the BBC’s safe pair of hands, Victoria Derbyshire…

    She just looked at me and said ‘she’s gone isn’t she?’, and I said ‘yeah’. She goes, ‘I knew’.”
    Mrs Roussos is improving at a much quicker rate than doctors had expected
    Saffie’s brother Xander Roussos, 11, said it is “quite hard to cope with”, adding there are “times when you’re sad and times when you’re happy”.

    Who’s this “appointed” spokesman “Mike Swanny”? No such person exists with that name. It’s actually Swanson.….
    No clues on this and other pages….

    address in Penrith Cumbria…

    and here’s an interesting twist….. his Mike’s partner in the computer business in Leyland……
    stole hundreds of pounds from disabled people he was supposed to protect, a court heard.

    A ‘deceitful and dishonest’ charity boss stole hundreds of pounds from disabled people he was supposed to protect, a court heard.

    Derek Mark Simpson, 43, abused his positions at Heywood-based charity Linkability and Buddy Rochdale Community Interest Company to fiddle almost £2,500 after falling into debt.
    But he avoided prison
    after Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court heard Simpson had suffered aggressive bowel cancer and got into financial difficulties after taking out a payday loan to cover childcare costs.
    Assistant director Simpson, who worked for Hind Hill Street-based Linkability from 2004, managed the finances of the charity’s service users, many of whom had learning difficulties.
    From January to March, 2013, Simpson, of Alice Avenue, Leyland, Lancashire, stole £1,600 from three people, while writing cheques from their accounts to pay for bills.

    The court heard the £40,000 a year assistant director would typically write out a cheque for double the amount due and pocket the difference.
    [2013 report]
    The SOS Computing business was set up in December 2014.…

    Tessa Scott Swanson 1 July 2017
    Carmen Ormesher ??
    1 July at 09:46
    Mike Swanny Sexy xx
    1 · 1 July at 13:40

    Carmen seems to live with Derek…

  7. Terran Downvale

    Going along with the Ariana rabbit theme, a white rabbit made an appearance at the car attack in Times Square just four days before the Manchester event.

    While the authorities assure us the Times Square attack was not terror-related, take a look at the “caption” below the white rabbit: 1515 BROADWAY or ISIS BROADWAY (it’s all a show). Credit to Brian Hill for that find whose video is no longer listed for some reason.

    The idea that ISIS attacks are just a “Broadway show” is echoed at 0:25 in this “aftermath” footage:…

    Take a look at the sign in the background: WE ARE ENTERTAINMENT. The announcer even says “Attention please” when the camera lingers on the sign, lol.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Yes, saw that Terran. Follow the bunny!

      I had a stray bit of conjecture I thought I’d throw in.
      The I Love MCR design has been everywhere in the media. On looking at it I had that funny feeling there might be a little hidden message in there.
      This is merely casual speculation, but when I thought of MCR in the simplest form of gematria,
      I neatly got 13 – 3 – 18 – a date for a psyOp next year perhaps?
      Just perhaps, but it might be a sneaky tie-in.

      Because we all love MCR !

      1. Terran Downvale

        Very well could be some kind of reference, Tom. It’s difficult to even imagine what the world will be like by March 13, 2018. The fakery in these events is getting so transparent, I feel like we’re reaching some kind of tipping point. But then I’ve have had that same feeling for the past couple of years, so maybe not.

        But speaking of Manchester slogans and bunnies, I just slipped down a mini rabbit hole inspired by your comment. Someone else pointed out that the WE ARE ENTERTAINMENT sign also includes the hashtag #WeAreManchester. It can’t be seen in the poor quality video but you can make it out in the attached photo below.

        I guess this hashtag has been around for quite a while, but how convenient that it shows up “at the scene of the crime” only to be used in reference to the event later. Perhaps its secret original purpose from the get-go? Here’s a sampling of the tweets:…

        Scrolling through these, I noticed this one from May 3rd referring to some mysterious tragedy:…

        It seems to be about this drive-by shooting from a motorbike at the Living Room bar in Manchester:…

        Well, take a look at the music video for Ariana Grande’s song “Into You” from her Dangerous Woman album, uploaded almost exactly a year before the attack on May 23, 2016:…

        It features a motorcycle and some model playing her bodyguard/boyfriend. While not in the video itself, a remix of the song features a rap by Ariana’s real-life boyfriend Mac Miller containing this line:

        I just want to get into you
        Right here in the living room

        The Manchester Arena attack has apparently brought the couple closer together:…

        I dunno, when I see the name “Mac Miller,” in addition to the MM, I see an MCR in there. I Love MCR? Just a couple months before the Manchester attack, there was this story that made the rounds specifically pointing out how Ariana “loved Mac Miller” long before they dated:…

        A possible subliminal? Perhaps I’m getting a little carried away with the connections but you never know with those silly culture creators!

  8. xileffilex

    Thanks to a video from JoneSsenoJ who did some excellent liar-witness analysis following the Westminster Parliament hoax, we can identify an insidious driver for the pushing of the latest Manchester incident in the classroom, with minutes silences etc etc
    Coincidentally, their initials are PSHEA…

    Though we advise following a planned programme, in instances like this PSHE or Citizenship lessons can provide the space and opportunity for discussions that provide timely support for pupils at a difficult and sensitive time, in which case we hope the following guidance will help you:

    Secondary: our framework for discussing terrorist attacks is more suited to secondary aged pupils
    Primary: see our guidance discussing a terrorist attack with children in the primary phases.
    This guidance is not intended as a script or lesson plan, but to help teachers answer questions, structure discussion and, if appropriate, extend children’s learning and understanding. Teachers should pick out what they feel is relevant for the nature and circumstances of an event, the age and readiness of the children, and their whole-school ethos and values.

    Our thoughts are with everyone affected in any way by yesterday’s tragic incident and thank you for the work you continue to do to support children and young people in difficult times.

    Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education is a school subject through which pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to manage their lives, now and in the future.

    These skills and attributes help pupils to stay healthy, safe and prepare them for life and work in modern Britain.

    What ‘s the latest vicsim news? Note the “off-duty policewan Elaine McIver 43 with “partner Paul” was at the concert [more suitable for under 18s’ musical tastes] who allegedly died there.

    Eilidh McLeod [14,] from Barra, Outer Hebrides is reported to have died, having been off-piste for 2 days. Her Outer Hebridean friend , a year older, is said to have turned up in a hospital 20 hours later [!]
    And Saffie Rose’ s mom, apparently, Lisa F Roussou, aged 48?
    London Evening Standard, Wednesday May 24 –

    Her mother and sister [half sister, actually] are understood to have undergone emergency surgery in hospital. Her mother is understood not to know her daughter has died.

    source –…

    London Evening Standard, Thursday May 25

    Family friend Salman Patel said Saffie’s mother is currently in a coma in hospital and has no idea her daughter is dead.
    He said: “Saffie’s sadly passed away and her mother, we understand, isn’t aware. I am praying for the family, it is totally heartbreaking.

    Mr Patel is reported elsewhere to be a post office clerk. “I know the family really well and have known Saffie since she was a toddler. She was always coming into the Post Office.'”
    sources –……

    The coma, or induced coma is standard practice to allow a vicsim to disappear from the radar for a while, perhaps go on holiday or have new identity prepared.

    Some fascinating family relationships,involving stepfathers dying with a stepdaughter [ Courtney Boyle 19 with Philip Tron on l3 years older than her] leaving behind mother Deborah Hutchinson and boyfriend Callum Maundrill

    Wendy Fawell 50 [with injured friend Caroline Osborne from Otley near Leeds, leaving behind a teenage daughter, unnamed…. Michelle Kiss [45 from Clitheroe lefta 12 year old daughter Millie… I think this needs a separate thread. These people cannot be sloppily brushed aside as fake identities. Kearnsey is back in business, btw,

    Manchester “Terror” Attack – Firemen ORDERED To Stand Down By Bosses

    Keep it compartmentalised, you don’t want “too many people involved”

    1. xileffilex

      The McLeod story is total BS, as indeed are all the others. Remember, at 7.00 hrs the next morning [May 23] 22 people were confirmed dead according to the script.
      source – Greater Manchester Police…
      All 22 have now been named, yet we are expected to believe that 21 hours after the incident

      Missing Scottish teenager Laura MacIntyre has been found, and is being treated for serious injuries in a Manchester hospital.
      Laura, from Barra, was reported missing after the terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert last night, sparking fears for her safety.
      However, she has been located in a hospital and is reportedly being treated for bad burns.
      Laura’s family friend and SNP candidate Angus MacNeil confirmed the 15-year-old’s whereabouts as concern grew.

      Her friend Eilidh MacLeod, 14, is however still missing.

      source –…
      well well well, a Scottish Nationalist candidate is family friend. Small world.
      I think that the “death” of Eilidh was “confirmed” by her parents on the morning of May 25.

      Sorrell Leczkowski, 14, of Leeds – “confirmed dead” – wanted to go to Columbia University in New York to be an architect…….really!!

      The long-awaited football connection – Jane Tweddle-Taylor, 51, of Blackpool, wife of ex-Hartlepool United player Mark Taylor “died” while “waiting for a friend’s daughter”. Really!

      From the London Evening Standard, Thursday May 25 2017

      This paper, like others,
      knew almost immediately the name of the Manchester suicide bomber but heeded the police request not to publish it for 36 hours while they tracked down his potential accomplices.

      So, we are to believe that girls with one assumes travel cards, mobile phones,and other pieces of identification, go missing in hospitals for days on end, whiereas someone who allegedly [but of course it’s fake] blew themselves to bits, with raw meat and blood scattered to all points of the compass [but without any confirming imagery] was identified immediately? What absolute nonsense.

      1. xileffilex

        For the record….…

        Abedi was apparently identified by a bank card found in his pocket at the scene of the explosion, with his name then confirmed by facial recognition technology.

        That would be almost immediately…

        A variation on the “passport found” theme.

        Compare – CBS news…
        “nearly 24 hours after the suicide bomber struck AS MANY AS 15 PEOPLE ARE STILL REPORTEDLY MISSING ” … scattered across… as many as eight hospitals…. Most or all of these 15 were later declared “dead”. So,according to the narrative, for 24 hours, 15 people were unidentified in hospitals….

  9. Tom Dalpra

    Post Nice Op last Summer I pointed to a pink rabbit that was framed conspicuously in post-op media.
    Pink had done a version of White Rabbit, at the time.
    I suggested the rabbit was used classically in hypnosis as something to ”follow”.
    I talked about it here –…

    and made this low-fi youtube.

    It looks like , ”follow the rabbit” kids.
    In analysing the photos coming out of Nice on that forum thread I identified ” pink and black rabbit is bad, pink and white rabbit is good!” as being a thought put in our minds.
    I mighta had a point.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Looking back – excuse the pun – Ariana’s ‘viral’ emblem is even , I think, alluded to in the dress of the girl in the foreground.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      The Ariana emblem has a little detail on it. I see a 7 and possibly one ‘in-mirror’. I don’t know but would certainly expect the ”devil in the detail” there.
      Oh, and yes, (G=7 of course ) doesn’t it kinda look like a ‘designed-for -teenage-girls version of the Masonic symbol.?

            1. Justsayin Dude

              And this. I mentioned to Ab way back when, that every single police car I drive past in NZ, has that Silver ribbon on it’s rear small triangular window (near the B pillar) – seriously.

              I mean for real, how many deaths occurred world wide from bee stings at the same time – way more than Orlando. Yet we pay for our cop cars to sport signage for a fake incident on the other side of the world – yep, we play our part.

              Seen here, rear window (just outside our earthquake smashed Cathedral in Christchurch – yes it did really happen guys 🙂 )

              Sorry if the image is blurry, I had to blow it up so you could spot the ribbon.

              1. Tom Dalpra

                Just as I read your comments ‘Dude a new CCTV image of London ‘,bomber’ Abedi was shown on TV. It’s probably just his zipper but I couldn’t help seeing ‘your’ silver ribbon.

                A detail that’s perhaps worth adding from 22nd is the death of James Bond. On that day of news coverage totally dominated by the news of the big terror attack, there was one other story attached. Roger Moore, was dead.
                It struck me immediately as a possible device of the PsyOp. James Bond dead, on that day. UNICEF man Moore, may have really died and the announcement timed for effect, but I have to think the 89 year old may still be knocking about somewhere, his last acting role, play dead.

                1. Justsayin Dude

                  Boomshakalaka – I don’t know much about magic, astrology, runes etc. but can’t help but wonder if this symbol, the ribbon shape that is, signifies something within that occultic realm. Will look into it.

                  1. Justsayin Dude

                    Hmmm, after listening to Crrow777 lately about worldwide alchemy, should have clicked a bit faster really. Maybe Mercury inverted??

                    1. Justsayin Dude

                      Sorry about the multiple posts, can’t upload more than one photo at a time

  10. Tom Dalpra

    Released just at the end of last year, 16 December 2016, this Casey Affleck film has received some acclaim. Manchester By the Sea.

    ”Heart breaking” reads the promo.
    An interesting and quite subtle connection to Manchester United FC is that the film contains a sporting ( table tennis player ) character called Tommy Docherty. Tommy Docherty is the name of a quite famous former Manchester United manager.
    These things of course, are no coincidence.…

  11. xileffilex

    The usual trickling out of vicsim stories…

    This one takes the biscuit [some seemingly improbable heroics thrown in for good measure]

    Kelly Brewster, 32, from Sheffield, died while shielding her niece from the blast, her family said.
    Her uncle, Paul Dryhurst, said Ms Brewster had “heroically shielded” her 11-year-old niece from the explosion in the foyer after becoming separated from her sister at the end of the performance.
    Her partner Ian Winslow wrote on Facebook: “Not sure how this works but it isn’t good news.
    “Kelly Brewster wasn’t one of the unidentified hospital patients. She has sadly passed away in the terror attack.”
    He added: “Kelly really was the happiest she has ever been and we had so many things planned together. My daughter Phoebe will be absolutely devastated like we all are.”

    But what’s this?…

    Charlotte Alice Hoyland
    Yesterday near Sheffield · 13:26 May 23 2017

    Please keep Sharing Kelly Brewster has still not been located. This picture was taken just yesterday afternoon. She was last seen near the train station exit and was injured.

    She wasn’t one of the alleged hospital patients,so just dead in the foyer, and nobody noticed. Right.

    Sheffield Online
    Like This Page · 23 hrs ·



    Missing Sheffield woman Kelly Brewster has been found but it’s unfortunate news as her family confirm she is no longer with us as she loses her life in the Manchester attacks last night. ….…?
    So where was she “found”? What garbage.

    Ian Winslow was previously located at the same address as Jenna Bilby in Sheffield S26……

    Jenna Bilby shared Sheffield Online’s photo.
    14 hrs · 08:45 May 24 2017
    Such a senseless act that has affected so many people’s lives. Kelly was a massive part of phoebes life and she was lucky to have her in it. Phoebe will get devastated by this news. Sending our love to all Kelly’s family and friends. Xx

    Yet more complicated relationships, superficially.

    1. xileffilex

      “….complex and wide-ranging investigation” – as ever! [15:56]

      Had forgotten about the May 2016 simulated attack. Cheers! Better photos here…

      Saffie Rose Roussos [Aged 8!] was at the concert with her mother Lisa Roussos and Saffie’s sister, Ashlee Bromwich, aged in her 20s, from Leyland, Lancashire, who are both now in separate hospitals being treated for injuries, friends said.…
      Hmmm Both injured by “flying shrapnel” from the alleged ball bearing bomb. No reports about Dad Roussos.

      Saffie’s parents are believed to run a fish and chip shop in Leyland, Lancashire…

      PS Ashlee has taken down her facebook page……

      sister puts up grieving photo……

      Looking rather complex.

      1. xileffilex

        More complex relationships among the “missing”

        Courtney Boyle and Philip Tron from Gateshead, were reported as missing by friends and family.

        Deborah Hutchinson wrote on Facebook: “My daughter Courtney Boyle and partner Philip Tron have gone missing tonight in a attack at Manchester tonight please share and help find them I need them home safe”

        .Mrs Hutchinson was in Manchester waiting for them to be found.

        Courtney Boyle, a Criminology and Psychology student at Leeds
        Beckett University, was at the concert with her step-father Philip Tron.…

        where we read this unbelievable story –
        School friends Laura MacIntyre, 15, and Eilidh MacLeod, 14, travelled from the remote Hebridean island of Barra to the concert in Manchester.

        Michael MacIntyre said it was a birthday present for Eilidh and the pair were “big fans” of Ariana Grande.

        He added: “Laura was so happy to be going down there with her friend.

        “It was Laura’s first concert. I was a bit hesitant about her going to a concert so far away but she seemed so happy. I’m waiting by the phone all day in case I hear any news.”

        The third year pupils from Barra Community School made the trip with Eilidh’s mother Marion, who was waiting in a hotel to hear from them when the concert ended.

        Sure…must be made of money [not] Not “Remotely” probable.

        1. xileffilex

          update on this nonsensical sub-plot [same link]

          UPDATE: Laura Macintyre is understood to have been found. According to a source for the Barra island, she is recovering in a nearby hospital and is understood to be being treated for severe burns. Eilidh MacLeod is still missing.

          Total BS

            1. xileffilex

              It also seems to be a standard hoax/spook fed news story term, Ab.

              and now update on the 8-year old “victim”

              Dozens of floral tributes have been left at The Plaice fish and chip shop in Hough Lane, Leyland which Saffie’s family are believed to run. The restaurant was closed but well wishers have left cards and flowers to the popular youngster.

              Excellent reviews…

              From DIF it “emerges” that there is another brother Xander and a father,perhaps Andrew


              jeremy ekers

              2 months ago
              Now called “The Plaice”, looks like it recently changed hands. Not bad and on the cheaper side. But my fish and chips was so so.

              L Roussou

              4 months ago
              The best fish and chips you ever had.

              Formerly Hough Lane Chippy. So is that Lisa talking up her own fish and chips?
              PS latest piece of “understanding” from the Guardian

              It is understood Saffie’s mother and sister are being treated in hospital.


              I bet you’d be hard pressed to find them in any hospital.

              1. xileffilex

                Xander Jerzy Roussos born 2005 Q3, Lancashire, currently aged 11. Perhaps too old for the concert?

                Go fund the chip shop….really!

                “the family also own a small business in leyland ,I just think it would be nice to raise some money to help out the family at this time when bills and his business will be the last thing on his mind ,let’s make sure he dosent have to worry about money let’s all pull together and see what we can do together please let’s try and lift that weight off his shoulders and raise money for anything they may need it for in the upcoming months .

                Once we reach the target the money will be given to Andy saffias father to put towards whatever the family needs at this moment”



      2. Tom Dalpra

        The Sun was the only paper that had the story where I am. The others had apparently missed it.
        However, of course this was to plan and I was quite taken with the cover of The Star.
        Sitting on the shelves to catch everyone’s eye as they glanced at the news stands on this day of horrific news we had this front cover.

        It clearly alluded to the ” Booming” or ”bombing hell”, that was on everyone’s mind.
        The detail confirms the contrivance. There’s a small explosion below, an 8 and a young lady with a red rose. We remember 8 year old Saffie Rose Roussos.

        With the 3 of 32 presented as it is there can be an alluded-to 22 there at a glance and it appears The Star really had the full story.

  12. xileffilex

    A very uninteresting hoax. The shills are out in force on JLB’s channel. All the usual give-aways – Hotel involvement as a staging post in the hoax,in this case the Park Inn. and pllenty of duping from the witness in the lower Telegraph video… Perhaps they’re told to laugh and smile?

    1. xileffilex

      I’m curious why the father of Saffie is absent from all news reports.

      From Genesreunited, we see a marriage in Liverpool in 2004 between Andreas Roussos and Lisa Frances Bromwich, born Lisa Frances Komarek, previously married in 1989 to Andrew John Bromwich, ne Stanley and whose daughter is the alleged sister [actually half sister] Ashlee Evan Bromwich b 1991. The polish part of the name of Xander Jerzy derives from Lisa’s father.

      Andrew Bromwich was a twin, the other born Warren David Stanley who may now be Simon K Bromwich whose children Dylan and Hayley b 1998 and 1990 respectively have put up mourning photos on their facebook pages. Their mother is also called Lisa, confusingly.


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