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  1. xileffilex

    I’ve always had some reservations about Richard D Hall- anyway, here’s his recent lecture on the Manchester Aria Grande hoax bombing based on the meticulous research of UK Critical Thinker [Youtube and 153news] Towards the end there are some realistic suggestions about selection of vicsims although he muddies the water by suggesting that a few might have been bumped off [suuuuure]
    Well worth a watch, a rare analysis of a staged HRDPAR when NDNGH, a video which could be made for any staged event if someone spared the time and effort as UKCT has for his own personal, local, obsession.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Yes, Richard D Hall has to be seen as a spook front for the UK, surely ? I was certainly interested 2006 -2010/11ish. visiting Richplanet.com and soaking up my Nick Kollerstrom(sp?) and Andrew johnson a lot, but, yes kids, this is spook T.V, whatever else you want to take from it. I even had Rich Hall on a Sky Television Channel back in the later noughties.

      Richplanet always did seem a bit too coincidentally, another ‘planet’ after Alex Jones” planet. A questionable transatlantic duality with these higher profile, niche ‘access TV’ alternatives.
      I like a bit of Richard D Hall, though, I grew up ‘ in my studies’ watching
      that stuff. Found my way to Sept Clues and Clues forum, from that show… It’ll be interesting to look at that again Felix and thanks for the link back to the thread. There was never a dedicated forum thread ; glad to remember this at least this provides a record of a quite significant English Operation.

  2. xileffilex

    Further hoax management 2019 following the ‘death’ of Martyn Hett
    ‘Martyn’s Law’ – championed by his mother Figen Murray ** – would see increased and mandatory security measures at all large public venues, including obligatory metal detectors and bag searches….
    the campaign was backed by mayor Andy Burnham, who called on the government to convene a ‘national review’ of security at all major sporting and entertainment event venues.

    source, Manchester Evening News April 18 2019

    Job creation for the security industry [cf airports]
    ** The mum-of-five, who has toured schools and colleges talking to youngsters about the power of peace after the atrocity, will start the year-long postgraduate course in counter-terro
    Source, Manchester Evening News, March 28 2019
    As noted elsewhere, Dan Hett, brother, is a key activist in the intel-controlled “Survivors against Terror” hoax management movement.

    Martyn’s boyfriend was also busy keeping the story alive in the MSM in December 2018…

    Shamless, and obvious telegraphing on behalf of Martyn –

    tweet timed 9.37 pm 3/22 from Manchester.
    Script perfect #NDNGH

    4.32 pm 3/22

    Off to America 3/19 Yes, indeed. So obvious to us here.

    A lifetime job now…

      1. xileffilex

        Indeed. In the words of Dan “Survivors or Terror” Hett **, describing Martyn at the time…
        Dan Hett @danhett
        he would, I think it’s safe to say, be fucking loving this.

        12:57 pm – 24 May 2017 -[BST]

        ** who has now just joined the Green PArty!

  3. xileffilex

    September 26 2018 – Hoax management

    Clara Malagon had been on duty on the night of the 2017 terror attack which claimed 22 lives and witnessed first-hand horrific injuries sustained by the young victims.

    Operative words – newly qualified.
    History of mental health problems [alleged]
    She was a keen rower and enjoyed cycling running and walking and also played the viola and took up ballet and flamenco dancing.
    Wow, wonder woman.
    The 22-year-old successfully underwent counselling and had a detailed debrief about the bombing with senior doctors.
    [or senior MI5 officers, more likely]

    But in July last year, Miss Malagon was found hanged on the balcony of her first-floor apartment in Manchester city centre. It is not known why she killed herself.
    Her Spanish father Dr Ignacio Malagon wept as he told the hearing how his daughter had seen the young victims with devastating injuries.

    suuuuure she had
    Miss Malagon’s flatmate Grace Callaghan told the inquest how she found her friend on her return home from work… Recording a conclusion of suicide, Coroner Andrew Bridgman said: ‘She was on medication for around six to seven months, to which she came off it and appeared to be fine.
    ‘However this resurfaces towards mid June 2017 – three to four weeks following the Manchester Arena tragedy when she was on duty.

    We’ll never know , another black box ringfenced by safe pairs of hands.
    JustGiving? Check
    Obituary in the Guardian> Really? Yes!
    Clara Malagon Gonzalez
    Clara was born in Twickenham, south-west London, to Spanish parents, Maria Gonzalez, a maths teacher, and Ignacio Malagon ***, a consultant anaesthetist. However, with the exception of a happy year in Vancouver and some time in the Netherlands, she spent most of her childhood in Madrid, where, after her parents split up when she was four, she lived with her mother and her younger brother, Elias.

    She attended the British Council school in Madrid, and as a child had a full life: as well as being a keen scout, she played the viola, took up ballet and flamenco dancing, and practised karate and rowing.
    In 2013 she moved back to the UK to begin a degree in nursing at the University of Manchester

    Another anywhere person, citizen of the globe.
    Birth registiered as Clara Robin Malagon

    Date of recorded death July 31 2017
    Date of probate [administration] October 12 2017.
    Very rapid.
    If she committed suicide, as decided at the Inqust, that’s sad, but we can’t confirm it.. But that anyone died or was injured in the Manchester Arena is a a total fiction. #NDNGH

    *** at the Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester which was complicit in this #HRDPAR
    e.g. Lorraine Hulme, a ward sister at Wythenshawe Hospital who was on duty on the night of the tragedy, said: “I feel extremely proud to be part of such an outstanding team and I know the same can be said for all hospitals and their staff involved across the region.”

    A man has reportedly discharged himself from hospital to help ensure there are enough beds for the victims of the Manchester terror attack.

    David Priestman, 35, was in Wythenshawe Hospital with kidney problems when he heard the news of the attack.

    Immediately, taking to Facebook he said he would “give my bed at Wythenshawe Hopsital to somebody if it’s needed” adding that he was not important but the injured and wounded were.


    And the familiar scripted “narrative” facebook post which type frequently accompanies a hoax for the MSM to pick up, posted the next day, May 23 2017
    As usual, the facebook page is converted [by whom?] to “remembering. Clara….]

    1. xileffilex

      The facebook narrative…It shouldn’t take a horrific incident like this to make us realise how much our NHS is worth, and I would have never expected for my 5th night shift in a row to be anything like it was. Cheers and thank you to all the A&E staff, special mention to the best flatmate, nurse and friend i could ask for Grace O’Callaghan, ** Critical Care, medical, nursing, security and all other staff involved in this tragic event. I really hope this clears any doubts of who to vote for in the upcoming election to save our NHS. ** Our hearts are with all of those innocent lives lost, injured and their loved ones. We love you and your people Manchester
      ** a theme which also emerged at the 3/22 Westminster Bridge hoax, q.v.
      ** who neatly popped into the inquest to say she had found the body, allegedly.
      But on the Left here

  4. xileffilex

    Further hoax management
    A digtal archive of all the junk dumped at the site of this #HRDPAR has been created
    The archive will document 10,000 objects – including soft toys, lanterns and a guitar – held at Manchester Art Gallery which were left across the city after bomb attack on 22 May 2017.
    The online collection is funded by a National Lottery grant of £99,700.

    [Council leader Sir Richard Leese] said those “expressions of solidarity” are “now part of Manchester’s rich ** history” and he was glad they will be preserved.
    All the 10,000 objects will also be kept by the city council “indefinitely”, it said.

    ** i.e. fake history


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