1 thought on “DJ7: Agents everywhere 

  1. UNreal

    I have not listened to many Jon Humanity live hangouts, but i really tried to listen to these two shows and must confess i had to abandon.

    Just as Clare Kuehn before her, Bo Peep has an incredible word output, monotone voice and roundabout manner to express anything – well except for how she “loves” Jon and how highly she thinks of the Jon Humanity channel which is of course the only channel anyone can go to for the Real Deal. Just as Clare Kuehn (Clear Nuhke) had her very own celebrity of choice in PID Paul McCartney, so has Bo Peep (POP Bee) her favourite celebutard in David Chapelle – conspiracy candy to say the least, but “deep truth” according to Pop Bee.

    Maybe the most appropriate debate would not be JLB versus JH, but rather Clare Kuehn against Bo Peep as they best illustrate the deep message this kind of videos really conveys – word salad, delusion and hero-worship.

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