More flat earth fallout 

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Chris is still reeling after the Jeranism discussion. 

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3 thoughts on “More flat earth fallout 

  1. dirtybenny

    One has to be somewhat suspicious of these epic long diatribes in which no real conversation was occurring. These were frustrating enough to listen to , let alone participate in. The demeaning perjorative of the persistent term “pizza pie” doesn’t sound like someone who is open-mindedly seeking truth. When the F-bombs start (which I see as a bullying techinque), it is all too obvious that a real dialog is no longer occurring. Why would they both carry on for so long? What was the premise for the second call that was never overtly addressed in the beginning? I am extremely suspect of the genuine nature of these “debates”. They have been described as such, inaccurately, with no format, time parameters, or structure set up.

  2. sami

    I give Chris credit for having Jeran on his show, not one but twice. I am in the camp that believes the Flat Earth is a PSYOP designed by NASA. However, I still believe that there is value in studying the flat earth material.

    I’m a fan of Chris and his HoaxBusters Call show and listen often. But I don’t think Chris did a great job with these interviews. Jeran was calm and put up with plenty of interruptions from Chris for quite some time. Chris makes good points as well but there’s no need to beat a dead horse over and over again and then jump to another topic without fully fleshing out the details of the current one.

    I think if Chris listened more to what Jeran has to say, we could make some solid progress. Jeran seems like a reasonable guy and Chris just seemed very frustrated throughout the entire interview.

    Again, I do NOT believe in the Flat Earth Model, but I also no longer believe in the spinning globe model either. I think there is value in hearing out the flat earthers and finding common ground, what makes sense, what doesn’t, etc.

    There are lots of possible explanations for some of these things. Sometimes it’s hard to offer conclusive evidence but the discussion is worth having either way, even when we don’t agree. I think Chris is Anti-Flat Earth and I can see why, but it shows in his interview.

    Chris needs to let the guest talk and make his points without constantly interrupting and going on tangents. It will make for a higher quality and more interesting discussion. Not bashing Chris by any means here, I respect Chris a lot, just offering some constructive criticism.

    1. ab Post author

      I agree. It was unnecessary for this to be a confrontation. Two great minds clashing for no reason. Ad hominem attacks by both sides. Was that by design?

      The earth as a spinning ball makes no sense. So what is it? Without our own high altitude photography, we will have to pester NASA to giving us some real images. Good comment Sami. Come join the new audiochat

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