AC-JLB reviews fakeologist 

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25 thoughts on “AC-JLB reviews fakeologist 

  1. Carole Thomas

    John, I agree that Werner von Braun has an extremely pronounced German accent when talking English. Many Germans born within the last 20 years or so have less of a pronounced German accent, as their wealthy parents send them abroad when they are 16 to learn English ( yes, I have even met some young Germans who speak with an Australian accent). Many modern Germans struggle with their pronunciation however, because, unlike in Sweden, for example, nearly all foreign-language movies in Germany are dubbed into German due to the powerful voice-acting lobby that has actively opposed any attempts to allow movies to be shown in the original language with subtitles in German. I, myself, have enjoyed many a Columbo episode with Peter Falk dubbed into German by a very talented voice actor – so much so that I actually prefer the German version to the original! One of ways I manage to earn a living is by teaching Germans how to speak English and so I am very well aware of the variety of accents here. Listen to Angela Merkel speaking English, a thing she rarely does as she grew up in the eastern part of Germany where Russian was the first foreign language.
    Have you had time to look at the video I linked to earlier? The one where Werner von Braun is discussing the Van Allen Belt. He is talking in perfect German, but when he pronounces the English words you hear a pronounced German accent. I speak fluent German but after over 30 years of living here I still have an accent. I know many Americans who have lived here for a long time and they have an accent too. The only American I know who lives here and scarcely has an accent is my husband who has studied linguistics and speaks fluent French and Swedish too. The easiest way to verify your hypothesis that Werner von Braun was being played by an American actor would be to show the video clips of him speaking German to a German person and ask their opinion. There are currently tons of German students in Australia doing something called Work & Travel. The easiest thing would be for you to contact them and ask for their opinions. Hope this helps.
    PS The fact that on your video channel you have support for your theory from Orphan Red seems slightly disconcerting, nicht wahr?

    1. John le Bon

      Hi Carole,

      You certainly sound well-credentialed for looking into this kind of topic. In fact, I can’t imagine a more impressive resume for this exact purpose! With that in mind, I am hoping you might be able to partake in an audiochat some time soon. Perhaps you can demonstrate for us how an English-speaking German accent ought to sound, when repeating the words spoken by von Braun in the relevant clip. That would be very useful indeed.

      Regarding ‘Orphan Red’, my understanding is that she also thinks events like the Manchester ‘bombing’ were staged. By your logic, would that mean the ‘bombings’ were real? Please, let’s try to keep the obvious logical fallacies to a bare minimum 🙂

      1. Carole Thomas

        Can you clarify what you mean by “an English-speaking German accent”? Yesh, I admit it was churlish of me to include that little dig at Orphan Red. It might be a logical fallacy on my part, but a deliberate one – a rhetorical flourish if you will- and an emotional truth. Btw I left you a message in the Discord chat @truthlegacy.

          1. Carole Thomas

            Dear John, you conspiculously failed to accept my invitation on Discord and failed to answer my question above. Why is that?

            What do you mean by an “English-speaking German accent”? That seems to be the reason you want to talk to me on the audio chat and I have no idea what you want me to do. I’d appreciate some clarification.

            1. John le Bon

              So are we having an audiochat or not? Just let me know what time works for you. By demonstrating your knowledge of German you can help add a lot of evidence to the notion that von Braun was the real deal. I’m all about evidence 🙂

              1. Carole Thomas

                Dear John, please answer my question above. “What do you mean by an”English-speaking German accent”? I am still confused as to what you want me to do.
                My conclusion is that von Braun is a native-speaking German for reasons I have outlined above. I have come to this conclusion through ablative deduction. Do you have any new evidence that would support a different conclusion? If so, please present it here. If not, I think we would be wasting our time discussing this issue.

      2. Carole Thomas

        I see some native Germans are also commenting on your channel, confirming that he is a native German-speaker. Using abductive reasoning, the evidence pointing to him being a native German, speaking with a pronounced accent ( possibly even accentuating it a little for the gravitas that being a German engineer lent and still lends to you and/or maybe even on Walt’s orders) seems to the simplest and best-fitting inference. Or do you have any evidence for an alternative scenario?

  2. dirtybenny

    For what it’s worth, I don’t buy it as an authentic German accent. Having studied German for 6 years, I listened very carefully to German speakers in order to sound authentic. I found that the pronunciation of the German “R” was particularly key to sounding like a true German. Instead of rolling the “R” as a typical English speaker would, the authentic German “R” is hinted at in a swallowed phonation.

    If you focus on listening to just the “R”s in the video clip, this guy is all over the map. Sometimes he pronounces a true German “R”, but usually goes for the rolled English version.

    My vote is for a fraudulent German accent.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Fair enough. I’m not going to argue with that.

      So perhaps you will be ‘going down the pub’ and suggesting the idea in conversation perhaps?
      Hey, it’s a new idea as far as I know. Why not if you really find it compelling.

      Still, getting a native German to analyse his German accent would seem a good simple way to explore the idea, wouldn’t it ? I wasn’t joking when I suggested that. I’m genuinely interested in exploring the idea. I’m sceptical yeah, but with some of the amazing turnarounds in my thinking over time, what do I know?
      And do you think I want to ba a sucker, falling for it ? An ardent dupe ? No.

      I want a native German speaker to analyse his German accent. That’s all, and yes, my first reaction is, ”I don’t want to go shouting that idea about until I’ve got some more evidence”.

  3. Tom Dalpra

    I think it’s in this audio where John says Werner Von Braun sounds like an American putting on a German accent, to him. I thought that was a big insinuation, if you will. Certainly apparent spawn-of-German -nobility Von Braun’s English was very good, but if he was really an American putting on an accent, what a joke that would be ? And worth knowing. But would this contrivance really be necessary ? Wouldn’t it be easier to just have this well educated spawn of nobility be the German born ‘agent ‘ he appears to have been?

    I think it would be pretty easy to get a good idea if his first language was German by asking a German if he sounded like a native German when speaking it.
    All I need is a german. Until then, I shall not be going around saying I think Von Braun was a ‘Yank putting on an accent ‘ because, as I said, that sounds like such a joke.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Ah yes, that classic footage of Von Braun fronting a Disney educational film about Space.
        This is pretty far-out anyway, regardless of anything else.

        To me, the way he repeatedly and consistently mispronounces his vowels, suggests his native language is probably German. Of course he could be consistently faking it, but the strange quirks to his accent seem more suggestive of a person speaking a second language, to me.
        His English is grammatically excellent in this film but of course this was a scripted movie. It should be.

        As I suggested, if we can find a German to tell us if he thinks Von Braun sounds like a native German when he speaks that language, it that might pretty-much kill the notion, or, inform us of something fishy. In the meantime, as I said, I certainly won’t be going down to the pub and throwing-in any comments about Werner Von Braun actually being an American who faked his accent.

        1. John le Bon

          Who told you to go down to the pub and repeat anything you heard at

          And if that accent passes for German with you, I can’t wait until our next audiochat. I am going to bring five or six of my friends with me from all over the world. You’ll love them, Tom, they’re fabulous!

          1. Tom Dalpra

            Five or six friends from all over the world ?

            I was asking for one trustworthy German, that’s all
            in trying to look at your ‘theory’. seriously.

            I didn’t suggest anyone told me to go anywhere. I said I ‘wouldn’t be going down to the pub and telling people I thought Von Braun was faking his accent until I had some more evidence.

            If you can’t handle examining the evidence of something then, I’m surprised.

    1. Carole Thomas

      Tom, I am not a native German but I do speak the language fluently and have lived in Germany for over 30 years. IMHO the man in the video you posted is 100% native German, not only judging from the accent but also from the absence of any typical grammatical mistakes.

        1. Carole Thomas

          Yes, John, I am saying that Werner von Braun, as seen and heard in this interview, is 100% a German native speaker, based on my knowledge and experience of living in Germany for a very long time. I had come across the theory that he was an American actor playing the role of a German some time ago and after a little research discovered the video which Tom linked to. After listening to him speak in German, I had to discard that theory. Nevertheless, as Ab says, he is an extremely suspicious character and the role he was playing as the Disneyficated rocket scientist remains to be elucidated.
          Here is another interview I discovered where he is speaking in German about the Van Allen Belt. Notice how he pronounces the English names and words. Scroll to3.27 for the footage to start. (Before that we hear an introduction by a German investigator. )

          1. Tom Dalpra

            Hi Carole, good to hear from you !

            That pretty-much puts paid to that little theory, for me.

            Sitting listening to Werner’s accent there on that Disney video to try and detect if he was affecting a fake accent, was starting to feel a bit like staring at pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge and trying to determine whether she’s actually pretending to be a woman.

            Thanks for the clarity.

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