AC-Ab and the Brits

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5 thoughts on “AC-Ab and the Brits

  1. Rollo

    Nice Photo Ab, I’ve only ever seen a “FULL” Double Rainbow once in Lavender Spires, Tasmania….I’ll see if I can find the Photo I took of it.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    If anyone makes it to about 1 hr 38 minutes, I mention that the two English Ops, linked by the date 22nd May , Lee Rigby, Woolwich ’13 and ‘Arianna Grande ‘ Manchester ’17 , had interestingly named culprits.

    With Woolwich, the killers were Adebolajo and Adebolawe. This strongly referenced the Adeb part of their name. It was Adeb…and Adeb…
    With Manchester, the bomber’s name was Abedi .

    If we consider ad and ab as prefixes, ad means ”towards” and ab means “away” ,
    The names in the 2013 Op suggest ”towards” and the name in the 2017 Op suggests ”away”.
    In this way there’s perhaps a further subtle connection between the two events ( beyond the obvious same date! ) and with it a sense of movement. -via these” towards”, then ”away”, prefixes
    as the narrative moves on in our minds.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      If anyone, incredibly makes it to 2 hours 41 mins 30 seconds, we talk about the I Love MCR slogan and my suggestion it might possibly allude to the date -as read in England – of 13 (m) 3 (c) 18 (r)

      Typo makes the point that it’s not an abbreviation of Manchester we’re familiar with.
      On having a look, it’s actually the Airport Code for Manchester. Not the City code, it’s the airport code , being slightly awkwardly presented here. It does make me wonder what sorcerous link there may be at play.…

      The MCR airport abbreviation here too perhaps awkwardly placed in a Street Art ‘tribute’.
      (I suggest the hand sign alludes to two ‘C’ s facing each other and the weird bees (there may well be some significance I missed, yes I did-… ) possibly a play on ‘B’s the second letter of the alphabet and hence the proliferating number ‘2’s we saw with this Op.. Possibly!
      The other idea I had was that it was a mixture of the red of Manchester United and the MC of Manchester City. It combined the two as perhaps a unifying slogan on that level.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Further on the bee symbol and Manchester.
        ”The bee was adopted as a motif for Manchester during the industrial revolution, and seven bees are included in the crest of the city’s arms, which were granted to the Borough of Manchester in 1842.
        At the time it represented the hard work of Mancunians and the textile mills that were commonly described as hives of activity, with the workers inside them compared to bees.”
        Now they’ve brought it back for a ‘big bang’.
        ”… following last week’s horrific attack at Manchester Arena, which claimed the lives of 22 people and injured 120 more, it has come to mean so much more.”

        And even this way of getting the idea into the ‘bloodstream’ of the hoi polloi . ”Hundreds of people have had bee tattoos – including Charlotte Campbell, the devastated mum of 15-year-old Olivia Campbell, who was killed in the attack – and the artists are donating all profits to the families of the victims.”
        Her daughter is killed in the bombing so she gets a bee tattoo ? As you do, you know.

        Now, I have to admit I really hadn’t heard of this Manchester bee thing but now I have something comes quickly to my mind. One famous person linked strongly with Manchester is ex Man, Utd manager and ‘legend’, Sir Matt Busby.
        Buzz bee anyone ? Is it merely a coincidence that a man who has a statue at Old Trafford and whose figure to many, invokes the City of Manchester had a name that said ”Buzz bee”, the bee being a ”motif ” given to Manchester during the industrial revolution to support the notion of a city of good worker bees ?

        Buzz off, you might say.…


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