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What will replace network news?

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Network news is dead to everyone except the over 60s. To the rest, it’s dead. PsyOps are useless without the media force. So what media can be used to get the word out?

Answer: TBA. It’s not youtube or twitter or snapchat – right now, it looks like nothing is available. So how to reach the young people?

There are many reasons why viewers are deserting mainstream news. This article is about one reason that has been overlooked. One vital reason… Elite television news anchors are absolutely essential to the hypnotic delivery of fake news. They have always been a mainstay of the mind control operation. From the early days of television, there has been a parade of anchors/actors with know-how—the right intonation, the right edge of authority, the parental feel, the ability to execute seamless blends from one

Source: Elite TV news anchors are gone: hypnotic effect crumbling « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

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WTC architect had history of design/demolish 

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Great find by MQTA in the discord chat.

Apparently Minoru Yamasaki (frontman?) designed a public housing complex of 33 11 story towers (masonfitti supreme) that was demolished as quickly as it rose.

Were they practising for 9/11 and the WTC?

The complex was designed by architect Minoru Yamasaki, who also designed the World Trade Center towers and the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport main terminal.
The Pruitt–Igoe complex (demolished as from 1972 to 1976) was composed of 33 buildings of 11 stories each, located on 57 acres of the Near North Side of St. Louis, Missouri.

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HB521-Mosquito larvae, KHam, SMJ, and Lynn flat off, space talk

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Lively call with SMJ on Sputnick. Nothing gets people going like the flat earth. 

Is the Kennedy clan America’s first royal LARPING family? 

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The Grenfell tower fire “inferno” simulation 

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Who doesn’t like brianv? Here’s one of his best entries yet. 

Well my best guess on the matter goes something like this – 

Grenfell Towers was being used as a Refugee Holding Center, there are several of these around London, and they comprise of cheap hotels, ex-hotels and apartment blocks not fit for human habitation generally. (While in London I met a man and his children who was incarcerated in one of these facilities, sign in-out, security guards the lot. He was then “housed” in a low-life high-rise block where he was abused to the point of having to escape to another country.) The people inside these facilities are there awaiting the results of their Refugee Status Claims and those who have passed are awaiting Social Housing. So some are sent back to their own countries or to another country which will accept them and others are housed across London’s boroughs. Others move to other parts of the UK and Ireland. Locals would see different people coming and going all the time. 

So at a time when it was convenient, when empty of Refugees, “ACME Disaster Co.” move in, Movie Fire Specialists light the place up at 1AM and the Emergency Services go into Disaster Simulation Mode. The story is given or sold in advance to the scum in the media, who then have the dead sims at the ready. You saw all the victim photos 24 hours later!

Have some gofuckme ready, make up shit and post it on Youtube and Twitter. 

I went to the London Fire website to see the initial reports of the “fire” and there aren’t any, it goes straight to an “Update”…
and guess what the previous incident was? Finsbury Park. :rolleyes: Other than that it’s the usual cat stuck up a tree, or some clown BBQ balcony fire!…



The general public believe this to be a disaster where 80 people died by fire, now would you buy or live in an apartment block where so many died in a fire previously? Only those “in the know” would buy. Who would they be? 

Or then we’re left with a Faux Memorial Garden. 

Could this building have been ownded by Empire Propagandists the BBC (who are located in WHITE CITY) ?


Movie Fire Specialists –… :rolleyes: Eh hello!!

DDA Fire are probably best-known for our work in the Film and TV industry having worked on some of the largest fire scenes and explosions ever conceived in the UK. With over 15 years experience in working in Film & TV, and being based at Pinewood and Longcross Studios, means that we can give you the highest level of fire and safety cover for your set and film unit.

Alpha Foxtrot Niner One One…over and out…xzxzxzxzxz.


There is another possibility which pretty much involves the same except…

On Grenfell Towers wiki – it states

The concrete structure’s top 20 storeys consisted of 120 flats, with a total of 200 bedrooms. Its first four storeys were nonresidential until its most recent refurbishment in 2015–2016 which converted 2 of them to residential use…

The “fire” allegedly started on the 2nd floor. Well it doesn’t take a lot of imagination as to what might have went on during the “recent refurbishment”.

You also might have noticed “This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia’s deletion policy.”….

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