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It’s a chubb-a-thon.

anounceofsaltperdayToday at 7:47 AM


SilverbeamToday at 7:47 AM

Interesting conversation guys

anounceofsaltperdayToday at 8:02 AM

@Silverbeam are you going to sprechenze?

SilverbeamToday at 8:04 AM

I’m a bit busy, had to concentrate so i deafened. Hope that answers your question cos I’m not sure what that word means :smiley:

anounceofsaltperdayToday at 8:04 AM

to talk

SilverbeamToday at 8:04 AM

To talk

anounceofsaltperdayToday at 8:04 AM

on the web

SilverbeamToday at 8:04 AM

Not now, just listening
I agree with your statements on money
It is simple, in the end.
Dead end system
thats right

napoleon wilsonToday at 8:41 AM

ab dont care what people think
If everyone knew what I was thinking, I would get punched in the face a lot more

SilverbeamToday at 8:50 AM

That is the funniest thing I have heard for ages
I can relate. also if i just did whatever I felt like doing, a lot of face would have been punched

John le BonToday at 8:52 AM

Chubbs sounds fairly frustrated by the white dilution currently taking place

napoleon wilsonToday at 8:52 AM

its true , nice to meet you silver im napoleon wilson , you can call me NP

John le BonToday at 8:52 AM

Can’t say I blame him

napoleon wilsonToday at 8:52 AM

jlb i think any white would be , transition is hard to take

SilverbeamToday at 8:53 AM

The problem isnt the multi culture, its our usurpation in an overall sense.
At least thats the way it seems to me
Hi NP :smiley:

napoleon wilsonToday at 9:00 AM

sb im a white male 39 forty in a week spent all my time in uk mixing working drinking footy with all races , i was a minority in schhol at 12 no biggy but the employment is an issuebut, thats down to and lack of jobs alot of the non whites work in family run businesses, and would not work in other areas anyway.

John le BonToday at 9:00 AM

@napoleon wilson Do you care that whites are diappearing?

napoleon wilsonToday at 9:01 AM

also the peolpe coming in “TAKING” white jobs are wahite europeans
jlb im with you on that four hour discussion with ab , from your point of view ,relating to australia
but me being in uk i see that abs right a generation or so the close nit famly viing to take over dissapears kids follow media

John le BonToday at 9:03 AM

am i the only person who finds Frank’s typing in the background annoying?

SilverbeamToday at 9:03 AM

Can you link to that discussion for me NP? I would like to hear that.

napoleon wilsonToday at 9:03 AM

better than his poem recital lol
jlb will give you a live version if youve been good

SilverbeamToday at 9:04 AM


napoleon wilsonToday at 9:05 AM

lol ill have a looksee
skin up and get a beer x

SilverbeamToday at 9:05 AM

New to this, um…. haha

napoleon wilsonToday at 9:14 AM

silver im having problems finding it pal ,if im remembering clearly it was rollo jlb and ab 4 hrs long

SilverbeamToday at 9:14 AM

Ok, Ill find it, just being lazy really

napoleon wilsonToday at 9:18 AM

im a an unorthodox jew , im a nazi lol
listening now sb

SilverbeamToday at 9:19 AM


napoleon wilsonToday at 9:19 AM

atleast its not dance music im not a fan of it

SilverbeamToday at 9:20 AM

I admit I like some techno/trance whatever its called but I’m really a metal person

FakeologistToday at 9:21 AM

I like @anounceofsaltperday typing . It’s like rain @John le Bon

napoleon wilsonToday at 9:21 AM

where did all the races come from ? , i grew up in the hacienda and other clubs in manchester but i love rock chicks

anounceofsaltperdayToday at 9:21 AM

i have muted

napoleon wilsonToday at 9:22 AM

frank i have a poem for you

SilverbeamToday at 9:22 AM

Good question about the races. Biblical Creationists dont call them races, they call them ‘people groups’ and they believe they are the result of natural selection or what some call micro evolution.

anounceofsaltperdayToday at 9:22 AM

about keyboard rain?

napoleon wilsonToday at 9:24 AM


anounceofsaltperdayToday at 9:25 AM

@napoleon wilson what was the poem?
is the
probably just me
silver im not an evolutionist any other theory
tribe of dna
oops sorry dan
ab hi
Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do isnt that right frank
pay your jews
ive started jewcing
jewrassic park
taken up jew-do

SilverbeamToday at 9:36 AM

Yeah, I’m not an evoluionist either

napoleon wilsonToday at 9:37 AM

sb its a funny theory at best x
switerland is still white

John le BonToday at 9:41 AM

This conversation is booooooooooooooring

napoleon wilsonToday at 9:41 AM

If you know how many cupcakes I’m holding behind my back I’ll give you both of them
jlb talk abou wvb accent lol mi never listened to it before what about hawkings too

SilverbeamToday at 9:43 AM

Good, because I haven’t been listening

napoleon wilsonToday at 9:45 AM

dawkings meme , why is it being used
Thomas Goodrich
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1 thought on “AC-Ab, Chubbs,Anounceofsalt, JLB, Yossarian, SMJ

  1. willard

    @Yossarian, I enjoyed hearing a new voice to the chat and hope you participate in future chats. As Yossarian mentioned, when you step back and consider the media events from a fakeologist perspective, the indicators appear and you do not have to sift through the details.

    Here is an example: Watch the clip below and notice the appearance of Daryl Hannah at the 2:14 mark.…

    What is to account for “her” striking appearance? If you step back and consider the EGI explanation, that I am looking at transgendered male, the picture, imho, becomes clear.

    @JLB, re: EGI

    For me, this video removes any doubt of the reality of EGI. I find the images in the video disturbing.…

    As Ab pointed out, the transgender agenda has been shoved in our faces by Central Command. I believe that these topics e.g. media PSYOPS, Flat Earth, EGI, are deliberatly revealed to us. I believe Sandy Hook was done poorly on purpose.

    Re: FE, as smj pointed out, the atmosphere is less dense than the ground we stand on. Consequently, if a plane was headed due north at the equator and was landing on a north/ south runway, it would have to lead the runway as the ground is traveling east at 1, 000 mph while the plane is suspended in a fluid medium. Yet commercial and military aviators have told me you would not have to account for the rotation of the earth when navigating or landing a plane.

    I can only conclude the earth does not rotate. I believe all 3 of these topics are being revealed/transmitted to us as part of a process of destroying our existing beliefs in preparation for an upgrade to a Humanity 2.0, if you will.

    @Ab, is there a link for your archived Talkshoe podcasts? I have searched your webpage since it was mentioned in a previous AC but could not find it. Thx.


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