It’s dramatic, but is it real? 

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Phone is at 9%…is this hoax code?

taught us that we can never trust the media ever again. Never.

The movie:

From the chat page:

Fakeologist – Yesterday at 8:51 PM
anyone see the tornado footage?
Zal – Yesterday at 8:51 PM
cant say i have
what tornado?
Fakeologist – Yesterday at 8:51 PM
read my blog
TomD27 – Yesterday at 8:51 PM
The bee idea for Manchester comes from busy worker bees. The bee system serves a queen
Fakeologist – Yesterday at 8:51 PM
let me know
Zal – Yesterday at 8:53 PM
the brown part looks fake
TomD27 – Yesterday at 8:53 PM
where’s a link to tornado footage?
Zal – Yesterday at 8:53 PM
the white part would be hard to fake
TomD27 – Yesterday at 8:53 PM
cant see it
Zal – Yesterday at 8:53 PM
but not impossible

Dramatic footage of Alberta twister
the camera angle is the wierd bit though
its how any after effects poject would be filmed
could be some crazy warp filter on some clouds
the brown part could be done with anything
it looks abit wierd
TomD27 – Yesterday at 8:55 PM
first impression, totally amateur impression. pOSSIBLY BULLSHIT
Just feels it and his bland statement
looks a bit fake BUT
things can ‘look fake’ when they’re real…etc…dunno
Zal – Yesterday at 8:57 PM
well if you look at the ORANGE (33) guy
its at least a timelapse
at the very least
nvm turned on sound it says timelapse lol
TomD27 – Yesterday at 8:58 PM
yeh, it jerks
Zal – Yesterday at 8:59 PM
hmm it could have been added on top since it is kinda its own thing
TomD27 – Yesterday at 8:59 PM
sped up isn’t it?
Zal – Yesterday at 8:59 PM
would be hard to make that spinning white thing
at the very centre
not impossible but would require some effort and money
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:00 PM
i’m happy to see it a s spectacular footage, sped up.
on loop
makes it look odd
Zal – Yesterday at 9:01 PM
hang on let me dig for a 3d tutorial about tornados, i seem to recall pete draper did one once
(famous guy in vfx)
anounceofsaltperday – Yesterday at 9:01 PM
One of the objectons to traany stuff is the female to male tg will be weaker than a male. I think this assumption is questionable. I think strength witll come from hormones, nutrition, training and mindset
Zal – Yesterday at 9:03 PM
hmm that pete draper one looked very dated
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:03 PM
and salt
Zal – Yesterday at 9:03 PM
but i found this

Building a Tornado (After Effects VFX Breakdown)
how you would do it in after effects
pretty standard
but note what i said
the integration at the top
isnt halfway as convincing as in that video
could be elaborate compositing
and the top part in ab’s vid is from a diffrent shot
and the brown is faked with after effects
top part looks real
but doesn mean its from that place at that time
ill just leave my opinion on that
anounceofsaltperday – Yesterday at 9:05 PM
@TomD27 esp salt.. more stomach acid, better digestion, better absorption of food. We are NOT what we eat, we are what we digest
Zal – Yesterday at 9:06 PM
actually looking back over it
the sky in abs clip does not need to be from same event as foreground
and the brown part can be faked in entirety
could possibly be how they did it
i have never seen a real tornado so i cant say for sure how they look

Extreme up-close video of tornado near Wray, CO!
then again this one looks pretty much same as abs clip minus the dodgy foreground
i honestly dont know
if its fake id say composite with particles for the brown
but if you held a gun to my head
id say real
though that foreground looks shady
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:14 PM
spectacular. i like it a 2.58
are we saying these are fake?
Zal – Yesterday at 9:15 PM
no that last one is real
starting to think tornadoes just look special(edited)
though ab’s clip is extra special(edited)
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:30 PM
good spot on orange figure to see sped up film.
it was presented unnaturally
Zal – Yesterday at 9:30 PM
i watched witout sound to not be misdirected
i always do that
but when listening with sound
she does say timelapse
so that cheks out
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:31 PM
not my area of ‘expertise’
i didnt even pick up on that
Zal – Yesterday at 9:31 PM
one of my animation teachers said that you should be able to watch a movie with the sound off and still understand the plot
he made us watch finding nemo muted
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:32 PM
how tedious
Zal – Yesterday at 9:32 PM
i always watch the 0;breaking” stories etc muted
for that reason
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:32 PM
but a fair technique
Zal – Yesterday at 9:32 PM
audio can actually bias you quite alot
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:32 PM
deprive one sense
Zal – Yesterday at 9:32 PM
which is no doubt the newsreader style
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:33 PM
Zal – Yesterday at 9:33 PM
my teacher said the only movies you couldnt tell the plot muted was french artfilms and bad movies
and he is right
good movies hold up
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:33 PM
the moving images tell a story
Zal – Yesterday at 9:34 PM
sure does
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:34 PM
will try it sometime when got a headache
Zal – Yesterday at 9:34 PM
there is 12 base animation principles
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:34 PM
Zal – Yesterday at 9:34 PM
one of them is 0;solid drawing” or in plain english
that was kinda what my teacher tried to hint at
making the poses read properly
ill see if i can find an example 2 sec…
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:35 PM
the whole picture should inform us
Zal – Yesterday at 9:35 PM
its basically how you stage the shot for maximum readability
it usually gives away productions
since amateurs have no such concept
and i must say that ab clip
sure is staged properly
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:36 PM
posture,(body language innit )
Zal – Yesterday at 9:36 PM
but ofcrouse the condicendeologist in me wants to explain it away
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:36 PM
it’s a language,
Zal – Yesterday at 9:37 PM
that too
but its more about the sillhouette
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:37 PM
Zal – Yesterday at 9:37 PM
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:38 PM
I’m thinking we take in more than we realise when we watch anything
Zal – Yesterday at 9:39 PM
ye no doubt
anyhow that is just how i analyze things
that and some other things ive picked up over the years
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:39 PM
reading some subliminals in media made me start to perhaps see them in nature.
Zal – Yesterday at 9:40 PM
hehe its like all new 3d modellers
go trough a phase like 6 months in when you are getting somewhat ok
and can model most things
you literally get neo vision and start looking around in wireframe
its a odd thing
classmates of mine said they only washed half theire body in the shower and had a brainlapse why it didnt automatically mirror etc
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:41 PM
Zal – Yesterday at 9:42 PM
so for sure when you put alot of tought into these things you see it everywhere
which is why im very careful calling things cgi
i can cgi most things, but doesnt mean it is
if you understand where im going
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:42 PM
oh yeh
Zal – Yesterday at 9:44 PM
i usually work backwards from there, try and find the things i cant fake or that would be very hard
like in abs case the integration of the whirl and the clouds
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:44 PM
fair enuff professor cgi.
Zal – Yesterday at 9:45 PM
actually i had to do another year to be doctor even
prof was 2 more years
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:45 PM
gonna try pull up a questionable crash
Zal – Yesterday at 9:45 PM
but i considered doctor overkill
only one guy did that year xD
overqualified as it is
though doctor on the door is appealing
the ammount of written stuff you have to do is killer
master was bad enough
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:46 PM
yeh remember you saying. unpretentiously that you didnt go for DR
Zal – Yesterday at 9:47 PM
has no point in the 3d biz
if i could do it over i wouldnt even take a degree
just learn by myself like i did anyway
save the money
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:47 PM
any good?
Zal – Yesterday at 9:48 PM
nintendo or the modem kind?
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:48 PM
recent one
Zal – Yesterday at 9:48 PM
ye that one is amazing
i have one myself
zelda and mario kart 🙂
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:49 PM
good, i thought i mighta read you mention it. she really wanted it. I won a payday and so got it £330. £400 with insurance.
Zal – Yesterday at 9:50 PM
about same price its here
what game you got?
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:50 PM
they MAKE you have those two games. MONOPOLY
Zal – Yesterday at 9:50 PM
is monopoloy out :open_mouth:
TomD27 – Yesterday at 9:50 PM
zELDA she got


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