DNA hoax 

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Further to the concept that micro space science is most likely a hoax, I propose that DNA itself is a hoax. There are no double strands, and I am skeptical about chromosomes as well. 

In 1986 or so DNA testing came online. What else happened at this time? The widespread use and mass production of the micro processor. 

My guess is that computers and blood tests were integrated to database the micro characteristics of blood. While ordinary record keeping is good for general characteristics, only a computer can keep track of millions of variables. 

Even the language surrounding DNA testing is amusing. Mini and micro are in our blood and part of the test! 


In its earliest incarnation this technique was performed by restriction of 0.5–10?g extracted DNA using the restriction enzyme HinFI, followed by Southern blotting hybridisation designed to bind to multiple ‘minisatellites’ present in the restricted DNA

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