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  1. John le Bon


    ‘How old is John?’ 18?’
    ‘He is 12’

    Come on guys, you are better than that.

    I understand that my inquiries about the benefits of listening to Fetzer are unwelcome and I will not go down that path with Delcroix or Ab in the future. You guys are long-term fans of Fetzer, so in retrospect I was basically shooting Bambi. I suspect however that others may be willing to discuss these kinds of things; it does not strike me as a controversial sort of thing to ask – especially at a place like Fakeologist.

    Why do we listen to who we listen to? What do we get from it? Are these really such touchy subjects?

    Regarding Del’s insinuations that I ‘went out of my way’ to promote my appearance in a Herald Sun vox pop, he was wrong, and quite clearly so. This is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of fact. The moment you let emotions get in the way of assessing facts is the moment you might want to reconsider what it is you are trying to accomplish. I am willing to overlook the point of his insinuations, which seemed to be a type of personal attack on my credibility.

    After three years, the best ‘evidence’ anybody has put forward to support their belief that I am a ‘paid shill’ is that I was in a Herald Sun vox pop. If I am a ‘paid shill’, maybe the ‘paid shills’ are the only ones who care about evidence or logic – nobody seems to be able to point out any problems with my evidence or logic, and instead try to attack my character. Why is that?

    Regarding the tower fire, it will be interesting to see if anybody definitively says they believe it to be a hoax.

    1. ab Post author

      John, I don’t mind being challenged. It’s just that I am not always in the mood. I like talking 9/11, and so does Fetzer. He’s no Bambi to me. Since he has a decent following, and one of the few who talks 9/11, I listen on occasion.

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