I didn’t see any planes – London apartment fire is falling down

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season is in overdrive in jolly-old London.

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Fire swept through a high-rise apartment building in west London early Wednesday, killing an unknown number of people and sending more than 50 people to area hospitals.Flames shot from windows all the way up the 24-story Grenfell Tower in North Kensington as more than 200 firefighters battled the blaze. A plume of smoke stretched for miles (kilometers) over the capital.“This is an unprecedented incident,” Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton told reporters on the scene. “In my 29 years of being a firefighter I have never, ever seen anything of this scale.”

Source: Fire in London apartment tower kills unknown number of people – National | Globalnews.ca


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7 thoughts on “I didn’t see any planes – London apartment fire is falling down

  1. xileffilex

    I think we can see an agenda here..
    “neo liberalism” “the corpses are still there” “tripping over corpses” “we have to use these numbers” “there’s been a cover up in the amount of people who have died”
    hmmm perhaps a massive inflation in the number?

    Here’s his friend Christos having his tripping over corpses story extracted by our political mobiliser –

    People at DIF are suggesting this will lead to riots.

    Christos’ story is all over – key phrase “tripping over bodies”

    I could feel myself tripping over in the dark. I was tripping over bodies. On one of the floors I tripped badly and fell, as I looked up I saw the face of a dead man.
    I can still picture him now.


    Where are all the missing people?

    Perhaps they weren’t there.

    Bring on the lawyers

  2. xileffilex

    A run of 33 [hmmm] “missing” people
    Some of them feature in the ubiquitous photocopied and pinned posters. Others don’t.

    From the perhaps truthful list of 2015 residents who were consulted, we note a few names which appear on the above list. One notable and easily researched one is Tony Disson allegedly of flat 194, which ought to be fairly high up, perhaps in the region of floor 20.

    Known as Tony, the 66-year-old is reported to have last been in contact with his family at around 3am while he was inside the building – and said: ‘Tell my sons I love them.’

    Lee Disson, Tony’s son, posted an appeal for information on Facebook and said he was ‘still praying for him’.
    The appeal read: ‘If anyone has seen my Dad, Tony Disson could they let us know. My heart goes out to all the people at Grenfell Tower.’
    Lee, 47, confirmed that his father was still missing. He is reported to have lived on the 10th floor and his wife Cordelia, Lee and three other sons have been searching for him in hospitals.
    Lee told the Mirror: ‘People called my dad and said, ‘Put a blanket over your head and get out’.He said he couldn’t as he was trapped and the floor was too hot. A friend rang at 4am and one of the last things he said was, ‘Tell my sons I love them’.’

    Reported? He either was or he wasn’t. Surely his family would know for certain…

    Oh, the 10th floor – why not give the number of his flat?


    Great grandfather Tony Disson, 65, was trapped in the bathroom of his 22nd floor flat as flames engulfed the homes beneath him.


    Tony’s oldest son Lee, 47, said he believed that one of his half-brothers had spoken to his father on the phone at around 3am.

    Great grandfather Tony Disson, 65, was trapped in the bathroom of his 22nd floor flat as flames engulfed the homes beneath him.

    His four sons and other family members spent yesterday searching hospitals and rescue centres, but found no sign of him.

    The father-of-four had earlier had desperate phone conversations with friends and relatives, saying he was trapped in his bathroom.
    Tony’s oldest son Lee, 47, said he believed that one of his half-brothers had spoken to his father on the phone at around 3am.

    Lee said: “People called my Dad and said, ‘Put a blanket over your head and get out.’ He said he couldn’t as he was in the bathroom and the floor was too hot.

    “A friend then called him at 4am and one of the last things he said was, ‘Tell my sons that I love them’. Nobody was able to contact him after that.”

    Lee who is disabled heard of the tragedy at 6am when a cousin from Blackburn, Lancashire, called and told him to turn on the TV as his father’s tower block was on fire.

    After looking at the horrific images, he drove down to London with daughter Sky, 26, from his home in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

    Father-of-three Lee, who had not seen his father for several years, said: “I have found out that he did not make it, but I have not completely given up hope.

    “I have left my details at the rugby club which is being used as an emergency centre and I have been asking around for him.

    “My dad was well known down here and I have had loads of calls.

    “He had been in the flat for about nine years. He lived alone and was quite happy there.”
    Lee posted a Facebook message saying: “If anyone has seen my Dad, Tony Disson could they let us know. My heart goes out to all the people at grenfell tower.”

    In another message, he added: “Still praying for him.”

    Tony who was retired had worked at a variety of jobs including being a scrap metal dealer. He had son Lee from his first marriage and three sons Harry, 23, Alfie, 21, and Charlie, 19, with second wife Cordelia.
    He also had five grandchildren and four great grandchildren with another due to be born soon.

    Tony’s first wife Anita Rawlinson who lives in Peterborough, said: “I think his flat was on the side of the block where the fire was.”
    Lee’s wife Sandra, 47, said: “Tony had been moaning about the damp in his flat. The block was old and did not have balconies.

    On closer examination, it seems Lee is a stepson, – his mother b 1951 married his father [then 17] at age 16 and had a son Mark Stephen Corney later in 1967, followed by Lee Anthony Corney in 1970. Anita married Tony [b 1951] in 1974.

    Cordelia’s last check in was at Treverton Towers W10, 2002-2011

    Sky was in the Mirror in 2015. Plenty of eye rubbing.

  3. xileffilex

    A few 9/11 quotations from this probably largely empty or underoccupied building housing recent arrivals to the UK. The use of “missing” posters is an interesting throwback in the facebook/instagram/twitter age.

    How about this pair of siblings b 1997 and 2001 – the brother can’t seem to keep a straight face and appears desperately to be remembering his rather bizarre story lines, closing his eyes, occasionally duping.
    The Alves family are cited as living at Flat 105 before the renovation
    Here’s the son,

    Interviewed by Channel 4
    but also recorded here

    “Um well it started off er so we went out with some er with some family and my parents were going to take, er them home, so they dropped me and my sister off at home, because my sister had an exam the next morning and so she, er she wanted to get a good night’s rest. So they dropped us both off, er she went to bed and they went to drop, er the family off at the ho- er their hotel. Erm once they were arriving again er they walked towards the block and they’ve got into the lift. As they got into the lift [rubs left eye] another two people joined them. And er [closes eyes] and once inside the lift, those two people pressed number four and when the doors opened on number four er the whole, the whole room was filled with smoke. At that point my m- my dad realised you know there’s a fire in the building. So er my dad had left his phone in the car so he asked my mum to go downstairs, pick up the phone from the car which was in the garage. And then, er, he ran up the stairs from the fourth floor to the thirteenth floor to wake me and my sister up and erm so all I remember is just, I was about to get into bed and all I hear is the door unlock and the door just swing open and my dad shouting, he’s like er er Tiago, Ines, get ready,there’s, there’s fire in the building and so all I remember is just putting on my trousers, putting like picking up my phone, picking up my keys, picking up my wallet and just leaving. ..”
    “er..presence of mind just picking up those bits?”

    “yea, er it was just it was what was on my desk at the moment at that..” [cut]

    Is this credible? Not really.

    His sister’s heroics, for the purpose of the story, was to sit a Chemistry exam the next morning..and was interviewed on Morning TV, alongside her brother.

    “….and actually grabbed your revision books as you were leaving, why was it so important to go and do that exam?”
    “Erm I want to do Chemistry for A levels and I needed good grades in my sciences GCSE to be able to go ahead with Chemistry. Erm and it’s my strongest science. So I thought it was worth doing it. Rather than not doing it.”

    “Was that hour or two sitting doing the exam, was that an escape from what had happened or was it always there on your mind?”
    It was always there on my mind but it was , like, a way, of escaping it, and not thinking about it.”
    “What was the reaction from your school and your school friends?”
    “they were all really supportive, all my friends brought in clothes, toileteries, everything that I would need erm and gave me money as well”

    For some reason, the parents, Mr M. Alves and Mrs M Tavares Alves, were not interviewed.

  4. antipodean

    I just watched a news item regarding this. All the interviewed residents appeared to be Middle Eastern extraction.
    It looks like the new aesthetically pleasing to the eye cladding, was almost designed as a fire accelerant .
    What would be interesting is to research some of the victims to see if they have addresses in the Grenfell Tower, listed in telephone directories etc.

    Another clever psy-op, the Tower tragically catches fire, so gets demolished to be replaced with a new Tower block of flats marketed to, the rich & wealthy.
    Then large corporations make billions from newly introduced fire safety legislation.

  5. mahatmacoat

    Apparently, the gas supply was also ‘regenerated’ along with the installation of flammable plastic cladding. To me, this reeks of forced gentrification.

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