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Asbestos was part of the WTC story. Is asbestos really deadly, or is it just another hoax to rebuild and cost millions and billions?

Builders constructed the World Trade Center using about 400 tons of asbestos in the structure’s insulation, drywall, fireproofing materials and steel because of the mineral’s heat resistance and affordability. The 9/11 terrorist attacks released the deadly toxin in a dust cloud across Manhattan.

Asbestos and the World Trade Center Infographic

When the Twin Towers collapsed to the ground on September 11, 2001, a massive cloud of smoke, dust and debris released hazardous asbestos fibers and other toxic substances into the air. Asbestos fireproofing materials from 20 stories of the towers came showering down on New York City.

From the chat:


[2:15 PM] TomD27: AA
[2:15 PM] TomD27: indeed
[2:15 PM] Zal: on the asbestos wiki these three things are in sequenze
[2:15 PM] TomD27: History is written by MM’s at CC’S
[2:15 PM] Zal: that is abit steep odds
[2:16 PM] TomD27: not with what we know
[2:16 PM] Zal: could this have been the tuberculosis thing?
[2:16 PM] Zal: what if that was a cover for asbestos poisoning
[2:16 PM] Zal: :thinking: just thinking out loud here
[2:17 PM] TomD27: sure
[2:17 PM] TomD27: me too.
[2:17 PM] Zal: i see it was somewhat linked early on
[2:17 PM] Zal: 0;Dr William Edmund Cooke testified that his examination of the lungs indicated old scarring indicative of a previous, healed, tuberculosis infection, and extensive fibrosis, in which were visible “particles of mineral matter … of various shapes, but the large majority have sharp angles.”[43] Having compared these particles with samples of asbestos dust provided by Dr S.A. Henry, His Majesty’s Medical Inspector of Factories, Cooke concluded that they “originated from asbestos and were, beyond a reasonable doubt, the primary cause of the fibrosis of the lungs and therefore of death””
[2:18 PM] Zal: his majestys i guess is the keyword here
[2:18 PM] TomD27: It’s one of those things that seems quite believable to me. It makes sense.
[2:19 PM] TomD27: that said, i remain open. I have to.
[2:19 PM] Zal: as you said the crime could just as well have been the initial use
[2:19 PM] Zal: something sure seems shady
[2:19 PM] Zal: question is what way to go with it
[2:20 PM] TomD27: indeed and the important saviours come as MM,s at C.cS
[2:20 PM] More_Questions_Than_Answers: To be fair, the first guy was HMM
[2:20 PM] Zal: that is fair
[2:20 PM] Zal: i might have been grasping
[2:20 PM] TomD27: worth riffing
[2:21 PM] TomD27: we learn as we go
[2:21 PM] TomD27: i now know a little more
[2:21 PM] More_Questions_Than_Answers: We’ll let that one go, his output is good
[2:22 PM] Zal: it seems fairly unanomous that the rocks produce fibrous particles
[2:22 PM] Zal: question is if your body cant cope
[2:22 PM] More_Questions_Than_Answers: Have any of you peeps listened to the newest audio where Rollo is talking to PShea?
[2:23 PM] Zal: i have not
[2:23 PM] TomD27: nope
[2:23 PM] More_Questions_Than_Answers: Shame, I’ve got somethnig funny to share
[2:24 PM] Zal: ofcourse no wiki is complete without this angle
[2:24 PM] Zal: “As New York City’s World Trade Center collapsed following the September 11 attacks, Lower Manhattan was blanketed in a mixture of building debris and combustible materials. This complex mixture gave rise to the concern that thousands of residents and workers in the area would be exposed to known hazards in the air and in the dust, such as asbestos, lead, glass fibers, and pulverized concrete.[65] More than 1,000 tons of asbestos are thought to have been released into the air following the buildings’ destruction.[66] Inhalation of a mixture of asbestos and other toxicants is thought to be linked to the unusually high death rate from cancer of emergency service workers since the disaster.[66] Thousands more are now thought to be at risk of developing cancer due to this exposure with those who have died so far being only the ‘tip of the iceberg’.[66] Some commentators have criticised authorities for using asbestos in the buildings’ construction.
In May 2002, after numerous cleanup, dust collection, and air monitoring activities were conducted outdoors by EPA, other federal agencies, New York City and the state of New York, New York City formally requested federal assistance to clean and/or test residences in the vicinity of the World Trade Center site for airborne asbestos”
[2:28 PM] More_Questions_Than_Answers: There’s a part I found funny where PShea brings up the idea that it was queer that Simon Shack dismissed the idea from the start being that it’s such an important subject. If I’m right, there’s a part where he is going to say that Simon’s work on the subject included ‘psycho-babble’, but then he decides it’s not the right thing to say and changes it mid sentence only to burble weird sounds instead. Rollo didn’t catch it. Then he speaks awkwardly for a few seconds as if he knows he made a boo-boo. I’ve got a time stamp if anyone wants to confirm later? I may be wrong but it sounded funny to me.
[2:30 PM] Zal: ive held that against simon since the very start
[2:30 PM] Zal: even to his face at one point
[2:31 PM] Zal: at least in chat form
[2:31 PM] Zal: all he did was point to his SSSS model
[2:31 PM] Zal: wich is eerily similar to a certain bon earth
[2:32 PM] More_Questions_Than_Answers: I have no problem about his opinion of Simon Shack. I just found it funny that he didn’t want to use those words and made a strange sound instead.
[2:32 PM] Zal: i had completely forgotten that
[2:32 PM] Zal: ill do a comparison of ssss and bon earth
[2:33 PM] Zal: and ill just leave it at that, people that know where im headed know where im headed
[2:33 PM] More_Questions_Than_Answers: Sorry, you can go back to talking about Asbestos, didn’t mean to interrupt.
[2:34 PM] napoleon wilson: simon le bon earth

[2:34 PM] Zal: i was done about the asbestos
[2:34 PM] Zal: didnt get much wiser
[2:34 PM] Zal: guess its a good band name
[2:34 PM] Zal: ASBESTOS @TomD27
[2:35 PM] napoleon wilson: sob moon lie , annagram hahahaha
[2:36 PM] Zal: ^^
[2:36 PM] Zal: actually thinking back
[2:36 PM] Zal: wasnt jlb the main guy opposing khams bigger ball theory?
[2:37 PM] Zal: interesting where he ended up
[2:37 PM] napoleon wilson: LETTER: don’t destroy Bridgwater’s Blake hospital and ‘the birth place ……/14209524.LETTER__don_t_destroy_Bridgwaters…
16 Jan 2016 – This may be true but asbestos sheeting and pipe lagging is most …… Pop star Simon Le Bon thanks Culdrose 771 squadron for rescue at gala
[2:37 PM] napoleon wilson: iddin
[2:37 PM] Zal: im lacking some context here
[2:38 PM] napoleon wilson: siri ?
[2:38 PM] Zal: i mean i need context for you last comment, reads as gibberish as it is
[2:38 PM] napoleon wilson: asbestos was in browser when i typed simon le bon
[2:39 PM] Zal: oh
[2:39 PM] napoleon wilson: that appeared
[2:39 PM] napoleon wilson: and his mum died esterday sorry simon xxxx
[2:49 PM] Justsayindude: Sorry to hark back to asbestos Zal, if you were finished with it, but I will just table a theory I have held for a very long time now.

As previously mentioned, fibreglass insulation is much worse. Asbestos has not innate toxicity, in the sense that it is not chemically toxic, it is structurally toxic. The fibres are so small they can penetrate the cell nucleus and this causes the cell to mutate. Fibreglass is capable of the exact same thing, but it is (in NZ) coated with 7 different chemicals, of which 5 are known carcingoens (from memory).

When asbsestos got fingered as the number one evil bad guy causing all (ALL) of these bad conditions, the corporate produced fibreglass industry was instantly off the hook. In addition to that, massive amounts of MASONRY was moved world wide to get rid of this ultra evil, totally natural product. Replacing all asbestos (used in thousands of products) required hundreds of replacements, super expensive comparatively, from folks like 3M (Minnesota Mining and Minerals) MMM HMMM, Dow Chemicals, and so on.

One law, Trillions to the corporates. THe fibreglass industry has been suppressing info on their products for decades, just like tobacco etc. Billions of tons of glass fibre sold per year.

Here endeth the rant, but I reckon that sums up the asbestos scam.
[2:57 PM] Zal: im not the boss off topics here lol
[2:57 PM] Zal: interesting take
[2:57 PM] Zal: could be the bottom line
[2:58 PM] Zal: your angle seems similar to the ozone scam
[2:58 PM] Zal: demonize something to justify the expensive replacement
[2:58 PM] Zal: could be a pattern
[2:58 PM] Justsayindude: Yes common theme
[3:00 PM] More_Questions_Than_Answers: But if Asbestos was safer compared to fibre glass, why would they choose to end the production of it? Surely there was still money to be had in its usage, why did the controlled media allow the negative press to proliferate?
[3:01 PM] More_Questions_Than_Answers: Could it have been in-fightnig at top levels of business?
[3:03 PM] Zal: could be
[3:06 PM] More_Questions_Than_Answers: For sure, we never get the full truth on these things.
[3:25 PM] More_Questions_Than_Answers: One individual on Reddit stated: Asbestos removal is a hyped-up scam. It’s perfectly safe just sitting up in the ceiling. It’s not until workers rip the ceiling down that particles are scattered everywhere. So much money has been pumped into disinformation campaigns by these companies it should be a crime. Next week: the mold abatement scam industry.
[3:27 PM] More_Questions_Than_Answers: It seems there are legitimate long term dangers of breathing it in from what I can grasp.
[3:28 PM] More_Questions_Than_Answers: Another Reddit user said: Keep in mind, one brief exposure isn’t how people get sick. Its from prolonged exposure, typically 5+ years of everyday exposure.
[3:35 PM] Justsayindude: Asbestosis is real so is silicosis but as stated above they come from prolonged exposure the fear campaign states that all you need is to be exposed to one single fibre of asbestos to get asbestosis
[3:36 PM] Justsayindude: Silicosis comes from exposure to concrete dust but I haven’t seen anyone talking about banning concrete recently
[3:43 PM] Justsayindude: I think they often run campaigns that cause massive expense to one corporate for the sake of extremely massive income to another corporate case-in-point 911 cost the insurance industry but massive gains in the military industry or burn a building in England ban a product Nationwide cost that manufacturer heaps of money but then again you’ve got to go round and replace the cladding on thousands of high Rises Again massive massive massive income far outweigh the expense
[3:46 PM] Justsayindude: Interlocking directorships and subsidiary companies of course mean it all ends up in one pot anyway
[4:04 PM] anounceofsaltperday: Most chrysotile was mined from a town in Quebec called “Asbestos”… a very lovely french speaking place.
[4:05 PM] anounceofsaltperday: Some of the text i have placed here is showing as red text on my screen.. does anyone know why?
[4:06 PM] napoleon wilson: red red wine
[4:10 PM] napoleon wilson: i hvent a clue pal x
[4:11 PM] napoleon wilson: John Adams returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his research regarding historical myths and culture creation. We discuss two books: Michael Kammen’s Mystic Chords of Memory and Jules Henry’s Culture Against Men
[4:15 PM] anounceofsaltperday: @napoleon wilson do you have a link?
[4:15 PM] napoleon wilson:…
John Adams on Myth, Culture and Politics
John Adams returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his research regarding historical myths and culture creation. We discuss two books: Michael Kammen’s Mystic Chords of Memory and Jules Henry’s Culture Against Men. We talk about how the oligarchs create and exploit historical myths to perpetuate their rule and the roles propaganda, advertising, mass trauma and technology have played in creating mass culture. John is a researcher and co-host of The Afternoon Commute, a podcast regularly featured on Hoax Busters Call. *Please consider a donation to support this podcast.

[4:16 PM] anounceofsaltperday: @napoleon wilson are you the founder of “Our Interesting Times”?
[4:17 PM] napoleon wilson: why pal /
[4:17 PM] napoleon wilson: ?
[4:17 PM] napoleon wilson: i believe me like you do were dangerous
[4:18 PM] napoleon wilson: typo
[4:18 PM] typoerror: Cyril smith…… re asbestos chat
Cyril Smith
Cyril Smith, MBE (28 June 1928 – 3 September 2010) was a British Liberal Member of Parliament (MP) for Rochdale. After his death, numerous allegations of child sexual abuse by Smith emerged (including many made during his lifetime), leading the …

Cyril Smith defends killer asbestos


[4:19 PM] napoleon wilson: room 11
[4:20 PM] anounceofsaltperday: i am taking my wife to the train station … back in twenny
[4:21 PM] napoleon wilson: adeu
[4:22 PM] Zal: also interesting eric dubay wrote a book called asbestos head i belive
[4:23 PM] Zal:…
Asbestos Head
Asbestos Head – Philosophy Book, Funny, Witty, Insightful, Sarcastic, Profound and Fun

[4:23 PM] Zal: not sure what his stance on asbestos is
[4:23 PM] Zal: but the truth is probably close to the opposite
[4:29 PM] typoerror: jumping bath etc.
[4:30 PM] typoerror: listening to FAK172-( extended bumper remix)
[4:31 PM] Zal:… fitting date to announce a movie about this “event”
Terroren på Utøya blir spillefilm
Regissør Erik Poppe skal lage film om terroren som ble begått på Utøya 22. juli 2011, melder NRK.
[4:31 PM] typoerror: wouldjust as happily listen in to live streamery while i wash my woes away
[4:32 PM] Zal: how to tell if a event was a
[4:32 PM] Zal: see if there is a movie about it
[4:33 PM] Justsayindude:… Haha case in point
Sky News
Combustible cladding found on 11 towers
Panels on the outside of Grenfell Tower are suspected to have hastened the spread of the blaze which killed at least 79 people.

[4:33 PM] Justsayindude: 11 towers!
[4:34 PM] Zal: something needs to be done about these firehazards !!!!
[4:34 PM] Justsayindude: Move masonry to replace all world wide
[4:34 PM] Zal: /sarcasm
[4:34 PM] Justsayindude: Ban oxygen, it causes fires and global rusting
[4:35 PM] Zal: dont give them ideas please
[4:35 PM] Zal: the oxygen tax might be real someday
[4:36 PM] Zal: possibly a pay per breath model
[4:36 PM] Zal: “premium” air on bottles
[4:36 PM] Zal: that last one is actually a thing right now
[4:36 PM] Zal: and i belive there was laughter when the first bottled water was released aswell

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1 thought on “Asbestosvestigation

  1. xileffilex

    Seems like they’re not going down the 9/11 asbestos route with the recent Grenfell Tower fire in London
    We know that bound asbestos, contained in building materials such as plaster or fibre board, was present in Grenfell Tower in ceilings and header panels inside airing cupboards. It is possible that very small amounts of asbestos fibres will have been dispersed within the smoke plume but would have formed only a small fraction of the smoke and particles released in the fire; all smoke is toxic and any asbestos would present a minimal additional risk to health.…
    So no claims expected from the various heroes involved.

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