Mandela Effect Hoax: A lie to fit every taste

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MM is bang on with his assessment of the Mandela Effect Hoax.

Make sure you read the whole thing.

Here’s an opening passage that explains WHY:

As I have said in previous papers, they have a lie to fit every taste. For some, they have the idea that
Satanists are the world. That is both sexy and ties into the religious residues of many. For
others—those who fancy themselves scientists—they have these pseudo-scientific theories of parallel
universes and so on. These theories are given weight by being tied to famous physicists, so they fool
some people. But the correct answer has nothing to do with Satanism, parallel universes, holograms,
aliens, or variant realities. Is is simply that the modern financiers running the world have become
hoaxers like none that preceeded them. They have discovered that creating confusion leads to greater
and greater profits. How? Via accelerated change. Confusion breaks all ties to the past and to reality,
requiring a constant line of new fixes. It is called compensation. With everything in flux, there are no
familiar things to rely on, so you have to buy a new life every week to compensate for your losses. The
financiers have your new life mapped out for you before you even complain, and next week’s new life
is always more expensive and less satisfying than last week’s.


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