6 thoughts on “Our forged history – from Gaul? 

  1. UNreal

    It was already difficult to follow Jon Humanity’s transvestigations, but the limited amount of knowledge required for making astute remarks on anatomy helped to overcome the narcissistic personality, poor language and new-age beliefs.

    After encouraging much in-fighting and publishing videos where he clearly appear suspect of EGI himself, it seems the self-proclaimed best transvestigator ever has put his attention to history, which is in itself is laudable, but where his lack of discernment, knowledge and perspective really discredits his merits. A clock will always be right twice a day, but Jon Humanity might prove this wrong regarding his take on history.

    There seems to be a whole troupe of actors currently invading the truth-scene with much attention to scripture and religious tales – which is really quite predictable after they rolled out the second most successful brainwashing operation not too long ago with the Flat Earth movement*.

    As most Fakeologist might have noticed, the traditions of fakery are long-standing and the modus operandi very much the same. As much as 911 didn’t start with a bunch of “real” terrorists, neither did religion start off with a “real” son of God. The Bible was edited and distributed for the same purpose we see propaganda spread today, only the media has changed*. The controlled opposition however seems to be the same – masons pretending to be genuine average type of guys deceptively battling for our attention, trust and emotions – bible in hand.

    *Flat Earth was rolled out to control genuine research into the nature of the earth which in itself is a very worthwhile field of study (Flat Sea’er article here)
    *it must be remembered how the Bible used the most advanced technology of its time and spearheaded the “printing revolution” being the first and most published book

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