1 thought on “AC-Napoleon Wilson

  1. Tom Dalpra

    That audio was mildly amusing.
    I thought ”I’ve got 20 mins to spare, let’s have a bit of the pleasing baritone and sunny manner of our new Mancunian voice, Napoleon”.
    He had evidently escaped there in a fit of pique from a relentless Typo who’d not let him make a point.
    We know that one, but it was late , and it gets recorded…
    A little way in it started to sound a bit like a drunk speech at a works do ” I wanna say thankyou to Ab, you changed my life, along with Del, Peter and John – your work on gravity was awesome.”

    Hey it was fine. Even at 3.55am you hold it together alright Denny, I think it was merely the sleeping that brought in the aforementioned Typo. Then it was like eavesdropping on a night-shift caretaker finding a reveller he’d crossed words with earlier, asleep behind the disco…or something.

    Anyway. What’s 20 minutes between friends ? Forgedaboudit


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